Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A collection of thoughts.

This post may jump around a little I have a few things on my mind , so I appologise if this jumps about a bit..

Firstly , stay frosty has been running a "summer smackdown" frigate tourney, the prizes at this point look pretty awesome, I'm hoping to win a avatar sketch done by mynxee, I donated a worm to the prize pool myself. So far I have done well in the first two rounds , I was matched against McSister Fister in the first round and won fairly soundly (although he is a much lower skilled toon so was at quite a disadvantage).

Second fight was much harder, up against draiv sorigraid, an awesome pilot who like myself often flys amarr, I had a close fight against his kite fit punisher but eventually won when his MWD burnt out and he popped. I'm very much looking forward to the next round.

Also I tried to do some exploration again lately, and after a year of thinking about it, I like the hacking mini game now the loot spew is gone but I do not like the lack of rats!

I get this was done to lower the entry level into exploration but in this bloggers humble opinion they lowered it to far, it's to cheap and easy now, bring back enough rats to make you bring at least a cruiser hull and the profits on the sites will go up as well, maybe keep the rat free sites in high sec starter areas , add a few frigs in outer high sec, some cruisers in low and some battleships in null, make it a progression not free isk.

In related news as I haven't given wormholes a go for some time and now I have the skills isk and ships to try them out fully, I will be vacationing in our alliance WH, should be fun, last time I tried a WH I was trying to live in a class 3 with a mission fit apocalypse and a amanthea, which didn't work all that well and I got bored. This thine I have the right ships skills and fits. Will be playing until I get blowed up or miss seeing other people get blowed up. The best part is I don't even need to switch corps. /Astral

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