Wednesday, 30 March 2016

First Steps

I have been a little active this week..I have had 2 irritating and moderately expensive losses but more importantly I have started taking astral out hunting and doing what he does really well, 1v1 frigate fights.

So at the start of the week I decided to do some work with my hisec alt Vespa dominix, which was dull mining mainly but allowed me to make some is while watching TV and spending some time with my wife, as you'd expect that was very dull. I also brought some goodies to transfer to ishomilkin for astral and took a little run up with just shy of half a bill in ships and mods in my mastadon... I probably should mention we had just been war decked by some high sec grieffing crew ( normal for ABA)..The trip there was very quiet and uneventful even the unwise unscouted jump into the highly camped lower system of ishomilkin was fine, the trip back was not so straight forward. I had been told this war Dec crew mainly hung out in amaar and jita, Vespa shops mainly in dodixie so that was my destination, as I landed in guessed it...war targets! My slow as fuck mastadon took a good few mins to melt but it was unavoidable 😕

After rebuying my loss and sticking up some buy orders I decided to take one of astrals  new toys out, a curse.

Now I've flown and lost curses before but while I've been away they have been buffed and given the novel ability to not be seen on D scan, I originally thought this would make it a excellent ship for hunting clone soldier Tags, but as normal I thought screw it I'll see if I can cause some trouble.
Rixx and some Corp mates were having some fun shooting at dessies a system or two over so I jumped in my curse and flew out to join them.

I did scare the crap out of several people on the way when a recon lands next to them and starts locking g them up...people ran.
However I did land as my two corpies in frigates began to take on two dessies. The result one ran the other died.

I messed about for 10 mins trying to grab other targets but decided once people realised I was there I would quickly become the hunted., so I headed back to ishomilkin,  and got caught on the gate..

Skip forward to today and I had a couple of hours free to have a quick play, I decided to take a couple of figs out and annoy the FW sheep. I ran about for around 20 mins in a comet and wasn't having much luck, so I swapped out to a duel prop RFF, a fit I have only ever flown a couple of times and never really had any success with, but thought I'd look like less of a threat and maybe get a fight...within 5 mins I land in a site with a lone kestrel, and to his credit he doesn't run. This was actually a good fight he had me in armour but couldn't break my reps and with only a buffer tank fitted he melted under my guns ...his pod too.

Feeling emboldened with that kill I quickly found another customer in a another small complex, this time an Executioner. I though this may be a problem fighting a speedy ship if it was set up to kite but I managed to land Web and scam and ate him alive, sadly missed the pod but was feeling quite pleased with myself.

I then noticed the first guy I popped, with the kestrel was back.. and now had a bantam in tow. I wasn't sure if they were both well fit I Could take them alone but no one else was near to buddy up with so,  with my normal disregard for traps I warped into give it a go...the kestrel ran ,I thought having learned his lesson, as I preceeded to kill the bantam.  As he quickly melted I realised he wasn't shooting back (some people don't if they panic, it happens) and he was melting to fast...I then realised kestrel guy brought along a sacrificial decoy.
Made sure I got the pod too show my disappointment.  Then headed first solo roam in a year being a fair sucsess.

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