Friday 16 April 2021

Babe, im back again...

 It's been a long long, time since I've posted. Shit I doubt anyone even reads these anymore but have decided to put up a post or two again as my own creative outlet.

Since I've been gone I've moved home 3 or 4 time split from my ex wife and now live a very happy life with my new partner. I came back to Eve a month or two ago and found so much had changed.. but some things really hadn't. Its taken nearly a month to feel comfortable and like I know pretty much what I'm doing again, although some aspects like thera? What the hell? I can't shoot it so it can't be that important, I'll sus it out in time.

I've mainly been back to my piracy ways in lowsec, I'm back in stay frosty, which I think will always be home for me, Rixx is still the guy I knew years ago and so is the corp.

I've had some epic good fights since being back, and one or two teething problems, like losing a legion to rats in a DED 5/10 due entirely to not paying attention.. dumbass. 

We had a great fight with Red Blue the other night frosty in assault frigs  RvB in mainly thorax. We took the field but in terms of isk lost was a fairly even fight and one of the best I've had for ages, respect RvB 👏

Rixx has decided to Run for CSM this year, a great choice for a lowsec candidate btw, but although some people say low low is dead, it seems in much the same shape as 6 or 7 years ago, same issues with FW, same targets and small fleets roaming. I think if I were to push for anything it would be a reason for people to come to lowsec and have a reason to take the added risks here, maybe increase the amount of faction spawns in belts and complexes to give people a good chance at faction mods...after all this is supposed to be low sec pirate space, and the increase in NPCs that can and do drop decent loot might tempt a few more PvE players in which will in turn feed into the PvP players, as some will be caught and killed.

I also like to top up my income with a little bit of exploration, and data and relic sites are in a sad way nowadays, these desperately need some love to make them worth running again, maybe some better loot drops that will increase the reward as at the moment your kinda mad if your risking a ship in low or null to pull 2-3 mill out of a site that's taken 10 mins to scan and 5 to run.

Anyway... I'll post some more as more thoughts occur to me, if you read this, happy to see you back, maybe I'll see you in lowsec, maybe we can kill each other <3

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