Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sentinal industries

Astral has left faction warfare..for now, I have left vespa in the crimson guard as I still think f/w is a good laugh but I want to focus on exploration a bit for the next year or so.
With that inmind astral has taken back control of my holding corp "sentinal industries (343i)", named as a little nod to the halo franchise which I also enjoy. I will for the next year or so be building a large database of all exploration sites, how to find and run them and blogging a little about the experiance.
Some posts will be reveiws of sites I have run some may be combat reports and some will be fan fiction depending on my mood.
I see sentinal industries mainly as a solo corp, however I am willing to let people in who wish to learn exploration or pool knowlage or resourses, however as exploration sites are finite anyone joining would be based several jumps away so we dont overlap  but close enough to lend a hand..and i would only teach people that play at the same times as point if we never see each other.
But I digress.
I have a lot of side ideas to this project, for one id like to build a reliable trade hub in placid lowsec to supply lowsec types.
I would also like to start a shared channel purely for people doing exploration to share info lend a hand and pass on intel about gate camps and roaming fleets, however this requires the imput of many explorers and we tend to be overly secretive.
If anyone would be interested in any of these ideas email me in game or leave a comment and we will try to work something out.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fan fiction-Jaspers fortune pt 1

Med bays were nothing new to jasper. He had found himself in and out of them through his breif career. The gallante navy had seemed a good career choise..good money, stable job, they didnt tell him in 6 months he would be blown to hell 3 times..

The last time jasper had been working as a engineer on a frigate defending a small information relay..the caldari had payed off a few capsuleers to take the relay out..which they had with their usual ruthless efficiancy.
Jasper had made it to the escape pod but not before a plasma conduit blew scorching the left side of his face.
The doctors could fix it of course...but plastic surgery was expensive..jasper didnt have that kind of money, he never normally had more than the cost of living another week in his account, and when there was more , he drank it!
When Jasper was discharged from the med unit with a few hundred credits and a thank you for his "participation" in the gallante war effort, it wasnt really suprising he headed for the local bar. 

He was almost half way through his first drink when a man sat beside him at the bar, from the way he was dressed he had money..lots of money.
"You look like hell, you should really get that face looked at" said the guy "been looked at..cant afford the repairs right now, unless you wanna lend a war vet some cash"...thats how the  conversation started that would be one of the most important in jaspers life...this guy was crew on a ship owened by a capsuleer, people signed up with capsuleers a lot, they paid a crazy amount of money but your life expectancy was pretty low! trip and jasper could fix his face up..maybe even buy a little ship of his own, the more he drank..the better the idea sounded..and apparently this capsuleer paid very well...he mainly explored little deadspace pockets, that wasnt as dangerous as all that was it? By the end of his sixth drink..he was sold on the idea..and his new drinking buddy alex was gonna  take him back to the hanger to meet the head  mechanic and see if they had a job for him
..and to meet the big boss, something dominix....