Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cya in a few weeks...

Some of you may have noticed I haven't been very active the last week, this has been mainly due to my wife needing my time and preparing for our vacation which I leave for tonight :) it just occured to me to post I'm going away for a few weeks of fun in the states so any readers I have don't think I died. Ck if you reading this I'm NOT dead! Btw where are the results of your sodding Contest? Ah well it will all wait till I get back, I set cruiser v to train so I'm good for 26 days and could use the break to be honest was getting a little burned out. But I will be back bigger than ever and flying HAC's soon!

Have fun all, I will!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Is can flipping greifing?

After I read a interesting article today in the eve tribune, it got me thinking about my recent activitys. The article in question was discussing can flipping and its motivations and if it can really be considered greifing (find it here )

In my humble veiw and going on the definitions of the article, can flipping is not really greifing, if I flip a can it is not done with the intention of spoiling anothers game expirience, it is done for profit and amusement. flipping a can I will either profit by taking your ore/goods and selling them or you will shoot me, which depending on what I am flying will result in me shooting back or returning ASAP in a PVP ship (if I was flying a hauler).
Once PVP has begun I will either profit by destroying your ship and taking the modules and salvage and if at all posible ransoming your pod, or you will have a suprise up your sleeve and kill me..in which case I will be most amused and probably congratulate you on a good fight. either way I have fun.

However at no point was my intention to spoil the game for another player, my decision to become a pirate is based on the appeal of the lifestyle (and its contrast to the way I live IRL) and the fun to be had from small scale pvp (and the excuse I need to have rum to "get in charecter"), not a desire to ruin a game for others. the fact is pirating is a fun way to live in eve, and some of the most fun I had as a carebear was evading and frustrating pirates (or attempting to kill them), I think the profesion enriches the game and the fact CCP allows you the fredom to create your own traps is awsome, however needs some love form CCP in the next development cycle.

I would also like to direct anyreaders I have to look at another article in the tribune, discussing the ANTI pvp stance of CSM Ankhesentapemkah. read it here . I am never going to tell people what to do with their vote, but this type of stance in my opinion would be VERY bad for the game, make your own minds up but do your research before casting your votes..... (mynxee FTW :P)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ok this is funny...

I said I was gonna try stealing crap in a bestower tonight.. I did..after raiding an ice field for cans and no one shooting at me I get this in local..

[19:32:23] Nomore Songs > Astral, why you not coming out to play?
[19:33:39] astral dominix > i am
[19:34:23] Nomore Songs > Best hurry, 1 min and I can't fuck you
[19:34:34] Nomore Songs > Aggro almost run out

I undock in a PVP punisher

[19:34:50] astral dominix > come get me
[19:35:11] Nomore Songs > Where are you, thieving little shit?
[19:35:24] astral dominix > moon 1
[19:35:30] astral dominix > teon 3
[19:35:33] astral dominix > :)
[19:35:37] astral dominix > come get me

no one is coming..

[19:37:15] astral dominix > oi pussy where ya at?
[19:38:18] astral dominix > i'll come find you then

I warp off to the ice belt

[19:38:23] astral dominix > :S
[19:41:49] Nomore Songs > I'm looking at you right now, arsehole
[19:41:58] Nomore Songs > I was there at the control tower

hmm no you wernt..

[19:43:05] Nomore Songs > Saw you run away
[19:43:14] astral dominix > im in the ice field come get me lol
[19:43:29] astral dominix > teon 2
[19:43:36] astral dominix > :P
[19:43:54] Nomore Songs > Yeah, flying around in your luverly punisher

correct.. you can see the screen

[19:44:36] Jeronica > can i get apodding at 3-6 station?
[19:44:43] astral dominix > lol come play pecker head :)
[19:45:13] Nomore Songs > I'm here, shit for brains
[19:46:12] astral dominix > where

im already in warp to another belt to find him

[19:46:23] astral dominix > keep up :P
[19:46:31] Nomore Songs > ... and y just ran away again!!

[19:47:21] astral dominix > lmao ok hold on :)

Warping back to him

[19:48:21] astral dominix > come shoot me then pecker head
[19:49:08] Nomore Songs > You really are a grade A twat, need concord to do your fighting for you, noob?
[19:49:30] astral dominix > nope
[19:49:41] astral dominix > il give ya some ammo to flip

i jet some ammo for the tough guy

[19:49:50] Nomore Songs > kk, then you can shoot first
[19:49:56] astral dominix > ok
[19:50:04] astral dominix > jet some thing then you can

shockingly he doesnt.

[19:50:20] astral dominix > either way is fun for me lol
[19:51:56] astral dominix > go nuts pussy

im now orbiting his myrm at 1500m locked and waiting for him :)

[19:52:44] astral dominix > oi no balls
[19:52:56] astral dominix > come on a myrm against me
[19:53:04] Kebal > lol
[19:53:05] astral dominix > i like your odds :P
[19:53:24] Kebal > if your a can theive you deserve no better

you think im the one in trouble?
his mate warps in now 2-1 (sort of..i got friends too lol)

[19:53:50] astral dominix > lol ooo two of them now
[19:53:53] Nomore Songs > He won't, he just wants the aggro on me for some reason

yes so i can kill you with out concord getting involved numb nuts.
they sit there and stare at my ship for a bit but wont flip my can or shoot despite having aggro on me...

[19:54:01] astral dominix > awwww
[19:54:03] astral dominix > shucks
[19:54:26] astral dominix > ok im off to find some fun now call me if you wanna lose a ship :)

miners do talk a big game :( and all this aggro for 700k of ice...some people have no sense of humor.

come on..shoot me!!

This will be quite a short post as not much has happened in the last few days, Indigo bias the corp that has been reformed by myself wolfduke and curzon jazz, is getting all set up and running. so far we have only managed 1 group run intyo lowsec, I have made several lowsec roams solo, however all i have managed to do is lose a experimental rifter fit going up against a hurricane.. still i will persist.
I have also tried my hand at can fliping, for anyone attempting this it is far harder than you would think..for all the stories i hear if idots in eve the little buggers are good at hiding from me. i can find people jet can mining in belts no problem, however no matter how nuch i have been stealing and taunting them they seem reluctant to shoot at me or flip back..maybe its because I was in a punisher and they (quite rightly) felt that the drones were no match for me..so I think I will have to adopt a new tactic, poodle about in a bestower stealing anything i can lay my grubby hands on, then if im shot at beat a quick retreat and come back in a PVP ship and get my groove on..anyone flying in the rens or teonususade area...ye be warned lol

oh and while I think of it, if there are any budding pilots (or piwates) out there looking to get into a small PVP focused corp, of a moraly quesionable disposition, please get in touch :) we arnt exactly looking to grow but any self sufficant pilots looking for a fun home may find it with us, we have forum, killboards, vent access and wolf is running regular competitions ( this month is who can pull of the best kill in a T1 cruiser)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rum soaked pirate- check

Ok I have been holding off writing this for a day or two till I knew for definate what was happening. I have decided to leave the Corp we merged with and by extention sys-k and null sec for now. This was due impart to the set up of the corp but also because I can't sit on for hours on end while ops go on, and to be honest I found the pvp in null a little dull. Long story short.. Not for me at the moment.
I did talk this over with a few of the guys I'm good freinds with and some felt the same way for their own reasons, as a result we are reforming indigo bias asap and moving outta null!
Now while talking to my Bud's I explained I basicly intend to move close to or into low sec and pirate my guts out, and as they are very good at low sec combat they agreed to join me, and teach me a fair amount. To that end I moved back to jita last night and bought a new harby and sold off all my stuff in null, I then spent a few hours today while I'm waiting to drop roles running lvl 4 s with a old freind from TGV who finally trusts me again!!

After he logged off I decided to move the harby to rens, and forgot I am still part of sys k who is at war... And was popped and podded by a few Gits as I flew afk.


Back to jita.. I then decided to move to Rens then buy another harby.. Which I did.. I also bought another pvp fit punisher.. Just to play in .. And went out to give can flipping a go...

I warped to the first belt a retriver that ran away as soon as I arrived.. I was just about to leve when a noob ship warped in, I was on my third rum by then and thought ok, so I locked him he locked me back and started to orbit me, then thought better of it and ran away!
Off to the next belt and I find a hulk and a retriver mining away, the retriver (I think piloted by aron swhizer or something like that) wash can mining so I liked up the three t1 drones he had out and him and took some of his ore from the can and jettisoned it into my own can named "aron's hard work" .. Didn't bite! I tried this for about 15 mins but couldn't get them to play! I then decided to go look for a fight in amadanke and spent half a hour looking for a fight but only winding up playing catand mouse with a hurricane. I docked up and decided to go collect my vengence.

On the way down my good freinds came online and sugested a roam in bosena, so I grabed the vengeance and shot over to them, in the second system we found a scorpion on a gate and tried to get him to enguage, bumping him away from the gate to stop him jumping, I jumped through to see if he had any freinds coming to help and found a hurricane from the same Corp sitting there he ran as I decloaked but came straight back. I jumped back through to see where the scorpion was and got the message we had him at a plex and were going for it , I warped in and webbed and scramed him and let rip, as did my freinds in a scorpian ans cynobal. A few seconds later the hurricane Rrived tohelp his freind as did a Ishtar, a lot of un freindly t2 drones started buzzing about so as the smallest ship I started popping them.. Just as I got back to killing the scorpian I was told to bug out .. As I docked I was told the hurricane had died but the other two had got out, and we were looking for them.....

Then my computer crashed. Sods law as it was getting interesting! Oh well more again tomorrow with any luck.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

the CSM and last night

Ok guy's If you havent heard the CSM is kicking off now, I have kept my opinions on this to myself for the time being but now I have voted I will share my opinion..

I was tossing up between two candidates for my vote, partybit and mynxee, they both have good policys and would make the CSm a LOT better in my opinion. I finally went with Mynxee because i just feel Lowsec is like an unloved mutt and I think she will help bring in some much needed changes..

My veiws were not completly without thought to my own future either.. I could serouisly see my self getting in to lowsec pirating one day, the idea of T2 frigs and cruisers roaming about all sneaky like and popping them that are unaware or unprepared ...or other pirates for that matter, amuses me.
Thal last paragraph may seem odd to some of you after trying so meny times to go "pirate hunting" however these days I feel less like being the "hero" figure and more like being the villan..it just seems more...fun.

Well onto last night, I logged on at about 17:40 eve time.. the corp (and alliance for that matter)had a call to arms (CTA) out for 1800 I thought this would have been a good chance for me to cut my teeth in fleet fights had my ships been here..but they wernt, all I had was a ratting apoc I had been lent.
after talking to a few corpmate's they said alter the fit to the best snipping fit you can and that should do fine, wrong.

As out leader and FC came online and asked for ship types, me and another member of the Old corp were told we were in the wrong ship types and to reship, which we couldnt having spent the bulk of the money we had fitting these and having no other hulls in system yet. The FC made the call we would travel with the fleet part way then break off to join the main Sys-k fleet..

This all went fine until we broke off from the group to join the main fleet a few jumps away, the two battle ships were seperated, and long story short.. I jumped through the wrong gate looking to find my corpmate..and straight into the largest bubble camp I have EVER seen..
at this point I knew I was boned. I sat for a second and assesed..12 km from the gate ..large bubble ...what seemed like 100 reds around the bubble. Screw it, I hit the DC and MWD and burned for the gate...it did NOT work, I have never seen a battleship melt so fast.
as I awoke back at the main staion i was very pissed off with myself, I contracted the expensive mods i had thankfully removed back to the guy that lent me the ship..Which means all I should have to do is pay him back for the hull rigs and guns..will be easy if the ship replacement covers it..if not may be a expensive lesson.
after sending a few corp mails I logged off for the night, my first taste of fleet combat was not what I had expected..but I am learning a lot.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Today I have been reading mostly crap.

Ok so today i got back to work and in the dull spaces catching up with all the blogs on google reader..

If you havent seen the recent posts by tobold and want a amusing (if you find idiotic posts amusing) please go read these Tobold's blog .

I have been reading his blog for a while and was interested to see what he had to say when he started playing eve again a few weeks ago, sadly his posts have decended in to drivel. He has in my mind shown he does not understand the concept of eve and cannot depart from the ideals that MMO's like WoW have insilled in him...pity i really wanted to enjoy the blog.

Also, id like to mention i got my name in

Monday, 3 May 2010

0.0 for newbs?

I read a post by letrange to day writen in response to a idiotic article writen by tobold about flying out to null and getting popped by "bullys".

I just felt compelled to share my opinion with the world on null-

First while any pilot can be useful to a null Corp it has been my expirence that unless you can fly a well tanked battle cruiser you won't be able to rat solo therefore are not self sufficiant and will struggle. I know mining is another option but you still need to clear the belts.

Second, while anyone can go anywhere in eve (in theory) the same can be said of people that will try to kill you, if you venture to null you WILL be killed eventually, the best way to minimise the risk is to join a null sec Corp and let them teach you how and WHERE to move through null.

Lastly - if you take no other advice take this, expect to lose the ship and your pod, insure your ship and if posible use a clone without implants and make sure your clone is upto date. Plan for the worst if you survive consider it a bonus.

In other matters I'm settleing in to the Corp now and got some ratting dome today, I made more in one day ratting here than I did in a week in the previous alliance , I do think it will be needed as I expect to use a lot of resourses on pvp ships. I am still getting to grips with all the rules and what is expected of me but it all seems fair and makes sense.
I think I am going to like being a DICK lol and the guys I'm learning from are very good at what they do.
I also had a invite from mansi for a chat next time I see him on which will be good, I have taken to re reading all his posts as they are much more relevent to me and my situation and not just a entertaining read.

Have fun.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Information overload

Ok I am a offical member of sons of Viagra now and am at our system in null, I feel a little overwhelmed at the organisation and level of information available to members, most of this evening has been spent reading guides on my chosen profesion - pvper- and a small amount of ratting in a borrowed apocalypse ( thanks lav I owe you) .

The difference betweenmy first day in null here compared with sha is staggering!!! No wonder sys-k are so respected!
As a small footnote im seeing familiar names like mansi of "mule" fame in alliance chat!

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