Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rum soaked pirate- check

Ok I have been holding off writing this for a day or two till I knew for definate what was happening. I have decided to leave the Corp we merged with and by extention sys-k and null sec for now. This was due impart to the set up of the corp but also because I can't sit on for hours on end while ops go on, and to be honest I found the pvp in null a little dull. Long story short.. Not for me at the moment.
I did talk this over with a few of the guys I'm good freinds with and some felt the same way for their own reasons, as a result we are reforming indigo bias asap and moving outta null!
Now while talking to my Bud's I explained I basicly intend to move close to or into low sec and pirate my guts out, and as they are very good at low sec combat they agreed to join me, and teach me a fair amount. To that end I moved back to jita last night and bought a new harby and sold off all my stuff in null, I then spent a few hours today while I'm waiting to drop roles running lvl 4 s with a old freind from TGV who finally trusts me again!!

After he logged off I decided to move the harby to rens, and forgot I am still part of sys k who is at war... And was popped and podded by a few Gits as I flew afk.


Back to jita.. I then decided to move to Rens then buy another harby.. Which I did.. I also bought another pvp fit punisher.. Just to play in .. And went out to give can flipping a go...

I warped to the first belt a retriver that ran away as soon as I arrived.. I was just about to leve when a noob ship warped in, I was on my third rum by then and thought ok, so I locked him he locked me back and started to orbit me, then thought better of it and ran away!
Off to the next belt and I find a hulk and a retriver mining away, the retriver (I think piloted by aron swhizer or something like that) wash can mining so I liked up the three t1 drones he had out and him and took some of his ore from the can and jettisoned it into my own can named "aron's hard work" .. Didn't bite! I tried this for about 15 mins but couldn't get them to play! I then decided to go look for a fight in amadanke and spent half a hour looking for a fight but only winding up playing catand mouse with a hurricane. I docked up and decided to go collect my vengence.

On the way down my good freinds came online and sugested a roam in bosena, so I grabed the vengeance and shot over to them, in the second system we found a scorpion on a gate and tried to get him to enguage, bumping him away from the gate to stop him jumping, I jumped through to see if he had any freinds coming to help and found a hurricane from the same Corp sitting there he ran as I decloaked but came straight back. I jumped back through to see where the scorpion was and got the message we had him at a plex and were going for it , I warped in and webbed and scramed him and let rip, as did my freinds in a scorpian ans cynobal. A few seconds later the hurricane Rrived tohelp his freind as did a Ishtar, a lot of un freindly t2 drones started buzzing about so as the smallest ship I started popping them.. Just as I got back to killing the scorpian I was told to bug out .. As I docked I was told the hurricane had died but the other two had got out, and we were looking for them.....

Then my computer crashed. Sods law as it was getting interesting! Oh well more again tomorrow with any luck.

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