Thursday, 13 May 2010

Is can flipping greifing?

After I read a interesting article today in the eve tribune, it got me thinking about my recent activitys. The article in question was discussing can flipping and its motivations and if it can really be considered greifing (find it here )

In my humble veiw and going on the definitions of the article, can flipping is not really greifing, if I flip a can it is not done with the intention of spoiling anothers game expirience, it is done for profit and amusement. flipping a can I will either profit by taking your ore/goods and selling them or you will shoot me, which depending on what I am flying will result in me shooting back or returning ASAP in a PVP ship (if I was flying a hauler).
Once PVP has begun I will either profit by destroying your ship and taking the modules and salvage and if at all posible ransoming your pod, or you will have a suprise up your sleeve and kill which case I will be most amused and probably congratulate you on a good fight. either way I have fun.

However at no point was my intention to spoil the game for another player, my decision to become a pirate is based on the appeal of the lifestyle (and its contrast to the way I live IRL) and the fun to be had from small scale pvp (and the excuse I need to have rum to "get in charecter"), not a desire to ruin a game for others. the fact is pirating is a fun way to live in eve, and some of the most fun I had as a carebear was evading and frustrating pirates (or attempting to kill them), I think the profesion enriches the game and the fact CCP allows you the fredom to create your own traps is awsome, however needs some love form CCP in the next development cycle.

I would also like to direct anyreaders I have to look at another article in the tribune, discussing the ANTI pvp stance of CSM Ankhesentapemkah. read it here . I am never going to tell people what to do with their vote, but this type of stance in my opinion would be VERY bad for the game, make your own minds up but do your research before casting your votes..... (mynxee FTW :P)