Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry christmas!

jingle bells , mining smells, plexers run away! Oh what fun it is to be in lowsec Christmas day...

Merry Christmas all, I will be posting again in the new year, until then I will be terrorizing my family and lowsec. Will let you all know what I got and gave from the corp secret Santa and may even have some more vids..cya next year..

dashing through lowsec ,in an untanked Indy crate ,through gate camps I go, laughing all the way, ho ho ho!

Friday, 13 December 2013

a bold new world..sort of

Ok so I have been toying with an idea for a while, putting "some stuff" on YouTube as a complement to my blog posts, a way to read my take on events and also see how shit went down. So last night I downloaded Bandicam and liked the way it worked and decided to take the plunge..

Fair warning, I will be posting raw footage , no editing to make me look better (i tend to try to kill everything and wind up loseing as often as I win) and I will show losses not just kills, most will be combat stuff but may do the odd guide and some exploration sites I think are interesting.

So tonight I went out to test my filming prowess.. the first fight I got can be found here I found a cormerant lurking in a small plex ,I warped in and found a comet on the gate which I started to engage, he ran away and I almost followed, in retrospect I wish I had. But I decided the cormerant needed to die and warped in, what I didn't see with all this distraction is my corpmates warning me this guys fit will probabbly kill me, and as predicted he does

Next I decided to redeem myself , I jumped in a venge and went back out, while roaming one of my esteemed frosty corp mates told me he found 2 slicers in filet but was unsure about engage ing solo in a sentinal... So I naturally offered to help and began flying out, on route however I was told the slicers had left. Upsetting.

However. There was a nice Tristan sitting in a plex...that would even the score board for tonight, and most tristans are brawlers and wouldn't stand a chance against a venge..

So in I warp expecting a brawler match which you can watch here.

Turns out this Tristan was a kite fit and really gave me some trouble, I didn't want to kill his drones as I didn't have him scramed and he would just run away and I was burning through Nanite paste while manually piloting trying to slingshot close to one point I thought I may lose when the ancillary rep per goes into its 60 second reload, but I did manage to close the gap and sink my teeth in, but props to the guy, he had a assault frig worried for a bit. Kill mail here.

Hope you enjoyed the vids , will try to post them as often as I can. Astral.

Monday, 2 December 2013

the 5th element

I have been day dreaming today about my idea for expanding faction warfare.. the pirate factions...

Wouldn't it be great if you could join these pirate factions and earn LP for doing what pirates do...killing everyone else lol , no orbiting buttons only way to earn LP is killing. And to make it a bit more harsh joining drops you to a instant -10 and makes every faction hostile..make it a real lifestyle changer, a but the LP store sells pirate faction mods ships and boosters god, it would be beutiful

In a unrelated matter I have only been getting on for half hour at a time lately as the new puppy and house training is eating more time than I ever thought, so when I got on tonight I was eager to throw myself into the first fight I could... So as a few of us stalked ladister and a TIPAKS gang turned up trying to bait us into a obvious tarp, I somehow managed to convince everyone fuck it, let's have some..didn't go well for my venge

Ah well ships is ment for sploding.

What did grate on me was I then flew over to dodixe to grab a Tristan and derped into concord..thought I was good until I hit -5 but turns out at -2.7 the police get most upset in a 0.9 system..just goes to prove, concord are wankers :)