Friday, 13 December 2013

a bold new world..sort of

Ok so I have been toying with an idea for a while, putting "some stuff" on YouTube as a complement to my blog posts, a way to read my take on events and also see how shit went down. So last night I downloaded Bandicam and liked the way it worked and decided to take the plunge..

Fair warning, I will be posting raw footage , no editing to make me look better (i tend to try to kill everything and wind up loseing as often as I win) and I will show losses not just kills, most will be combat stuff but may do the odd guide and some exploration sites I think are interesting.

So tonight I went out to test my filming prowess.. the first fight I got can be found here I found a cormerant lurking in a small plex ,I warped in and found a comet on the gate which I started to engage, he ran away and I almost followed, in retrospect I wish I had. But I decided the cormerant needed to die and warped in, what I didn't see with all this distraction is my corpmates warning me this guys fit will probabbly kill me, and as predicted he does

Next I decided to redeem myself , I jumped in a venge and went back out, while roaming one of my esteemed frosty corp mates told me he found 2 slicers in filet but was unsure about engage ing solo in a sentinal... So I naturally offered to help and began flying out, on route however I was told the slicers had left. Upsetting.

However. There was a nice Tristan sitting in a plex...that would even the score board for tonight, and most tristans are brawlers and wouldn't stand a chance against a venge..

So in I warp expecting a brawler match which you can watch here.

Turns out this Tristan was a kite fit and really gave me some trouble, I didn't want to kill his drones as I didn't have him scramed and he would just run away and I was burning through Nanite paste while manually piloting trying to slingshot close to one point I thought I may lose when the ancillary rep per goes into its 60 second reload, but I did manage to close the gap and sink my teeth in, but props to the guy, he had a assault frig worried for a bit. Kill mail here.

Hope you enjoyed the vids , will try to post them as often as I can. Astral.