Wednesday, 30 June 2010

station fun

Ok true to my word I logged on last night for a little pirate action, I was a few jumps out from our main hangout, and flew my vengeance back with little problem’s as I reached the station I notice it was being camped by a vagabond and a punisher, but paid it no attention as I docked.
Now one fact I have forgot to mention is our new friends that have moved in ..the python cartel. Ever since the have moved in we have had a few run in’s, some times we gank them sometimes they gank us, last night I got screwed.
After docking we had some talk about popping the two jerks outside the station, we new they had decent ships but we had a few BC that could take them and tank the station guns, while the BC’s sat outside.
I decided to undock in a rifter and have a torment on my own, I undocked and locked up the punisher (knowing if he fired the station guns would pop him with me)he didn’t bite and docked up… as he docked my BC friends warped off to a belt so I decided to play a new game, I burned out to about 180k from the station and waited, sure enough the punisher undocked and SLOWLY started towards me, at this point I gave the request to warp to me on my command with a plan to point him and have the BC’s warp in and rape him. However this was mis-understood and a premature warp in spoiled the game.
As we made our way back to the station a new toy came in, a flashy red thrasher and docked, we all took our places at the undock to wait for him. I had a fast locking rifter, sadly he didn’t undock in the 15 min’s we waited and we were unable to provide him with the “ohmygodwhatthefuckjusthappened” experience we had hoped.
After all this talk of station games and killing bigger pray I decided I needed to bring a Bc to the fleet, I was however short on funds after buy god knows how many frigs and AF’s for fast fleets. So I Borrowed a few mill (70) from mail and bought a nice new harby in hek and fitted it…however I needed to wait 24 hours before flying it back to lowsec due to some items not being in stock, so I took one of my spare rifters back…I’m glad it was only a rifter as upon jumping in to resbroko I was locked up but several battlecruiser’s and obliterated, a Python cartel gate camp, lead by the famous
Andrea Skye. It was certainly an alert and on the ball camp to pick up a fast moving rifter, although I was popped I was impressed. I did manage to get the pod out.

I can see some really good fights coming up with the pythons over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ebb and Flow

Life is catching up to me at the moment, the last few weeks I have had very little time to post or even to fly, I have made several attempts to get out on a roam, only to be continually interrupted by my wife wanting to spend time with me in the sun, I suspect from the lack of postings from my fellow blogger’s most of us are in a similar situation, its hard during the summer to sit inside and get your eve on!

On the upside I have found my indy alt very useful during this time, as I can log her in and mine semi afk allowing me to indulge my wife as needed and get bits around the house done, while making a meagre profit. I am hardly going to pay for all my ships this way yet but I am working on a plan (I also accept donations lol).. Vespa my indy alt can now fly a retriever and in a week or so she should be into a hulk, she is also grinding standings for core completion’s in the hope of farming data cores as another passive income while I am slowly getting the basic skills in place to fly a drake, should mission running or attempting wormholes with the corp in fleet. Or maybe even for ratting out in null again one day. I chose the drake as in my humble opinion it is the best overall PvE battle cruiser.

I am hoping over the next week or to get out on a few more piratey endeavours and upset the poor lowsec dwellers in my area (or stray noobs and carebears) and get in some practice for hulkaggedon.

Have fun and enjoy summer while it lasts!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sodding stupid

I am not going to rehash what has already been written by mail about our alliance leader here, I would however like to extend my support and ask that if anyone within CCP or the CSM can help they please look into the matter.

It's a sad day when eve turns away fans because of an mistake made by someone else.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

should you be doing that..

It's been a quiet few days on the pirate front, I have managed to get out for a few roams joined by some of the new corp. members but haven't had any kills. we did have some fun chasing a few rifters between belt's however we never managed to get a close enough warp in to get a point on him...if you reading this, well done it was most entertaining.

I have been pre occupied this week with the release of the new Iphone OS and as such I have been downloading lots of new stuff for my iphone which kills my connection speed, so I have been logging in most days with Vespa for a few hours mining, she can almost fly a barge lol just in time for hulkagedon :P

I did have an interesting battle of wills on Sunday I was mining (jet can) away semi afk and on returning to my can I found I had been flipped. This could be funny I thought... I checked the guys history, It was a 22 day old rifter pilot by the name "joe hawk", I tried for a response in local with a simple "really?" and got no answer, so I invited him to a convo, after a few seconds he popped in and I asked him if he was looking for some pvp or just out annoying people, I took the liberty of offering a 1v1 with my main if he would like to make the 4 jumps out to lowsec..he declined, he told me he main was a big 2003 tough nut tho lmao. I offered the advice to him that when picking people to flip PIRATE alliances are generally a poor pick.
After a few mins of convo, he not only ran away..but abandoned the Ore he had stolen allowing me to take it back with no aggression penalty..Joe if your out there can flipping not for you try mission running. I did after he left, let him know who my main was ,and wished him a nice day, to which I got parting shot in local about how much of a noob I am..despite him running from my indy alt and giving up not only on the fight but my ore or any aggro...

On a more sedate note, I have decided to start playing the Big games LOTTERY ( ), Im hoping to win millions to fund my pirate ways lol, I have soar bought 500k worth of tickets. Fingers crossed.

Friday, 18 June 2010

my 2 cents on getting into PVP

Some people are scared of PVP in eve, they dont understand it and have the wrong attitude towards it. thats not to say PVP is for everyone, but for those wishing to "have a stab at it" here is some advice:

In the begining being able to fly one ship really well is much more useful than being able to fly 10 ships poorly.

You do not need uber skills, however to begin with if you have poor skills you should PVP in fleets with people that know what they are doing.

To begin a fast tackler is more useful than doing much damage.

when you buy a PVP ship tell yourself you WILL lose it - its just a question of how many ships it kills first.

Try to avoid gimp fits because you are scared to lose the mods, if you fit a ship with cheap mods because you know you will lose it you kill your potential and start all fights at a disadvantage, fit as if you will win and you just might.

you CANNOT garuntee a win, but you can up your odds.

If posible find a corp that will Teach you PVP for either 0.0 or lowsec, fly as a team.

Learn to use the D-scan. then never stop.

IF you sit still fights find you, or you can go look for your fights. generally the one that find you are the ones you cant win.

Obay the FC, if he tells you to tackle a ship and you know you will lose your ship dont worry, the rewards are normally worth it.

Just some helpful (ish) advicve, Id love to tell all newb's to come fly the areas of lowsec i now inhabit but that wouldn't be fair. but give PVP a go if your bored popping rats and rocks, its a reall buzz!
Oh and if your gonna turn pirate...YARRRRRRRR!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blog banter 18 - carebear to pirate.

For his latest "Blog Banter" Ck asks:

On May 6th 2010, EVE Online celebrated its 7th Anniversary. Quite a milestone in MMO history, especially considering that it is one of the few virtual worlds out there to see its population continually grow year after year. For some of you who’ve been here since the very beginning, EVE has evolved quite a lot since its creation. With the expansion rolling out roughly twice a year, New Eden gets renewed and improved regularly. But, how about you the player? How has you gaming style evolved through the years or months since you’ve started playing? Have you always been a carebear, or roleplayer? Have you only focused on PvP or have you given other aspects of the game a chance – say manufacturing. Let’s hear your story!

My beginnings were humble and the same as most Eve players I would imagine, I found the game when I was looking for a new MMO, I didn’t fancy WoW as it seemed to cute and fluffy, I wanted something that was more me, and I was and still am a bit of a sci-fi geek. I found eve and after a few false starts with trial periods started "astral dominix".

My initial intention was to be a jack of all trades, however after doing some research ( when something interests me I read about it compulsively witch is what lead me to blogging) I discovered that to reach any level of accomplishment I would need to be a little more specific on what I wanted to do, so I decided to go for a combat pilot, at the time I wanted to hone my skills mission running and get some really cool ships and then go down to 0.0 when I was "ready" and be some sort of was a nice idea.

The mission running side of carebearing was fun for a few months and I made some great friends in those corps that taught me a lot about eve, I was however always poor (And still am so gimmie some money or I’ll come blow your ship m'kay) I never could keep a wallet, always converting it into ships and either roaming out into lowsec and looking for fights I couldn’t win or making silly mistakes and getting popped. After Several months of that I was invited by my first CEO to join his new corp out in 0.0, I had a fair few ships at this point and could fly most amarr sub capitals, I thought I should be able to hack it and make a boatload popping rat's, so off I went to 0.0, and I learnt a LOT out there although the corp didn’t stay there very long I was there for a couple of months.

As time progressed out there we realised the alliance witch was renting in atlas was going nowhere fast and we left to join a alliance with a bit more bite, after a few days looking we merged corp.’s with a corp in U'K alliance, they really had there shit together! However the corp we had merged with didn’t suit me for a host of different reasons, and after a week or two I found myself homeless again. Me and a couple of friends left and headed back to lowsec with the intention of running missions and getting our pew pew from lowsec roams.

I liked the lowsec roams A LOT they suited my play style , fast and aggressive, also you could do a lowsec roam in an hour or so and fit it around a much more relaxed play time which is handy when you have a full time job and a wife ect to spend time with also. But for a week or to I wasn’t sure if pirate was me. I love rum ..I love skirmish PVP, but I had always intended to be the "hero", but that seemed like a lot of work, so after my recent trip to Florida I contacted Mail Lite, a buddy of mine that’s a director in the Black Rabbit Academy, which is like Eve uni, but only focuses on being a dirty rum soaked pirate, I have now been a member for a couple of weeks and couldn’t be happier with where I am at, Astral is getting out on lowsec roams regular and getting kills, the people I am flying with are awesome, I trust the FC's I fly under and generally have a blast! I fully intend to stay with the Rabbits now and maybe in the future go on to be an instructor or FC, but for now im just happy to be learning and flying the way I like with people I enjoy being around.
I have even started a industrial Alt to assist in funding my pirating, Vespa, I never thought I’d pop rocks but im finding while I do house work or watch TV I can mine semi AFK and make a few mill, Im just training for a mining barge and should be able to fly one in a week or so..

All in all I have gone from a mission running carebear to a 0.0 wannabe to a dirty pirate, and couldn’t be happier. Where will I go in the future..Not to far from pirating I think, small fleet roaming is where the most fun is in my eyes and the fun is what it’s all about for me. And the rum.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

That sounds familiar..

Last night was much the same as most of my nights have been lately, I logged in after work and logged on to Vespa Dominix my mining and trading alt, she is still quite new so I am just building her skills and wallet a little, about 7 or 8 ish I logged in to astral to head out on a frigate roam and indulge the rum soaked pirate in me.. After a couple of jumps we found a hurricane,one of the frigs moved to get point but was being hit hard at long range and had to pull back, the hurricane was moving very very fast!

I warped to the gate he was at and landed 180 km out and started burning towards him in my rifter - I was determined to web and point him and get the fleet a warp in! As I closed I brought up his info- pyjama sam... That sounded familiar but I couldn't place it at the time, I asumed he was a fellow blogger. As I got to 60 km he opened up on me and popped my rifter before I could get close enough o provide a warp in, at that point we decided he was more trouble than he was worth but were impressed with his fit...

All night the name bugged me... This morning I remembered how I knew it, pyjama sam is the guy that makes capsuleer the iPhone app with roc! Small universe isn't it.

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Red tape

Most of my evenings activity is classifed which makes for a dull post however last night we did see a little frigate roam late in the evening, and we managed to pop a tusker! It's not quite as heroic as it sounds he was badly outnumbered and still put up a massive fight, buy we couldn't resist when we knew we would get a good fight out of it, he lost a rupture and we lost a navy comet, we actually came off worse in terms of isk lost but we recovered both wrecks. The reputation the tuskers have for excellence is well deserved! I would link the kill but it's hard to do on my iPhone so you will have to look it up yourself.

Have fun

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Friday, 11 June 2010

pirates 101

I have noticed over the past few weeks a LOT of people i know are very unaware of what pirate's get up to and meny ship losses could be avoided by not being a dumbass.

So here goes - most pirates are less intresseted in popping you than ransoming you, if you travel through lowsec and dont want to lose your ship and fittings make sure you have enough in your wallet to cover a ransom, if you are in a 30+ mill ship and claim to have 400k in your wallet, they will pop you on pricipal, but they would rather take the money if you make a sensible offer.

secondly, dont be a dick, many pirates try to be as nice with the whole " your money or you life!" thing as posible and if you accept it is just buisness not personal things will go better.

If you have a boat load of implants ant dont want to lose those...offer to eject from the ship if the agree not to pod, this will allow you to lose a ship without risking millions in implants.

If you have freinds a few jumps away or in the next system DONT call them in!! If they arrive they will either be killed to Or you will be popped quick and pirates will safe before you even get close.

these are just a few tips for any one on the wrong end of a pirate fight in lowsec, I am by no means an expert yet but a lot of people talking to me have no clue at all.

on a side note, I was out on another roam with The Black Rabbits again last night and mannaged to help pop a claw, i even landed the final blow :) that felt good the group also caught a bestower but I wasnt fast enough getting to it to assist in popping it, mail was to quick with his guns lol.

Unfortunatly shortly after I had a RL emergency come up wich forced me to log off fast and leave the roam. still there is always tomorrow

have fun

Thursday, 10 June 2010

My first kill in the black rabbits

Well last night saw me get my first kill as a black rabbit acadamy student!!
the night started a little dull, I have created a mining trader alt on the same accout as astral named vespa dominix, it cuts in to astrals training time a little but im hoping it will provide a semi passive income to help keep astral in the black as an outlaw. The start of my night saw me applying to get her into the white rabbits (the mission runner/logistic's corp of the guristas alliance- very good corp if you want some protection in lowsec) and completing the tutorial missions and doing a little mining, she is training for a mining barge at the moment and is making me a mill or two a night when I have time, im hoping she will grow but its more a side project.
Anyway as i was mining i was pestering mail lite about getting out on a roam, after a couple of hours he was ready and we got going, both of us took rifters out to as we progressed a couple of jumps into the roam we were joined by another rabbit in a nasty little scan probe ship, he was hunting our targets for us, however the first few got wise/lucky and ran away. we were joined by a few more ships as we progrssed through the systems until we found a rupture doing a mission, the scan ship warped to him and got a point on him the rest of us followed and he was quickly taken to structure, 30 million was asked for in ransom (and the rabbits always honor ransoms) he gave us a counter offer of 400k and then took a pot shot at mail..very stupid...the kill mail is here. we then managed to point his pod again 30 million ransom for shooting at us..his reply was to "kill him or fuck off" . now as i am new and still have high sec status i was allowed to pop his pod and take the sec hit :)
my first step towards that flashy -10

have fun.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Calm before a storm?

Hello loyal reader types! I have spent the last few days trying to settle in to my new home in the black rabbit acadamy, there is a lot to Learn, so far I have been on a short roam however we didn't find any fights while I was there a lot of reading of the forums ( it's a training Corp so there is oodles of information) and moving ships about to my new home. All in all it seems to be going well, although i expected more rum and fights I am assured it's on the way!

On a side note mail lite has been a star for info and for anyone not reading his beginings of piracy blog... Go read it!!
On the plus side apparently since I posted I had joined there has been a surge of applications , which tells me either a lot of people Wanna turn pirate but lack info or a lot of people wanna kill me. I choose to belive the former!

Will keep you posted

Have fun guys

Monday, 7 June 2010

Holiday over... Bring on the rum

Hey guys I'm back from my holiday, it was nice for anyone that wanted to know.
Since my return I have had a good play with eve gate, other than that not much seems to have changed for me with tyrannis.
I made the decision the day I got home that I needed to get deeper in to the pirate world to satisfy my desire to become a dirty rum soaked pirate , so I contcted mail lite ( from "beginings of piracy" blog) and had a chat with him about joining the black rabbit accadamy, which for those that don't know is the pirate version of eve uni! After a nice chat I was invited to join and gladly accepted and am now on that lovely slope to -10!

Out side of eve I have been doing my best to catch up with all the blogs I read- and Is it me or has crazy kinux still not posted the winners of his ladys of eve contest?
Anyway I am getting back
To my regular reading an posting ways and will keep you all informed of my new pirate adventures lol!

Have fun

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