Monday, 7 June 2010

Holiday over... Bring on the rum

Hey guys I'm back from my holiday, it was nice for anyone that wanted to know.
Since my return I have had a good play with eve gate, other than that not much seems to have changed for me with tyrannis.
I made the decision the day I got home that I needed to get deeper in to the pirate world to satisfy my desire to become a dirty rum soaked pirate , so I contcted mail lite ( from "beginings of piracy" blog) and had a chat with him about joining the black rabbit accadamy, which for those that don't know is the pirate version of eve uni! After a nice chat I was invited to join and gladly accepted and am now on that lovely slope to -10!

Out side of eve I have been doing my best to catch up with all the blogs I read- and Is it me or has crazy kinux still not posted the winners of his ladys of eve contest?
Anyway I am getting back
To my regular reading an posting ways and will keep you all informed of my new pirate adventures lol!

Have fun

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