Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ebb and Flow

Life is catching up to me at the moment, the last few weeks I have had very little time to post or even to fly, I have made several attempts to get out on a roam, only to be continually interrupted by my wife wanting to spend time with me in the sun, I suspect from the lack of postings from my fellow blogger’s most of us are in a similar situation, its hard during the summer to sit inside and get your eve on!

On the upside I have found my indy alt very useful during this time, as I can log her in and mine semi afk allowing me to indulge my wife as needed and get bits around the house done, while making a meagre profit. I am hardly going to pay for all my ships this way yet but I am working on a plan (I also accept donations lol).. Vespa my indy alt can now fly a retriever and in a week or so she should be into a hulk, she is also grinding standings for core completion’s in the hope of farming data cores as another passive income while I am slowly getting the basic skills in place to fly a drake, should mission running or attempting wormholes with the corp in fleet. Or maybe even for ratting out in null again one day. I chose the drake as in my humble opinion it is the best overall PvE battle cruiser.

I am hoping over the next week or to get out on a few more piratey endeavours and upset the poor lowsec dwellers in my area (or stray noobs and carebears) and get in some practice for hulkaggedon.

Have fun and enjoy summer while it lasts!