Tuesday, 22 June 2010

should you be doing that..

It's been a quiet few days on the pirate front, I have managed to get out for a few roams joined by some of the new corp. members but haven't had any kills. we did have some fun chasing a few rifters between belt's however we never managed to get a close enough warp in to get a point on him...if you reading this, well done it was most entertaining.

I have been pre occupied this week with the release of the new Iphone OS and as such I have been downloading lots of new stuff for my iphone which kills my connection speed, so I have been logging in most days with Vespa for a few hours mining, she can almost fly a barge lol just in time for hulkagedon :P

I did have an interesting battle of wills on Sunday I was mining (jet can) away semi afk and on returning to my can I found I had been flipped. This could be funny I thought... I checked the guys history, It was a 22 day old rifter pilot by the name "joe hawk", I tried for a response in local with a simple "really?" and got no answer, so I invited him to a convo, after a few seconds he popped in and I asked him if he was looking for some pvp or just out annoying people, I took the liberty of offering a 1v1 with my main if he would like to make the 4 jumps out to lowsec..he declined, he told me he main was a big 2003 tough nut tho lmao. I offered the advice to him that when picking people to flip PIRATE alliances are generally a poor pick.
After a few mins of convo, he not only ran away..but abandoned the Ore he had stolen allowing me to take it back with no aggression penalty..Joe if your out there can flipping not for you try mission running. I did after he left, let him know who my main was ,and wished him a nice day, to which I got parting shot in local about how much of a noob I am..despite him running from my indy alt and giving up not only on the fight but my ore or any aggro...

On a more sedate note, I have decided to start playing the Big games LOTTERY (biglottery.big-eve.com/ ), Im hoping to win millions to fund my pirate ways lol, I have soar bought 500k worth of tickets. Fingers crossed.