Tuesday, 8 October 2013

giving away faction scorps

It seems the comunityhas gone in to rage over ccp giving away free stuff to fansites (specificly blink)

Here is my only comment on this rage threadnought...get a freeking grip. That is all

Thursday, 3 October 2013

balance. and 300

So today I was out roaming in my fave venge fit with a few other pilots from stay frosty and our great CEO rixx, and I got in two very different fights, first I found a guy that I attacked yesterday, he was in a thrasher again, yesterday he killed my Tristan before some friends joined and killed him, today I knew the venge would eat him As you can see rixx jumped in on the tail end and got the final blow.git.

Then I see a enyo and slasher at a plex.. so I figure, I can hold or kill the enyo while my mates get here.. I warp in call for assistance and go to work, the enyo is matching me blow for blow (tough ship) and my corpie's land as we both enter structure I go pop as the enyo has about 20% structure left and the stabber against 3 frosty ships..and the git's both manage to escape!!!

In the past this may have bothered me but now days I hunt in the week and run some lvl 4s at the weekend, with the trading I do it allows me to go through venges without every worrying about the loss and "can" lead to some great fights. Trick is striking a balance between isk generation and fun. Tbh I find the weekends to crowded with more bank fleets and gate camps. the solo or small gang fights are in MY opinion better in the week.

On a side note this post is # 300 for me, it's been a lot of fun and rewarding process so far and I can't wait to see post 400 or 500 roll round.