Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The vengence - Pvp fits pt 2

The Vengence :

Ok second part of my series of PVP fit ships I like to fly, I will star by saying I love this ship!!
It screams pirate when you see it, everything form its jet black colour to its evil shape…and it is one of the best assault frigs in the game in my opinion able to work solo or in fleets as a heavy tackle.

The vengeance has 5% armour resists per level making the tank awesome for an assult frig, it also gets a rocket bonus..but I don’t like rockets so..sod em.
The fit I use is as follows:

High: 150mm ACII
High: 150mm ACII
High: 150mm ACII
High: small NOS II

Mid : scram T2
Mid : 1MN MWD II
Mid: x5 prototype web

Low: 200mm plate
Low: T2 small armour repper
Low: T2 adaptive nano plate
Low: T2 DC

Rig: Small Trimark plate
Rig: Small Trimark plate

This fit give you one mean little asshole that once it gets hold of you… it can close range very fast to most other frigs or cruisers, does excellent damage anywhere inside 5000km , can hold them in place with a scram to shut off their MWD and warp drive and a web to keep them in range.
It can also tank a lot of incoming fire, meaning it can act as tackle on ships much larger and hold them for a fleet, or out last most frigate’s or assault frigs in a dog fight (I proved this last night in a 1v1 with a wolf, at half amour he was going into structure and couldn’t break my tank despite more and bigger guns)
This ship is the answer to kiting ships that kill the punisher as well as if they get cockey and get in range of your web and scram they are shafted, and the mwd will normally get you in range fast enough, while the tank allows you to charge through their kill range with ease. Most savy arty pilots would call it a draw and withdraw.
If you come across T1 frigs they will go down very fast against this, T1 cruisers you need to be more careful a good fit and T2 drones will kill you solo (so bring a friend), noob fits will be no problem.

have fun 0/

Fleet fights and faction fits..

I had a great weekend, I blew crap up…I got blown up..it was a lot of fun!
My weekend really kicked off Friday night, I hadn’t been logged on long when we got the call one of our corp mates was being attacked in the next system by the lovely pilots of gunboat diplomacy…as the call for help went up several battle cruisers undocked from our station and entered warp towards the gate, however our scout in the next system advised there were a few to many for us and we would take heavy losses, so a new plan was formed, a mixed battle cruiser and battleship fleet would go after them with carrier support ( and a few frigs for them what couldn’t fly bigger yet), the fleet formed up quite fast and set off in pursuit..I wont bore you with the trip but we caught them, about 10 battle ships in orfold.
The battle started quite well, our FC calling targets and us melting them fast as the carrier landed to offer support and remote reps to our fleet, first of their ships to go down was their Scorpian, followed by a raven,
a mega , and a domi….
Then it all went a bit wrong..we were counter dropped by a crap load more battleships. Most of our fleet made it out but we lost a few of our frigs my harby and our archon carrier. Bugger.
Still was a bloody good fight, gunboat played their cards to perfection. See the whole line up
here to see what was fielded and what was lost lol.
Saturday I didn’t really get on as I had to appease the wife’s shopping habits.

Sunday was good but for entirely different reasons. It started with a quick fight with a hurricane who was pestering some rabbits on our home station, kill mail here, I then had a bit of a lull for an hour or two while I put my new harby together…just as I finished we decided to set up a gate camp in resbroko, myself and mail lite were the first two on the scene, me in my new harby mail in his shiny new phobos.
As we were waiting for everyone to show up we had a call of a target jumping in ..me and mail warped to gate..in warp we heard “hold on there is loads of them..abort” lol. Well mail got out in time, I was blobbed. Loss mail here. I was a tad pissed off, not because id lost a ship, but because I had only just finished brining it up from rens…bastards lol.
However my day was cheered right up by some acts of extreme generosity towards this very blog…I now and then receive donations to my cause, people send me 25-30 million, which is incredible!! People like Caledrun and Brannor McThife, have donated there hard earned isk in the past in the interest of helping this humble pirate..and Sunday I received my 2 biggest donations EVER…. First was a generous 50 mill isk from Skvizz, who also mentioned he would like to come out on a roam with me some time, that can defiantly be arranged.
The second donation was from a new corp mate… this corp mate is rich…very rich in my books ..
Remember I said my two dream ships were a cruor and a ashimmu..
Well I got given a faction fit crour baby!!! Hell yeah!
Its gonna be an expensive loss mail when it gets popped but until then it is my pride and joy.

I only ever write this blog for fun, but some times getting nice gifts really makes you smile.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Come shoot people with me!

Turns out the rabbits are accepting applications again..we have a lot of awesome instructors, And you get to shoot people and drink rum !!!!

If you are just starting out in EvE and want to get into the low sec piracy route or an old hand looking for something new The Black Rabbits Academy could be exactly what your looking for.


•No Trial Accounts.
•Mature players only
•You must submit your LIMITED API to a Director for review.
•Voice Communication software MUST be used. Team Speak is the current Guristas Associates standard.
•Willingness to go to -10 security status
•Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local and during ransoms

If you feel you meet our requirements you are welcome to drop off an application at our website found here.


Or if you want to have a chat with some of us please feel free to come to our public recruitment channel. Guristas Recruitment.

The Black Rabbits are also recruiting still.

The Recruitment requirements for The Black Rabbits are as follows:

•20 mil PVP/Combat skillpoints
•Must be able to fly a T2 Fitted Battle Cruiser.
•RP experience is an advantage
•Mature player
•18+ preferred
•Active player
•Voice Communication software MUST be used.
•Willingness to go to -10 sec
•Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local, and during ransoms

Can't recommend it enough, but then I'm still buzzing from a good fleet fight... More on that next post.

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broke ass pirate

The trouble with pirating is isk. And my lack of it.

I make isk from ransoms and looting wreaks of my kills, however, that is a unstable income, and while it has its moments of dropping a 100 mill in your lap, often it drops a lot less.

I have up to this point been using Vespa as a miner and a trader to keep myself afloat, this has worked to some extent but the cost of the ships and modules I will be needing soon will far outstrip her meagre earnings. Mining in corp a few nights a month for 30-50 mill doesn’t cover the cost of 1 fitted harbinger. It barly covers the cost of a new vengeance.
And mining solo to make the ships sucks ass unless you can duel box with an orca helping..and I cant.
That means I am going to have to take vespa back to where astral began, mission running.
I will still spend a few nights a month mining with the corp, I enjoy it now and again, and it helps with our cap building progects and to be honest is easy money. However now alongside full time pirating I will spend a night or two a week running missions…very dull but needed.
The real pain with it is I will need to develop vespa’s combat skills to a point she can solo lvl 4’s in a drake…which means taking training time away from astral.
It’s a real pain in the ass only running 1 account.
I will be for the next month or two building her skills in caldari ships up to a heavy missile pve drake, and intend to work for boundless creations for data core harvesting and probably republic feet out near ren’s.
The upside is once here skills are there I may try a few low level worm hole ops if I can get a white rabbit fleet together, and will also have a ratting capable pilot if the whites move back to 0.0.

Will hold up my plans for astral a bit but no point having the skills if I cant afford the damn ships.

Please shoot someone for me, It will keep the balance going.

On the upside it will give me another side project through the quiet months.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

this is either idiotic or an awsome idea

Hi guy’s, I have been doing some long hard thinking over the last few days (yes it hurt) about how my pirating is going. Overall I think I am doing pretty well, I can get lots of nice kills in gate camps, I an a fairly useful member in any fleet able to bring DPS, RR or scout, and I have got quite good at solo roaming looking for a fight.
I no long see lowsec as the scary place I once did, and I’m happy to risk ships as long as it has a reason.
However there is something I’m becoming less satisfied with, The rabbits as a whole seem to be going through a lazy lull. Not that we arn’t active but we always seem to be camping instead of going out roaming looking for kills.
Now camping certainly has its place in piracy, it gets some great kills and is a good source of income however it can be bloody boring and done to often in the same spot people start getting wise, you even get bigger fleets come looking to bust up your camp. I have heard many of the rabbits complaining but when you suggest getting out on a roam a lot of them seem to busy. That makes me sad.

Instead of whining about it tho I am going to try to help fix the problem. I have for the last couple of months had a purifier sitting in my hanger, I can fly it, but lack the torp skills and the cash to fit it properly. I am going to make getting this ship up and running my “mission”.

stealth bomber

Now im looking for fitting advice as I don’t have a huge amount of experience with bombers, but I intend to use it to probe out ships and warp in cloaked to provide my fleet with a warp in then, help add DPS and tackle as my fleets land.

The fit I have in mind is…

Low- 200mm plate
Low –ballistic control II

Mid – 1 MN MWD
Mid – Warp disruptor II
Mid – Web II

High – “Arablast” siege launcher
High – “Arablast” siege launcher
High – “Arablast” siege launcher
High – expanded probe launcher
High – covert ops cloak.

Rig – small trimark
Rig – Small trimark

I am open to any suggestions to improve this fit for what I have in mind. Once I have acquired (I am currently skint other than my poker fund) the fittings and finished training the skills in a couple of weeks I will be trying to get fleets out of mixed consistency with the idea they hop to a safe while I probe out mission runners or the unwary waiting at safes and get a warp in for the fleet, once the fleet is in warp to me, I decloak apply DPS and tackle and in theory the fleet arrives before I go pop?

I Think this will take my piracy to the next level, I can still camp when needed for money or solo roam in my vengeance when I crave that buzz, but this will add another string to my bow and maybe help motivate some rabbits to get roaming again.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Ok guys…I have decided to show you…me lol
Well my eve sheet anyway, this is

Please go have a look.
Now im going to open up the next 3 months development to you.

I am currently lagging behind in where my SP should be as I devoted more time than I intended to Vespa. And as you can see im a little over 8 million SP focused mainly on amaar, and mainly on making thinks go pop.
What I would like is a skill plan from now till December. I will pick the best skill plan and use it. You can have a toy at build a better pirate lol. I will let you know how it goes.
Please post your skill plans in the comments and I will look through them all.

isk making vagas style

Eve hold'em

opening balance - 8.3 million isk

9 hands later

closing balance - 23.4 million isk

time spent - 17 mins.

I like poker.

Monday, 23 August 2010

good weekend but I fail at racing.

Where do I start with the weekend…a lot happened.
Saturday had some lovely kills, the first of which was the most fun. On logging in I had a call out over vent 2 of our newer pilots had a cane on the Auner gate, however one of our pilots had bolted and the other was losing..I had to perform an emergency cane-ectomy lol, I jumped in “ass rape” my harby and burned to the gate and began steaming into the offending cane..trouble was doing so I brought the gate guns on me…and only me..I also realised as a flight of warrior 2’s came my way, I only had remote rep drones..not good. I sent the RR drones of to help keep my friendly cane alive, and set all guns and nuets on the cane…it was very close, but my tank held the drones cane and gate guns just long enough to pop the cane, I won with 64% structure..i was a lucky wabbit. Kill mail

After the excitement with the cane, I jumped in the vengeance for some small scale action..mail lite had just popped a thrasher and we were hunting a rifter, turns out it was the same rifter I popped a few days ago…the 3 day old Russian that I invited to fleet and accepted..he was back. He wouldn’t be silly enough to fall for the same trick twice would he??
I formed a fleet and sent a invite..”warp to me” I said in local and he and every other wabbit in system warped in..he was again destroyed in seconds. Kill mail here
We were all very amused he fell for that again..then he did something really silly..he came back to local demanding a 1v1.
Now at this point I felt a little sorry for him so I did try to warn him, I explained I would me more than happy to 1v1 with him and told everyone in local to stay away while it happened I also did advise him I was flying a T2 rigged and fitted assault frigate ( as opposed to a T1 fail fit rifter…) but he seemed determined. Ok said I meet me at planet 1…he warped in ..
I wish I could tell you it was a fair fight or even a good one, but he entered structure as I hit 65% shields..and I was armour tanked. Kill mail here.

Sunday was MADE OF FAIL!

Now Sunday was the day of Rix’s Death race! Now due to some other stuff going on (read- game of poker that took to bloody long) I didn’t log on until 1710 eve time..race started at 1800. shit .
I looked at the route to get to the race…44 jumps in 50 mins…nope that wont work.
A corp mate then pointed out it was only 15 jumps – if I go through high sec!! now concord doesn’t like astral much..they tend to want to blow my shiny ships up. However, said corp mate had a high sec alt that could fly my ship and meet me in the starting system..if we rushed we may make it.
I clone jumped in to a dead head clone and podded over to the starting system. When I got there I mentioned I was waiting on my ship…mansi seemed amused lol.
My ship im pleased to say arrived at 15:59..

With all guns unloaded and offline

And only 200 rounds of ammo

And no mwd…


I got to a station as the racers set off and on lined the guns..I figured id catch up at a bubble (there was bound to be one) and snag a kill…
I jumped through the first gate into a agony unleashed bubble..only 1 cane tho
…meh worth a go.

I burned at the cane as fast as I could with no prop mods lol, and hoped if I got under his guns maybe….POP. bugger.

However I was at this point out of the bubble..so I tried to continue the race in my egg lol
I was doing ok as well until 2 gates from the finish I hit another bubble, and I wasn’t getting out of that one.
Back to auner the quick way.

At this point a gate camp was going up in Resbroko, I figured id get a kill or 3 before bed , so I brought “ass rape” over, however I had fitted a AB instead of a MWD and a scram instead of a diswuptor for some reason meaning the ships were getting popped before I even got a point on them…I Failed that night. Only got on 2 kills.

Next week will be different.

Oh and Persephone Astrid won the death race..in style I might add, so congrats it was good fun to watch.

Have fun all

Thursday, 19 August 2010

awsome fiction

I try my hand at fiction now and then however some times I read posts by others and am blown away by the quality of the writing and depth of the content.
I found one such post by a blogger I have mentioned before Persephone Astrid, she is a rival pirate to me but i have nothing but praise for this blog. if you enjoy fan fiction on any level check out her blog
here, the last post is a bit steamy and a total gem.


vespa's world pt 3

The halls in lowsec stations never felt right to Vespa. She had docked a few mins ago at the Thucker mix station in Auner, Home of the Rabbits. Vespa had spent most of her adult life in high sec working for Astral Dominix, when he freed her and sponsored her for the capsuleer program she even took his surname as she had no real parentage.
A few people milled around the station, most kept their heads down, the pirates here could get quite rowdy and it was just better not to offend them. Vespa had no such worries. She rounded the corner to a private elevator that would take her to Astrals office/home. A large pent house apartment overlooking the docking bays. These types of accommodation were very popular with pod pilots who liked to survey their ships from their home. The penthouses on this station were almost solely occupied by members of The Gurristas Alliance.
Vespa paused at the entrance to the lift as it took a retinal scan to confirm her identity, and the doors slid open to a mirrored interior. She admired herself in the black and red jumpsuit as the elevator began it’s accent. She looked immaculate.
The doors to astrals apartment slid open straight into his office. Wooden floors were in sharp contrast to the bright white of the walls, at the far end of the office was a shiny metallic desk with a few papers and holo tapes strewn over it and a half empty bottle of rum. On the wall to the left was a display of a communications in the system, another display showing the guristas kill boards and a large old pin board.. the pin board was covered with mug shots of various pilots of nee den, some famous, some not. Some the faces were covered with a green x, some a red x, most had yet to be done. She knew this was astrals “hit list”, pilots he wanted to fight for “shits and giggles”, the ones with the red x he had lost, the green x he had won.
Vespa always checked this board to make sure she wasn’t on it.
On the wall to the right was the main display for Astrals terminal on a hydraulic arm, to allow him to see it from any angle, and two door ways one for a bath room and one leading to a VERY messy bedroom.
The door to the bathroom slid open and steam bellowed out , followed by astral in a towel. He was around 5’10 with an athletic build. close cropped short black hair. He wore only a towel around his waist as he strode over to the desk and sat in the black leather chair.
“Vespa take a seat”
She sat opposite him in a slightly smaller leather chair the new angle allowed her a better view into the bedroom, she saw the mess of duvet move and heard the small groan of a woman asleep.
She smiled at astral, he knew she hated it when he did this.
“I have acquired some BPC’s for you Vespa, pre researched to save time. I need you to begin production when your not mining for the white rabbits.”
“what BPC’s ?”
“several runs of prophecy and several of a harbinger”
“ that will be …time consuming”
Astral poured himself a rum, and then one for Vespa which he knew she wouldn’t take.
“did you bring what I asked for” Astral asked with a smile
“yes one new vengeance and several implants, also the hard wire skills for armour tanking”
“isn’t it a waste? You’ll lose them if you get podded.”
Astral just smiled and shock his head
“ you still have a lot to learn Vespa, but you are with out a doubt my favourite student”
Vespa wasn’t sure if that was a complement or an insult but she was fairly sure it was a come on, she rose a tuned for the door.
The woman in the next room stirred.
“ your welcome to join us Vespa?”
She didn’t even answer him as she left.

im so clever...then im not

Last might I managed to get out an about for about an two hours, the first half was meh, the second half was fun but expensive..
On logging astral on line I saw a good friend of mine bt the name of whiteshark was chasing a rifter all over auner, after checking he said the rifter was only a few days old (and asked me not to steal the kill lol), so I undocked in my vengeance and offered to help..trouble is we kept finding him, in belts only to have him warp as we landed, he was Russian as well wich made me think maybe a alt scouting..anyway..after a few attempts at grabing him on the belt I decided chasing him was a mugs game, so while whiteshark continued with the frustration …I invited him to my fleet, and he accepted lol
I tried squad warping us to a planet at 0..that didn’t work although all my corpies had herd me talking about it and warped to the planet to whore mail the kill. I put a simple “warp to me” in fleet..a few seconds later he landed and was promptly popped and podded. A hollow kill considering but I felt clever.
After this I headed out on a roam..solo as every one seemed to be busy, not that this bothered me, I quite enjoy roaming alone, it takes much more skill. I was on my way to amamake to find a fight, I had gone through several systems before I found anything…at all…I eventually found some peeps in ezsure (sp?) s thrasher named rifter, and a drake named caracal, tho they wernt together, I scaned the thrasher down and looked up the age of the pilot, almost a year older than me..could be tough, but I was in a assault frig..sod it im bored.
I warped in at 20and we burned towards each other, half my shields were gone before I even got into range, the fight was pretty standard I entered a tight orbit as fast as I could with my 150’s hitting him and a NOS keeping me in cap, however this guy had a very good fit, im not wuite sure what he was using but I entered hull as he was entering armour…I exploded shortly after.
It was a good fight. However in the heat of trying to break his tank (I thought he may have ben shield tanked so once in armour I may have caught up) I forgot to set up to get my pod out, by the time id switched tabs..he had me, he politlely offered a 25 mill ransom. I politly declined as I was in a dead head clone, all I would lose was about a mill on a clone upgrade, however he took his sweet time getting round to popping me ..about 3 mins…during which time I was passing intel to sir londo (a corp mate of mine) who was making hast to get to me from 12 systems out in a hurricane.
Unfortunalty I was popped just before sir londo landed, who was then popped himself when a few stealth bombers turned up…not good.
I spent the rest of the evening buying yet another vengeance and decided I would get some implants for the next clone. Lets see how long this one lasts…

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

your dream ships are?

Ok day dream time, I have spent some of the afternoon browsing through the various ships id like to own and fly, eve has some SERIOUSLY sexy ships, if you got the isk and the skill’s, just owning one is a bit of a status symbol.

So here is my question to you guys..if you could have any two ships magicly appear in your hanger, what would you pick?

I ran through a lot of ships thinking about this..do I want a orca for my alt….a faction battleship…a carrier?

In the end I picked two ships I can fly but cant afford, and I don’t see often..

The Crour

A sexy ass faction frig with bounuses to web’s and lazors. Id love to try this out on a frig roam..

The Ashimmu

The other sexy blood raider ship. One day you will be mine oh yes you will be mine.

PVP ships 101 - The Punisher


punisher 1
The punisher is the first of a series o ships I intend to do a small section on explaining a decent pvp fit and how to use effectively.
The punisher is the top T1 frigate for the amaar faction, similar to the rifter, however it has several features that make it an excellent ship for PVP. Firstly it has a large capacitor, as do most amaar ships as the are designed to run lasors, it also has decent armour resists which improve by 5% each level making this ship excellent at tanking for a frigate, it is far less fragile than a rifter. You also get 10% less capacitor use on small energy turrets per level but that won’t be needed for this fit.

The fit I use for this little tiger is.

High slots –
3 x 150mm autocannons (t2 if you can fit them or scouts)
1 x T2 small NOS (or best named depending on skills)

Medium slots –
1 x catalysed cold arc jet (MWD)
1 x T2 Scram (or best named)

Low slots –

1 x 200 mm rolled tungsten plate
1 x T2 small armour repper (or best named)
1 x T2 adaptive nano plate (or best named)
1 x T2 Damage control (or best named)

3 x small trimark rigs

Now you may be thinking why auto cannons on a punisher, mainly because they have good tracking and it allows you to change your damage type at will instead of being stuck with EM/Therm, it also has 2 other benefits, 1 they do not use cap, meaning you can run the MWD and repper for a good long while before you drain the cap, also a lot of rifters use a AC set up and get a shock as they enter their optimal and find you are still doing massive damage lol.
Now the fit above is slightly altered by role, this is the fit I use for SOLO hunting, I find frigates or fail fit cruisers and use the MWD to get close, then lock in with the scram to hold them in system and disable their MWD while in a tight orbit with the MWD running and hit them with the Auto cannons, and the NOS. the NOS will keep you going with capacitor for a long time even with the damage control and the armour repper running it will also force them to drop point which means you can bug out if it get hairy. This fit will eat rifters alive normally..
The modifications you could make is if you are in a frig group and NOT the tackle ship switch the MWD for a afterburner, which keeps you fast even with a scram on you, or if you will be tackling larger ships for a fleet, swap the MWD for a X5 web, which will enable you to take down fast moving drones on the ships and hold larger pray in place until the fleet lands.
The opponent you need to be very careful of when flying punishers is long range kiting frigates like the arty fit rifter or jag, if they can keep pout of your point range they will pummel you before you can even hit them..however you should be able to warp out as you will be out of scram range.
In short the hevey tank and decent guns make this an ideal rifter killer or tackle ship as its good tank allows it to last a long time, its biggest drawback is the lack of a third mid slot for a scram, web, MWD combo and its speed, the base speed compared to other frigates is sluggish to reflect the armour it carries, this can be compensated for with good skills and flying it knowing its slow, who needs to run if your going to outlast the other guy?

Next article will be the punishers big brother..the vengeance, my favourite solo pvp ship.

anti blob idea.

Blobs are a bitch. If you get caught by one you stand little chance, if your in one, it can be a lttle dull, half the time it doesn’t even matter if you fire..and the only counter..is a bigger BLOB. Trouble is blobs are effective.
There is no real downside to blobing someone and if you blob a lot of someone’s it can become very profitable, so a lot of people do it. In null sec it happens a bit, but in lowsec, home of small scale pvp it happens way to much. Personally I prefer even ish odds, 2-3 ships difference either way is about as fair as it gets.
Now I have come up with an idea to solve this problem..and maybe cut some of the fleet lag problems in 0.0, however I have less experience than some of my readers so id like opinions before I make a suggestion in the forums or to the CSM.

Introduce a penalty to fleet size. Lol.

The idea I had is to add another layer to the region map that shows fleets in the area (imagine something like the dotlan maps), for single ships or 2-3, the could move with total stealth, never seen on the map. As you move up over 3 ships in fleet, people can see there is a small fleet with in say 10 system radius, but not witch system of the 10 you ARE in. and as the fleet grows it becomes more specific.. at say 30 ships you can identify EXACTLY which system they are in.

This would change the general dynamic of fleet combat in eve from large blob fests to smaller fleets moving in unison, giving a TRUE fleet feel. Instead of a fleet of 200 ships invading a system at once you have several fleets of 20 ships moving via different routes so not to give away numbers or position until they converge on a target system. You would still be able to roll with massive war fleets, but people would see it coming (or would be able to if they were looking for it).
In lowsec this would put a stop to a lot of blob fests and take combat back to small fleets or solo action, it would be more fun for the pirates and allow mission runners or minners to enter lowsec with less risk of being blobbed straight away, there would still be risks, but hell that’s the fun of lowsec.

There are of course ways round it, like move around solo out of fleet, but in large numbers and just join fleet when a target is found but no system is perfect.
any useful comment you have would be very welcome.
Did I mention im bored at work?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Racer at the ready

Just to let everyone know, I will be taking part in the eve 2010 death race!
My initial idea when hearing about this was to take a fleet of stealth bombers down to the starting system and smart bomb all the racers before they got going…
Imagine the scene, racers ready…3.2. BANG! Lol. Still seems lots of people had that idea and not enough had the idea to actually race…so I am changing my plans…slightly.
I will be entering flying a punisher, my intention will not be to come first lol. Instead I will be trying to kill as many frigates as I can before someone pops me lol, a worthy cause to be sure.. maybe if I eliminate enough frigates I may finish the race..but I doubt it .
Additionally another person seems to have donated 30 mill to me again, but eve gate is currently down so I cant see who or why? I am enjoying the cash flow tho, it’s like ransoming people with out having to go to the bother of shooting them.
Last night I had a lot of problems in game, I was suffering huge lag in place’s and heavy wife aggro, I may have to calm down play time for the next couple of weeks, all of which resulted in no kills. I did manage to move my prophecy to auner and get it fitted though. It does decent DPS and has a massive tank, so will be a good bait ship or gate camp ship. I also bought and trained the skills last night to use remote rep drones, as a lot of TBRA fleets are asking for RR capability now.

I have also been considering writing a series of articles on the different ships I like to fly , with suggested fits and a summery of how to use them in my opinion. I have several reasons for this one, for fun, secondly to educate new or unaware pilot’s how to use these ships and thirdly, as part of my graduation from The Black Rabbit Academy..
See to graduate now you have to meet certain criteria, you need to be able to fly a fully T2 fit BC, well I could do that before I joined, you need to show good use of the D scan and be active in fleet’s..I like to think I have both of those down.
You also need to demonstrate good knowledge of ship fittings and have over 100 kill to your name..well I have 50 kill’s ish so far and thinking that a series of articles on fittings may demonstrate I have a idea what I’m talking about. Could also be a nice side project while the wife cools down ;)

Have fun 0/

Monday, 16 August 2010

D scan for Dummies

Ok, one of the things I have got a lot better at over the last 2 months is using the directional scanner on ships, this seems to be some sort of “tricky subject” for carebear’s to wrap their head around, and some of the new pirates seem to have trouble grasping how to scan people down..so I thought I would write a small post explaining the basic’s of how to find people on the D scan ( note this is MY way not possibly the BEST way)

First off, always have your scanner open, click the little icon at the bottom of the screen just above autodeath..err auto pilot. Now pin that box open at the top of your screen. Now you don’t want system scanner or moon thingy, you need directional scanner. Once you have that open set the distance for the maximum which is about 14 AU, just put in about 20 9’s and it will be set to maximum.
Next make sure you have a “combat” type tab in your overview..i have a few but you want one that shows ships only..NOT npc’s..actual ships, and to make life easy include force fields ( this will help to determine if a ship is at a POS)…right done that? now click "use acive overveiw settings"

Now head out to the sytem you want to hunt in.. and make your self a safe by warping between 2 points and creating a bookmark somewhere along the way…this means you are harder to find while scanning unless they have probes out…
Warp to your new book mark and ensure your scanner is set to 360 scan, see how many are in local and hit scan…if you have say 5 in local and 4 on scan, it is a reasonable guess the 5th is either over 14 AU away or docked, depending on the size of the system.
Right now zoom out from your ship and click on it so you have a little box around it…that is how you will target..the D scanner will work on the angle of the camera not the direction the ship is pointing…THAT is important.
Set your scan to 180 deg now and look in front and behind you hitting scan both times…you get the general direction of where the ships are..if you want to be good repeat this at 90 deg looking north east south and west, but I often skip that. Now you have a rough direction of where each ship is…set the D scan to 5 deg if you have a ship on scan you want to fight off to the right of you, look right, lets say there are 2 belts a planet and a customs office…point your targeter so the box around your ship lines up with each of them in turn and hit scan..if you get a hit at 5 deg warp to that target (i.e belt 1 for example) and you will normally find your ship.

Now what often happens is you will have 2-3 celestials in a tight cluster when you get a 5 deg hit , like a planet , a customs office and a belt..there is no way to determine which one the target is at or there range on it, this is where expirence and common sense come into play.. if your target is likely a noob..maybe the belt ratting ..or the planet for PI, if it’s a hauler, almost always the custom office, you get a feeling for where they will be after a while.

Some important points to note- you NEVER get a warp in from D scan only a sense of direction, they are not probes.

You cannot find people at safes with the D scan , you can often get an idea where the safe is but not a warp in.

Never warp to a celestial at 0 unless you are sure you can win.

If there is a fleet of you, and you have a 5 deg hit, all warp to one celestial, one of you should find him and get tackle.

When your scanning from a safe keep an eye out for combat scanner probes or sister probes, these normally mean some one bigger is looking for you.

By no means a complete guide but may set you on the right track.

Have fun

sod it!

I wish I had read the alliance forums when I got to work this morning before posting…it seems we are now blue to capital storm lol. No fight involved. Oh well.
Our leader Gill had a chat with their leader last night apparently and worked out some kind of alliance, from what I can make of it we get access to their null sec systems for ratting, mining and stuff, and we help them keep Auner free of ..well everyone lol which is basically what we do anyway.
Seem’s some of the capital storm’s pilot’s read my blog, so , im looking forward to flying with you lol. Although this may be expensive for me..I im gonna need a extra few ships for to base in null sec in case we are aked to help them defend and alike, maybe a Abbadon and a harb..oh and ill have to get Vespa a retriever down there for mining…best get back to ransoming tonight lmao.

sunday night is ransom night..with added poker.

Rum poker and boat load of ransoms were the order of the day this weekend….let me tell you a tale.

My weekend started on a bit of a downer..the wife insisted on seeing the in-laws Saturday which meant no eve for me, however it does give me a lot of time to look things over via my I phone, and after getting board of looking over my skill plan and tweeking it to death, I looked into something I have known about for quite a while but not dabbled in, “Eve hold'em poker”, for anyone that doesn’t know what this is, it is basicly a online poker client that plays standard 7 card texas hold’em with the slight twist that it is eve themed and you play for isk (generally).
Now being the cautious sort of guy I am, I did a little research before setting up a account, and it looked like fun. I have played poker since I was quite young so I thought I would be good fun and I might make some quick isk. So Saturday night before bed I set my self a account up…

The next morning (by morning I mean midday) I logged In to eve to several plesant surprise’s, the first was a anonymous benefactor had given me 30 million isk to sponser my new prophecy..which was awesome, I do some times get donations but normally much smaller. The second was a very kind reader of my blog Dee had donated me several harbinger BPC’s for free (Vespa is going to be a busy girl making me some for the next few months).
After going through my mails I moved on to poker..I deposited 5 mill in my account, it showed up almost instantly, and set about trying the client out, I have to say I was impressed, I made about 3.8 million in 40 mins for a investment of 2.5 mill at the table. I will in the future be trying to set up poker nights for my corp and maybe for the readers of this blog if anyone is interested.
After sodding about with the poker, I got back to being a pirate, and saw a message from the alliance brass..capital storm has become interested in lil old us!
They have basicly decided they need everyone in Auner must to be Blue to them…well that wont happen lol. They basically said “join us , pay us or die”..we laughed ..a lot. All I’m going to say on this subject is – bring it!
I then decided to go for a little roam in my vengeance, there wasn’t much going on, I did almost get into a fight with a myrm and a punisher in hadazeko but they ran away (just) I found them at belt 4-1 the myrm was popping a drake and the punisher was sitting 190 km off the belt watching..both red.. I called for some back up to help pop the myrm while burning for the punisher…the myrm ran as soon as the drake popped, and the punisher warped to the belt to try to grab the loot…I also warped to the belt to try to grab the punisher..but he ran as soon as I landed before I could get a point on him, I consoled myself buy stealing their loot.
I did have a chuckle when I looked at local, lady shaniqua was in system and some of the locals were playing up with cry’s of “run itz dee gallentee police person!!”.

After my GCC ran down I headed back to auner in time to jump in to a gate camp fleet that was forming, now gate camps arn’t real pvp, it is a way of making easy money for pirate’s. for those that don’t understand why we do it, when we pop you the loot from your wreck is repackaged and sold and the isk is then shared between those in fleet, also we try to grab the pods for ransoms, which is also shared between the fleet.
Last night was a very good night for ransoms, there were lots of kills and several clever pilots decided to pay the ransoms, which meant in about an hour the fleet had ransomed just under 200 million isk from the un educated or unwise pilots that wandered our way. I would link the kills but there were quite a few, just have a look at my killboard to see most of them here.

My share came out at 17 mill plus the loot, not bad for an hour’s work.

Have fun

Friday, 13 August 2010

Trofles first guest post

Ok guys, a fellow wabbit asked to do a series of guest posts on the blog, so I charged him 97655787.... Only kidding. His first post

The deal

I made a deal with astral, since I have no desire to blog long term or pace of several times a week, he is going to let me do a post for his blog every few weeks!

Who am I?

My character’s name is Trofles, I have been playing eve for a total of a year. I live in Nebraska, USA, I am 25 years old, and I just finished up my Masters program in Computer Science. My eve career would be best described as a jack of all trades, master of none. I haven’t stayed in one profession longer than a few months. I have been a trader, a miner, a missioner, a faction warfare junkie, lotto overseer, and a pvper. I have liked everything I have tried; it is hard to hate any one aspect of this game. Recently I have found an aspect of the game I love. I love running logistics. I am a people person, so it fits me perfectly. I get tasks, commonly construction tasks, and I make them happen. This includes gathering minerals, finding someone to transport them, and finding a person to build the item. If interested, I am currently looking for a null sec mining corp, I will either purchase for isk or trade for high sec minerals. I am also in need of another capital construction corps.(carriers, dreads, orcas, freighters, and rorquals)

Why the white rabbits?

My reasons for joining the rabbits are pretty selfish. They offer me everything I need/want from the game. They seem like a great group of guys, easy to get along with. They focus on missioning/mining; which while not my favorite activities, they mesh well with doing the logistical stuff I do love. Furthermore, I have access to the black rabbits and black rabbit’s academy, which whenever I get that itch to go blow something up, I have a group of awesome players I can run with that I will already know. Finally, I have permission from the leadership to setup and run my own operations!(more fun logistical stuff!)

What I plan to accomplish

My long term goals with the white rabbits are three fold. First, I would like to gain leadership experience through setting up and running ops. Second, I would like to bring on the corp’s building and mining facilities to be used in various construction projects I receive. Finally, I would love have regular encounters with wormhole space and null sec. Whether, that means setting up a permanent presence or performing raids, doesn’t really matter to me.


My goal with this blog is to put my experience into words, review what the corp and I have accomplished, and hopefully find some pretty cool people along the way. This corp to me seems like more of a place for the people that like the pve lifestyle, but still want to experience low and null sec, and perhaps pvp when the mood hits them. I hope to hear/see you all in the future!


Goals for next post

• Give an accurate idea of what day to day life is like in the whites
• Give a synopsis of what the people/atmosphere of the corp is like
• Give a idea of what the current ambitions of the corp is
• Share some personal experiences
• Give an idea what a typical op is like

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Gate camp ships..

I love my harbinger..It does lots of things i like it can take a fair beating, it is easy to fit, and it has excellent (tho limited to EM/therm) dps. I Take my harbinger out a LOT on battle cruiser roams and have been using it for gatecamp's. However I am considering buying a Prophcy for use on gate camps for several reasons..

1- The prophecy is 15 mill cheaper to buy, thus easier to replace if your camp is rumbled.

2- The tank is FAR higher, while it scarifices DPS it gains a masive boost in tank, making it far more survivable under gate guns

3- The smaller drone bay is not really a downside as i rearly find the need use drones on a gate camp thus 1 flight of t2 drones is more than enough.

4- A launcher slot, meaning i can apply a SMALL amount of DPS from a distance out side the range of my medium pulses.

5- I only lose 1 mid slot, and generally there are enough ships that I can pick between web and scram.

I figure about 30 mill to buy and fit a decent setup...

now to the serious buisness of earning 30 mill ..

Off work = play time

My god what a week!
I appologise for the vague nature of the posts this week, I have been off work most of the week which is where I do most of my blogging so instead of spending the day blogging about eve I have been spending the days playing it…great fun.

Due to me not remembering all the specifics I will just run through what I remember doing over the last week. The week started in excellent form with several roams in my newly fitted vengeance, as I have said before I love this ship, it just looks and feels “pirate” lol, however my first reall bit of excitement came on a gate camp…we were sitting in resbroko I think..may have been hadezeko..when our scouts got wind of a enemy fleet moving towards us, we managed to bag a cane of theirs that got ahead of the pack but we were driven off our gate camp as they had about the same fire power but far more ewar ships…. A plan was needed; we regrouped in auner and had a chat with some of the Black Rabbit cap pilots. We headed back out with a little extra fire power and a discreet cyno ship, found the fleet that was giving us problems and as we engaged we hot dropped them …it was pretty cool and scared the crap out of them lol.

My next bit of fun was a joint op between the White Rabbits, and the TBRA and TBR fleets, in a nutshell we found a juicy mag site to mine, full of nice crokite and alike in lowsec..a plan was again formed and the TBR and TBRA fleets were used to lock down a entire system while the whites came in with the mining bares and stripped the site dry, it took just under an hour, and we had a LARGE fleet and cap support, I cant give to many more details but it was a impressive turn out and a impressive display.

The rest of the week and last night have consisted of pretty standard roams and gate camps, my sec satus is now -10 I think and I am flashy red. I have racked up several more kills and have a healthy looking kill board stats. My training with astral is going well, while ce cant fly anything new yet, what he can fly, he flys much better, im just working on his navigation skills to make him faster and more agile, as I want to cut my align times and speed my BC up a bit.
I did lose my Vengence last night to a hurricane we were playing with, we also lost a claw :(, on the upside I have already replaced it and am looking to take a spin in it tonight.

I will let you know if I bag anything good

Have fun

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Incase I don't say it enough the guristas alliance is an awsome machine, when all the corps come together and work as a team there is little we can't achieve. Tonight was an example of this!

I'm not gonna go into much detail incase we need to do this again but believe me, it was an impressive display.

In other news vespa is looking into harbinger bpc's as astral will need a supply of them, and astral has racked up several more kills in ass rape as a result
of a few gate camps.
I have also been testing my vengeance extensively between lowsec roams and have a fit that I'm happy with, it can out tank and out last most assault frigs and can reach speeds of 1600 mps and has good tackle and dps, if you ever come across it and your flying less than a well fitted battle cruiser be very cautious.

Have fun

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Monday, 9 August 2010

weekend round up.

Hey guys, Had a pretty good weekend, managed to drop about 3 points on my sec status popping a few pods, most of the kills came this out on a BC roam in the harbinger, I was hoping to get a few more in the vengence but people seem to be avoiding our systems now days..pity :(

Also I have to mention a guy named Warr Pigg. apparently he ran in to our CEO jarek and got popped, but in the conversation that followed he mentioned he read this blog, Im not sure ho the conversation then lead on, but he paid jareck almost 5 mill for a mention on the blog. Im amazed anyone would pay for a mention on here but us wabbits are men of our word so..Warr Pigg you are officially mentioned.

finally Another rabbit has decided to start blogging, his blog is pretty new but add it to your reader as he is already getting a good stock of matierial ready to post, his name is jushin Dragon
and his blog can be found here flying on the edge.


Friday, 6 August 2010

Vespa's world Pt2 (IC)

“I did tell you about this astral, its not my fault you were drunk.”
“really? When?”
“red head in your bunk..that was 4 days go right”
“err ..red …yes, ok I remember her”
Vespa moved her retriever closer to the orcas and redirected the strip miners at another huge asteroid.
“it’s simple enough astral, I’m just not going to be building much anymore, the brass of the White’s need me mining for the capital ships project..HOWEVER, in exchange we get a cut of what the cap’s sell for, which is a crap load more than I can build anyway!”
Vepsa dispatched 2 drones to intercept the minor pirate frigates inbound, 10k in bounty will buy his next rum shipment she giggled to her self.
“so will you still be doing the trade runs vespa? I like it when you stop by, your wonderful personality ..fabulous figure..”
“yes I’ll be doing the runs, and YES THERE WILL BE RUM! Stop grovelling.”
“good girl, so what’s the expected monthly return on this project?”
“I’m guessing between 200 and 500 mill depending how sales go why?”
“ Lost my Vengence last night, I’m going to need a few replacements on stand by”
“did it kill any thing first?”
“of course” their was a evil tone in astrals voice
“Are we done I have a rock to pop?”
“yes, but bring me another vengeance and fittings ASAP, I’ll transmit you my shopping list, and as much ammo as you can haul.”
The comm’s link died abruptly
Someone’s going to have a bad night Vespa thought as she transferred ore to the orcas hanger.

lessons learned

I learnt a good lesson last night..expensive, but good. I logged astral in last night determined to kill someone, I jumped in my favourite frigate at the moment, a Vengence. These little ships arnt seen much for some reason however I find them excellent ships if fitted right, like a supped up punisher with a massive tank..gives cocky rifter pilots a shock..
Anyway a few of us headed into a few jumps out, wasn’t really a roam, more an arrangement we all help if we caught something big..we did manage to capture a rupture that foolishly accepted a fleet invite form one of our guys..we got to him deep inside 2 acceleration gates …funny thing was he ejected and ran lol….not so funny thing was drones wernt pulled in time and we popped the ship with none in it. Kill mail here.

After chasing a few more ghosts we headed back to auner, I docked up for dinner and to help the wife beat “a scary level” on lego Harry potter, then back out, This time in a planed flet lead by tar’el.
It was supposed to be a RR fleet with battle cruisers and above and logistics ships, but due to some people not being available and others unable to fly those ships, the fleet was changed to a frigate roam..back to the vengeance.
We headed out and things were going swimmingly, then the fun started.. as we sat on a gate we had a harbinger locking up and trying to scram our frigs that have neg sec status 1 at a time..easily avoided each time he scramed us we jumped through the gate. As this was going on we got a call that one gate back we had a python scramed by the name of inka kaoru, we all warped back to the gate and set about melting him, no worries of gate guns as he is a fellow pirate, his vexor melted as well ook him apart, kill mail
As this was going on we were joined by fello blogger, lady shaniqua..who jumped in and decided she was gonna have some fun, Tar’el scrammed her and set about her in his drameil, however she had a double web and by the time the rest of us turned on her he was about to pop, kill mail
The only good point was we now had all of us on lady shaniqua and she soon also went pop, kill mail

Now while we were all killing miss shaniqua our friend in the harby warped in ( yes it was a bit of a free for all) , this is where I made my fatal mistake.. as lady went pop I tried to nab her pod, I dropped lock on her ship and primed my scram ready to jam her pod…HOWEVER, she correctly spammed warp out and got away …just as the harby locked me…now he had positive sec status, as a result my ship auto locked back with a primed scram..can you guess what happened.
As the scram kicked in I herd my CEO shouting “why the fuck are you scramming him on the gate you muppet!!” the gate guns activated and with his heavy pulses melted me FAST…bye bye vengeance. Kill mail

Was a expensive lesson at just over 20 mill, but trust me on this, if your going to try PVP, especially if you’re a pirate TURN AUTO LOCK BACK OFF!!! If I had done this as I was advised to do MONTHS ago, my poor ship would have survived..oh well off to by another one I guess

Thursday, 5 August 2010

My afternoon musings

I read a article today from massively, “do you feel like you missed the golden age of MMO’s”, it was talking about those that have been gaming from the very start of the MMO genre, and those that joined later, some much later.
I was around for the start on MMO’s the began really in my teenage years tho they were far less known and I generally stayed away from them, I was far more concerned with practicle real life problems like “ how do I convince that girl to let me have sex with her?” or “how much substance abuse CAN I handle”..normal idiotic teenage problems.
As I reached my 20’s in the late 90s early 00’s I began flirting with gaming once more, I had a job now and all the latest consoles, but lacked something I wanted…a long term project that I could work on and be proud of. I searched google and found a game called “managerzone”, a football manger sim ..I grew to be a “vet player” with a top team, however it was a SLOW game, I played for about 4 years and got bored and let my team die.
I flitted between console games and PC games for the next few years never really sticking at anything to long, before I finally found EVE..and loved it.

I do however regret that I didn’t join until just before 2010, I don’t feel like a complete noob and I am fairly capable at killing ships (most of the time) and I have a lot of fun doing it, however I would have liked to have seen things from the start..the outrageous speed tanks..the fall of BoB…ect
I hear vet players talking about ships WAY beyond my skills or wallet and cant help but wish I’d got there sooner. To newer players like a billion isk is like winning the lottery..to older players it’s a drop in the ocean (please come to low sec so I can rob you).

Now days I read about a lot of the current Vets threatening to quit because of lag issues and such, part of me is sad about that, the more players a game has the longer it will continue..and I have just started my ride in eve. I am also Hopeful..there are many up and coming players in Eve, you need only look at how fast the Corps that train new users fill up, the likes of the Black Rabbit Acadamy and eve uni..
I’m hoping that with the expansions like incarna We will see the player base soar again, the noobs of today will become the Vets with the bulging wallets and the shinny ships. Those that Stick with eve through the next few months may well be rewarded ..those that don’t, I will miss you and I hope one day you return ( so I can rob and kill you again).

Its been a bit of a ramble but some time that helps to get your thoughts in order..if anyone else has any views please feel free to comment or link the post.

On a final note, Id like to say good bye to Rettic, never really met him but felt like a friend through his blog, and I thought his last post was a excellent way to bow out and his reasons for leaving were the most valid I had heard in a long time..

Ramble over.

Fail roam

Hello guys, I managed to get out and about last night, just running about in the pipe from Auner to Anamake, the evening started quite well.. I logged on, a few rabbits were online but none of them were talking, I decided to head out solo and look for some soft targets, I only took a punisher as I had a feeling I wouldn’t be bringing her back.
I moved into Resbroko next door (the pythons home system) and found fellow blogger 00Sage00 in local, said hello and had a pleasant chat while scanning to see if he or any other targets were about..nope.
A few other rabbits were starting to become active at this point so being the good natured pirate I am, I threw a fleet ad up for anyone that wanted to come “kill shit”, trouble was..I wasn’t able to FC as my wife was watching big brother at high volume so though I was on comm’s I was only listening, this resulted in 4 or 5 ships over 3 systems trying to co-ordinate and no real fleet as such..a recipe for fail. My fault really, if I had moved the laptop to another room and sorted the fleet out we could have been quite dangerous. Seeing the way things were heading and getting the strong smell of dinner from the kitchen I decided to dock up..at that point I was in resbroko..I should have moved to auner but didn’t want burnt scampi and chips, so I docked ate …then undocked with out a care in the world, and was popped in short order by the two pythons in BC’s outside the station.
Oddly this no longer bothers me much..I should have been more careful. They then decided to try their “smack skills” in local, I would have expected more from pythons, all they tried was insulting this blog, and didn’t even bring up penis. Poor show.
I reshipped into a vengeance and headed back out, I got to listen to another wabbit lose his kestrel because of poor communication, then played a game of cat and mouse with a pilgrim but decided it wasn’t a good day to fight.. so I logged .
Maybe tonight will be a better story.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

bit of fun with names.

My good Friend Mail lite has posted recently about themes when naming ships
(Mails Blog here)..i know its been done before but..since becoming a pirate, I have to admit all my ships do have a theme, while some have gone for the mythical “god” names or dragons or famous starfighter types, I chose an aspect at the fore front of my mind..the ASS.

I currently have several rifters – assholes 1,2,3 ect
My harbinger – Ass Rape
My punisher’s – ass muncher and ass chaser
My stealth bomber – sneaky ass

And the up coming name for my abaddon – large ass.

Not to be left out my indy alt also has a theme…all here ships cans and containers are named the same thing…”pirate funds”. Self explanatory.

So when in lowsec be on the look out for assholes, when going through gates try not to get ass raped, and keep an eye out for probes from a sneaky ass.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Recruitment and the Whites..

Ok guys im a bit late posting this, but I have been told that recruitment for The Black Rabbit accadamy is closed for a while while we train all our new budding pirates. They have taken to it like ducks to water for the most part.

On the flip side of our pirating ways I think The White Rabbits will soon be opening there doors..If you haven’t heard of the Whites, they are not pirates! They are industrial pirates that run the logistics for the alliance, everything from running wormholes to mining (in large fleets often) to cap ship production! What makes them a little different from most indy corps is they are part of a pirate alliance, which means there is parts of lowsec you can enter with relative safety to trade mine ect, and if anyone tries anything you have a LOT of PVP players backing you. If that sounds like your brand of rum, pop into the white rabbit public channel for a chat with a director, as we could use some good dedicated pilots.

I am going to be fairly regular in TWR for the foreseeable future as Astral desperately needs to become solvent, id like to get him to the pint he has half a bill to use if needed and all the shiney ships I want. I also need the better part of a billion for vespa for things like hulks and orca’s and such like…its gonna be a long slog but should be fun with the pilots we have.

As for Astral, he has been plodding along getting into a few scraps but hasn’t killed much late;y, hasn’t lost much either (although my harbinger is stuck in Anamake, so getting that home could be fun if the pipe is camped, and it normally is). I will be trying to kill as much as possible inbetween my Indy adventures over the next couple of weeks, so the next few entrys should have some kill mails attached.

Have fun

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Yarr rocks

Some fleets need more rum than others
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The white rabbits in action tonight!