Monday, 9 August 2010

weekend round up.

Hey guys, Had a pretty good weekend, managed to drop about 3 points on my sec status popping a few pods, most of the kills came this out on a BC roam in the harbinger, I was hoping to get a few more in the vengence but people seem to be avoiding our systems now days..pity :(

Also I have to mention a guy named Warr Pigg. apparently he ran in to our CEO jarek and got popped, but in the conversation that followed he mentioned he read this blog, Im not sure ho the conversation then lead on, but he paid jareck almost 5 mill for a mention on the blog. Im amazed anyone would pay for a mention on here but us wabbits are men of our word so..Warr Pigg you are officially mentioned.

finally Another rabbit has decided to start blogging, his blog is pretty new but add it to your reader as he is already getting a good stock of matierial ready to post, his name is jushin Dragon
and his blog can be found here flying on the edge.