Friday, 13 August 2010

Trofles first guest post

Ok guys, a fellow wabbit asked to do a series of guest posts on the blog, so I charged him 97655787.... Only kidding. His first post

The deal

I made a deal with astral, since I have no desire to blog long term or pace of several times a week, he is going to let me do a post for his blog every few weeks!

Who am I?

My character’s name is Trofles, I have been playing eve for a total of a year. I live in Nebraska, USA, I am 25 years old, and I just finished up my Masters program in Computer Science. My eve career would be best described as a jack of all trades, master of none. I haven’t stayed in one profession longer than a few months. I have been a trader, a miner, a missioner, a faction warfare junkie, lotto overseer, and a pvper. I have liked everything I have tried; it is hard to hate any one aspect of this game. Recently I have found an aspect of the game I love. I love running logistics. I am a people person, so it fits me perfectly. I get tasks, commonly construction tasks, and I make them happen. This includes gathering minerals, finding someone to transport them, and finding a person to build the item. If interested, I am currently looking for a null sec mining corp, I will either purchase for isk or trade for high sec minerals. I am also in need of another capital construction corps.(carriers, dreads, orcas, freighters, and rorquals)

Why the white rabbits?

My reasons for joining the rabbits are pretty selfish. They offer me everything I need/want from the game. They seem like a great group of guys, easy to get along with. They focus on missioning/mining; which while not my favorite activities, they mesh well with doing the logistical stuff I do love. Furthermore, I have access to the black rabbits and black rabbit’s academy, which whenever I get that itch to go blow something up, I have a group of awesome players I can run with that I will already know. Finally, I have permission from the leadership to setup and run my own operations!(more fun logistical stuff!)

What I plan to accomplish

My long term goals with the white rabbits are three fold. First, I would like to gain leadership experience through setting up and running ops. Second, I would like to bring on the corp’s building and mining facilities to be used in various construction projects I receive. Finally, I would love have regular encounters with wormhole space and null sec. Whether, that means setting up a permanent presence or performing raids, doesn’t really matter to me.


My goal with this blog is to put my experience into words, review what the corp and I have accomplished, and hopefully find some pretty cool people along the way. This corp to me seems like more of a place for the people that like the pve lifestyle, but still want to experience low and null sec, and perhaps pvp when the mood hits them. I hope to hear/see you all in the future!


Goals for next post

• Give an accurate idea of what day to day life is like in the whites
• Give a synopsis of what the people/atmosphere of the corp is like
• Give a idea of what the current ambitions of the corp is
• Share some personal experiences
• Give an idea what a typical op is like

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