Thursday, 5 August 2010

My afternoon musings

I read a article today from massively, “do you feel like you missed the golden age of MMO’s”, it was talking about those that have been gaming from the very start of the MMO genre, and those that joined later, some much later.
I was around for the start on MMO’s the began really in my teenage years tho they were far less known and I generally stayed away from them, I was far more concerned with practicle real life problems like “ how do I convince that girl to let me have sex with her?” or “how much substance abuse CAN I handle”..normal idiotic teenage problems.
As I reached my 20’s in the late 90s early 00’s I began flirting with gaming once more, I had a job now and all the latest consoles, but lacked something I wanted…a long term project that I could work on and be proud of. I searched google and found a game called “managerzone”, a football manger sim ..I grew to be a “vet player” with a top team, however it was a SLOW game, I played for about 4 years and got bored and let my team die.
I flitted between console games and PC games for the next few years never really sticking at anything to long, before I finally found EVE..and loved it.

I do however regret that I didn’t join until just before 2010, I don’t feel like a complete noob and I am fairly capable at killing ships (most of the time) and I have a lot of fun doing it, however I would have liked to have seen things from the start..the outrageous speed tanks..the fall of BoB…ect
I hear vet players talking about ships WAY beyond my skills or wallet and cant help but wish I’d got there sooner. To newer players like a billion isk is like winning the older players it’s a drop in the ocean (please come to low sec so I can rob you).

Now days I read about a lot of the current Vets threatening to quit because of lag issues and such, part of me is sad about that, the more players a game has the longer it will continue..and I have just started my ride in eve. I am also Hopeful..there are many up and coming players in Eve, you need only look at how fast the Corps that train new users fill up, the likes of the Black Rabbit Acadamy and eve uni..
I’m hoping that with the expansions like incarna We will see the player base soar again, the noobs of today will become the Vets with the bulging wallets and the shinny ships. Those that Stick with eve through the next few months may well be rewarded ..those that don’t, I will miss you and I hope one day you return ( so I can rob and kill you again).

Its been a bit of a ramble but some time that helps to get your thoughts in order..if anyone else has any views please feel free to comment or link the post.

On a final note, Id like to say good bye to Rettic, never really met him but felt like a friend through his blog, and I thought his last post was a excellent way to bow out and his reasons for leaving were the most valid I had heard in a long time..

Ramble over.