Monday, 16 August 2010

sunday night is ransom night..with added poker.

Rum poker and boat load of ransoms were the order of the day this weekend….let me tell you a tale.

My weekend started on a bit of a downer..the wife insisted on seeing the in-laws Saturday which meant no eve for me, however it does give me a lot of time to look things over via my I phone, and after getting board of looking over my skill plan and tweeking it to death, I looked into something I have known about for quite a while but not dabbled in, “Eve hold'em poker”, for anyone that doesn’t know what this is, it is basicly a online poker client that plays standard 7 card texas hold’em with the slight twist that it is eve themed and you play for isk (generally).
Now being the cautious sort of guy I am, I did a little research before setting up a account, and it looked like fun. I have played poker since I was quite young so I thought I would be good fun and I might make some quick isk. So Saturday night before bed I set my self a account up…

The next morning (by morning I mean midday) I logged In to eve to several plesant surprise’s, the first was a anonymous benefactor had given me 30 million isk to sponser my new prophecy..which was awesome, I do some times get donations but normally much smaller. The second was a very kind reader of my blog Dee had donated me several harbinger BPC’s for free (Vespa is going to be a busy girl making me some for the next few months).
After going through my mails I moved on to poker..I deposited 5 mill in my account, it showed up almost instantly, and set about trying the client out, I have to say I was impressed, I made about 3.8 million in 40 mins for a investment of 2.5 mill at the table. I will in the future be trying to set up poker nights for my corp and maybe for the readers of this blog if anyone is interested.
After sodding about with the poker, I got back to being a pirate, and saw a message from the alliance storm has become interested in lil old us!
They have basicly decided they need everyone in Auner must to be Blue to them…well that wont happen lol. They basically said “join us , pay us or die”..we laughed ..a lot. All I’m going to say on this subject is – bring it!
I then decided to go for a little roam in my vengeance, there wasn’t much going on, I did almost get into a fight with a myrm and a punisher in hadazeko but they ran away (just) I found them at belt 4-1 the myrm was popping a drake and the punisher was sitting 190 km off the belt watching..both red.. I called for some back up to help pop the myrm while burning for the punisher…the myrm ran as soon as the drake popped, and the punisher warped to the belt to try to grab the loot…I also warped to the belt to try to grab the punisher..but he ran as soon as I landed before I could get a point on him, I consoled myself buy stealing their loot.
I did have a chuckle when I looked at local, lady shaniqua was in system and some of the locals were playing up with cry’s of “run itz dee gallentee police person!!”.

After my GCC ran down I headed back to auner in time to jump in to a gate camp fleet that was forming, now gate camps arn’t real pvp, it is a way of making easy money for pirate’s. for those that don’t understand why we do it, when we pop you the loot from your wreck is repackaged and sold and the isk is then shared between those in fleet, also we try to grab the pods for ransoms, which is also shared between the fleet.
Last night was a very good night for ransoms, there were lots of kills and several clever pilots decided to pay the ransoms, which meant in about an hour the fleet had ransomed just under 200 million isk from the un educated or unwise pilots that wandered our way. I would link the kills but there were quite a few, just have a look at my killboard to see most of them here.

My share came out at 17 mill plus the loot, not bad for an hour’s work.

Have fun