Monday, 2 August 2010

Recruitment and the Whites..

Ok guys im a bit late posting this, but I have been told that recruitment for The Black Rabbit accadamy is closed for a while while we train all our new budding pirates. They have taken to it like ducks to water for the most part.

On the flip side of our pirating ways I think The White Rabbits will soon be opening there doors..If you haven’t heard of the Whites, they are not pirates! They are industrial pirates that run the logistics for the alliance, everything from running wormholes to mining (in large fleets often) to cap ship production! What makes them a little different from most indy corps is they are part of a pirate alliance, which means there is parts of lowsec you can enter with relative safety to trade mine ect, and if anyone tries anything you have a LOT of PVP players backing you. If that sounds like your brand of rum, pop into the white rabbit public channel for a chat with a director, as we could use some good dedicated pilots.

I am going to be fairly regular in TWR for the foreseeable future as Astral desperately needs to become solvent, id like to get him to the pint he has half a bill to use if needed and all the shiney ships I want. I also need the better part of a billion for vespa for things like hulks and orca’s and such like…its gonna be a long slog but should be fun with the pilots we have.

As for Astral, he has been plodding along getting into a few scraps but hasn’t killed much late;y, hasn’t lost much either (although my harbinger is stuck in Anamake, so getting that home could be fun if the pipe is camped, and it normally is). I will be trying to kill as much as possible inbetween my Indy adventures over the next couple of weeks, so the next few entrys should have some kill mails attached.

Have fun