Friday, 6 August 2010

lessons learned

I learnt a good lesson last night..expensive, but good. I logged astral in last night determined to kill someone, I jumped in my favourite frigate at the moment, a Vengence. These little ships arnt seen much for some reason however I find them excellent ships if fitted right, like a supped up punisher with a massive cocky rifter pilots a shock..
Anyway a few of us headed into a few jumps out, wasn’t really a roam, more an arrangement we all help if we caught something big..we did manage to capture a rupture that foolishly accepted a fleet invite form one of our guys..we got to him deep inside 2 acceleration gates …funny thing was he ejected and ran lol….not so funny thing was drones wernt pulled in time and we popped the ship with none in it. Kill mail here.

After chasing a few more ghosts we headed back to auner, I docked up for dinner and to help the wife beat “a scary level” on lego Harry potter, then back out, This time in a planed flet lead by tar’el.
It was supposed to be a RR fleet with battle cruisers and above and logistics ships, but due to some people not being available and others unable to fly those ships, the fleet was changed to a frigate roam..back to the vengeance.
We headed out and things were going swimmingly, then the fun started.. as we sat on a gate we had a harbinger locking up and trying to scram our frigs that have neg sec status 1 at a time..easily avoided each time he scramed us we jumped through the gate. As this was going on we got a call that one gate back we had a python scramed by the name of inka kaoru, we all warped back to the gate and set about melting him, no worries of gate guns as he is a fellow pirate, his vexor melted as well ook him apart, kill mail
As this was going on we were joined by fello blogger, lady shaniqua..who jumped in and decided she was gonna have some fun, Tar’el scrammed her and set about her in his drameil, however she had a double web and by the time the rest of us turned on her he was about to pop, kill mail
The only good point was we now had all of us on lady shaniqua and she soon also went pop, kill mail

Now while we were all killing miss shaniqua our friend in the harby warped in ( yes it was a bit of a free for all) , this is where I made my fatal mistake.. as lady went pop I tried to nab her pod, I dropped lock on her ship and primed my scram ready to jam her pod…HOWEVER, she correctly spammed warp out and got away …just as the harby locked me…now he had positive sec status, as a result my ship auto locked back with a primed scram..can you guess what happened.
As the scram kicked in I herd my CEO shouting “why the fuck are you scramming him on the gate you muppet!!” the gate guns activated and with his heavy pulses melted me FAST…bye bye vengeance. Kill mail

Was a expensive lesson at just over 20 mill, but trust me on this, if your going to try PVP, especially if you’re a pirate TURN AUTO LOCK BACK OFF!!! If I had done this as I was advised to do MONTHS ago, my poor ship would have survived..oh well off to by another one I guess