Monday, 16 August 2010

sod it!

I wish I had read the alliance forums when I got to work this morning before posting…it seems we are now blue to capital storm lol. No fight involved. Oh well.
Our leader Gill had a chat with their leader last night apparently and worked out some kind of alliance, from what I can make of it we get access to their null sec systems for ratting, mining and stuff, and we help them keep Auner free of ..well everyone lol which is basically what we do anyway.
Seem’s some of the capital storm’s pilot’s read my blog, so , im looking forward to flying with you lol. Although this may be expensive for me..I im gonna need a extra few ships for to base in null sec in case we are aked to help them defend and alike, maybe a Abbadon and a harb..oh and ill have to get Vespa a retriever down there for mining…best get back to ransoming tonight lmao.