Friday, 13 August 2010

Off work = play time

My god what a week!
I appologise for the vague nature of the posts this week, I have been off work most of the week which is where I do most of my blogging so instead of spending the day blogging about eve I have been spending the days playing it…great fun.

Due to me not remembering all the specifics I will just run through what I remember doing over the last week. The week started in excellent form with several roams in my newly fitted vengeance, as I have said before I love this ship, it just looks and feels “pirate” lol, however my first reall bit of excitement came on a gate camp…we were sitting in resbroko I think..may have been hadezeko..when our scouts got wind of a enemy fleet moving towards us, we managed to bag a cane of theirs that got ahead of the pack but we were driven off our gate camp as they had about the same fire power but far more ewar ships…. A plan was needed; we regrouped in auner and had a chat with some of the Black Rabbit cap pilots. We headed back out with a little extra fire power and a discreet cyno ship, found the fleet that was giving us problems and as we engaged we hot dropped them …it was pretty cool and scared the crap out of them lol.

My next bit of fun was a joint op between the White Rabbits, and the TBRA and TBR fleets, in a nutshell we found a juicy mag site to mine, full of nice crokite and alike in lowsec..a plan was again formed and the TBR and TBRA fleets were used to lock down a entire system while the whites came in with the mining bares and stripped the site dry, it took just under an hour, and we had a LARGE fleet and cap support, I cant give to many more details but it was a impressive turn out and a impressive display.

The rest of the week and last night have consisted of pretty standard roams and gate camps, my sec satus is now -10 I think and I am flashy red. I have racked up several more kills and have a healthy looking kill board stats. My training with astral is going well, while ce cant fly anything new yet, what he can fly, he flys much better, im just working on his navigation skills to make him faster and more agile, as I want to cut my align times and speed my BC up a bit.
I did lose my Vengence last night to a hurricane we were playing with, we also lost a claw :(, on the upside I have already replaced it and am looking to take a spin in it tonight.

I will let you know if I bag anything good

Have fun