Thursday, 27 October 2011

Time for a change

I have left BTEK.

After much consideration,I have decided to create my own has been a long time coming.
i decided to make a corp dedicated to lowsec exploration with a little added piracy when target's present them self.

The Quantum of Solace corp was born of a love of bond films and I thought the meaning was appropriate with my intentions. If anyone was wondering, this is not a recruitment is a closed corp for now..just me and my alts.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I'm impressed.

Ok so two dev blogs have come forward today, first-

this single heartfelt apology may actually save eve, if they use this change of heart to work with the fans and build WITH us and FOR us, eve will never die.


this blog reveals the first details of the winter update.. and the very welcome return to focusing on spaceships!

I look forward to more of this type of news from ccp!!

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

One of the goons has offered a link explaining what the shit they are doing here

should be interesting

of the last few weeks

I have been busy of late, so sorry the blog has been suffering, I cant promise it will change massively any time soon, but i do want to get back to a regular posting mind set.
so what have I been doing..well I attended gamefest in Birmingham, which was great but would have been better if there had been a Eve stall know if a few thousand hardcore gamer's converge the might get a few new subs!!
next I have been playing a lot of gears 3, but this is a eve blog so that's all I will say.

Lastly I have booked my next holiday, which is costing a fooking bomb! as a result I have had to let one subscription lapse for a month :( the one with all three of my main toons, I do have a second account which was given to me by ccp for a year for running this very blog, that one has my alt Bombatsu on it, who is a a bit of a miner /hauler / training orca pilot.

As a result I felt it may be worth while checking out another mmo, for bit of change and to see if I like it, so I have created and started playing a LotRo account, not bad so far..think I will keep the account open but it feels off to me, when i craft things I think "why am I making this.. I could just buy it" the economy is very different to eve's player driven economy. It actually re lit my fire for eve a bit, surprisingly for the indy side.

So tonight I logged in Bombatsu and decided to go make a start on some ice mining as it would be nice to have a decent isk balance for once, however on attempting to make a start ...the tosspot's in goonswarm have camped every ice belt in gallant space and a ganking all miners..some protest to ccp about god knows what, hard to get a straight answer from the goons ..and not sure i would believe it if I did.
Oh well maybe tomorrow my ice mining retriever will get a work out.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


eve is in a eve smells stagnant!

lately I have started reading some eve blogs again, and seems I'm not alone in this opinion, ccp need to inject life soon or we will all lose the game we love.

personally my funk is compounded. over the last 4 or 5 weeks I have spent roughly half the time in lowsec and half in my corps worm hole, so far I made 50 mill running anom's in the hole and just over 200 mill doing exploration sites in low!

I am spending most nights I am in the hole scanning shit down then sitting at the pos as no other sod is on to run it with... I have tried to solo and my apoc isn't up to the job solo.

so I have made a decision, although I feel I will be letting the Corp down, until numbers in the hole increase and I will have people on around the same time as me, I will be heading back to lowsec.

I hope this solves my boredom and I really hope eve gets another lease of life soon, as even by lowsec standards , it's a ghost town out there!

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

life in the hole

I have been living in my corps class 3 hole for a week or so now, I thought I'd give you all my first impressions of life in unknown space.

very hit or miss!

I have taken a pvp harby, a amanthea and my pve apoc into the hole but to really do anything well requires more people! I have found a fit for a legion that is supposed to be able to solo any site ( posted to battleclinic by riotrick) but haven't got the money for it yet or the skills.

my pve apoc can handle most of the anom's but is tediously slow and very risky as it's tank is faction fit. every time I take it out solo I sweat bullets lol.

most of my Corp mates that Inhabit our hole come on later than me, normally as I'm thinking about going to bed, some times with an hour or so overlap, which means I spend a lot of time at the pos just waiting.

I often take the amanthea out to scan the hole out or look for raiders but never find much of interest :(

I think life is going to improve in the hole once a few more active members join the group (maybe that are on the same time as me) also one I have finished training for and can afford a legion that can solo the sites as I will be less dependent on others :)

I will persist and find my feet yet!

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

in the hole..

well I moved in to the corps wormhole the other day, a nice little class 3 we are calling home :)
when I moved in it was a bit of a rushed affair, a entry point in lowsec and a few of my Corp Mates asking me to "bring something to pvp" as they are more Indy pilots as a whole, so I rolled in in a pvp harby.
trouble is I have been trying to help with the anom's but a pvp harb is woefully under tanked to deal with sleepers!
but I'm learning and just this morning I got my apoc in the hole and my alt, bombatsu, who will be running some pi while I finish his orca training.

more news soon.

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

knocking the rust off..

well my day has been eventful! woke up this morning not feeling to well, so I decided to jump on eve to take my mind off things, maybe not the best idea as I kept making silly mistakes as my fever set in.
anyway after running a lvl 4 to use up time to my next jump clone, I jumped down to low to take the vengeance out for a little run, out round metropolis I bumped into a few Russians in battle cruisers, none of them fast enough to catch my frigate, and every one else seemed to only want to fight if the had 3 pilots backing them up!!
anyway I decided to head back while setting my overview up to make the d scanner more efficient and while testing it.. I found a reaper 100 k off a station, so I warped to the station and burnt towards the t1 frig and locked him up, I knew if I fired the station guns would hammer me, so could i kill it in time?
I opened fire and watched the station guns start ripping my tank apart, in the end I warped out in half structure the reaper almost dead but I couldn't quite finish it without watching my assault frig pop and I wasn't gonna swap a 20 mill ship for that. then I remembered I hadn't overheated my guns! if I had I would have popped him and got out with time to spare!
the rust is there but it WILL come off!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

back to lowsec

tonight I took my first stroll back through lowsec, from my old lowsec home out to the new one I have picked out.. got the blood pumping as all my ships that were moving had millions in spare mods and ammo ect in the hold, and the 15 jump quick route took me through a few well known gank and gate camp systems.. but i made the run without loss.
I did highlight how rusty I have become ... must practice much more to be competitive again!

feeling lucky I decided to try the risky run, using a bestower to haul all my exploration loot out. wasn't really that much but felt very vulnerable. still got it all out and it will be up on a market near you soon to buy some new pvp toys :)!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


the last two days have been devoted to the tedious task of locating an moving lots of my ships and assets around empire, I have a little hi sec base in fricoure, a few pvp ships up in hek ready to move down to my new lowsec home.
I am still planning on concentrating on lowsec although the Corp is doing a lot of wh ops now, I may dive in from time to time to boost cash but I want astral to get back to what I enjoy, killing ships!
I now have vespa in a hulk and training to run lvl 4s so she can be a cash cow, sekrit banker is doing well with her trading and will most likely fund my eve Holdem and somerblink accounts and Aurelius is training to fly a orca to support vespa and a cloaky transport and cov ops to supply and support astral.
the logistics of what I am attempting are hitting home though in my last 8 hours online I haven't fired a shot at anyone and am permanently in transports!!

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Monday, 1 August 2011

the new laptop is here!!

the new laptop has arrived and I am over the moon with it, not only can it run eve.. with all the graphics turned let's me run it twice!! I can now duel box with no performance issues!!
this opens up a whole new world .. duel box mining.. scouting for myself... and a probing alt for lowsec piracy!!
did I say that last one outloud...

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well my new laptop should be delivered tonight, it shows as on the van now, really can't wait to get the eve client re downloaded and back into space.
over the last few days I have sent out a couple of emails to Relts, my corps CEO to get a heads up what im walking back into, turns out the Corp has taken to doing a lot in wormholes.. I'm not quite sure the extent of the activity yet but should be fun!
I have almost no experience in wormholes, apart from popping into a couple exploring in lowsec to see what happened and coming straight back out, so could be a good learning curve.
in preparation I have been doing some research on life in wormholes, seems overly risky on paper, but I'm sure with a good crew that know what they are doing you can make a ton of isk and have a little pvp fun as well.

see you tonight I hope!

Monday, 25 July 2011

don't call it a come back..

Hi all,
as some of you may have noticed I have been absent for some time, this was due to a few reasons the main two however were my laptop was failing to run eve properly and to be honest I lost intrest I think a tad of eve burnout.
I will be returning to the game in the next week or to as I have bought a new laptop and the time away has cleared my head a bit.
I have been pretty much completely ignoring everything eve while I was gone to make sure I didn't go back before now, and from what I am seeing lots has changed while I have been gone!!
I would ask anyone that feels helpful to post links in the comments to any good articles on things like needing crew or captins quarters or any new game mechanics.
see you back in space real soon

Saturday, 5 March 2011


change is coming... hard road ahead, ambitious .
could make us, could break us.

we all must try.
we won't fail.

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Monday, 21 February 2011

astral vs eveSOB round 2

Only 1 thing of note happened over the weekend for me.
I finally got round to another 1v1 frigate duel with eveSOB, following my last defeat I had been meaning to give him a rematch.
We both agreed on our frigates, myself in a punisher , him in a rifter, and that we would not restrict the fit, so it was a case of anything goes.
Although we agreed we could fit them, we both agreed that points wern’t needed as it wasn’t like we were gonna try to run away, which opens up another mid slot (unless you want a scram to kill a MWD).
Now I used this fight as a way to test a theory that I have had for a while I’ll share my thunkage with you…
Every one seems to think frigates need to have a prop mod, normally a AB when fighting 1v1. however I fly amarr, and they are slow as shit anyway, even with a AB, EVERYONE is faster than you. So why are we fitting one?
The idea of a AB is to allow you to dictate the range of a fight, trouble is your almost always gonna get webbed and even with a AB as I said everyone else is faster so can dictate the range, forcing you to hope the superior amaar tank holds…right..
So if a AB isn’t gonna let you dictate range what else would?

With that thought in mind my punisher fit for the duel..

High slot – Small T2 NOS
High slot – 150mm AC T2
High slot - 150mm AC T2
High slot - 150mm AC T2

Mid slot- T2 Web
Mid slot- DDO tracking disruptor with range and speed scripts

Low slot-SAR T2
Low slot-ANM
Low slot-ANM
Low slot- 200mm plate

Rig slot- trimark
Rig slot- trimark
Rig slot- poly carb engine housing

It didn’t move that fast, but it didn’t need to, my idea was he would bring a AC rifter and id cut the incoming DPS slightly with the TD, while the larger tank allowed mr to out last him while fighting at the same range thus putting out optimal DPS.

We both agreed a system to meet at for the duel and flew out can flipped 1 unit of ammo each and warped to a planet to begin the duel..
I landed at the planet first..
And then came disappointment.
SOB landed 15km away and began kiting me with artys…he had guessed he wouldn’t be able to beat me in a brawl and was being clever.
Good thing I brought the optimal range scrip too lol.
The whole of the fight was spent with with me disrupting him while he continued shooting from miles away till he ran out of ammo, as he refused to come with in range of my guns, and couldn’t hit me for toffee with his.
In the end we had to call it a draw. Both being too clever for our own good.
Still we will continue these little 1v1 match’s as they are quite fun…..wonder how many blasters could I fit on a nano punisher….

Friday, 18 February 2011

aim for the stars.

It’s Friday and I am feeling groovy.
That could be the tramadol though.
Anyway, I have been reading a lot of piracy blogs lately, and some thing is niggling at me, a lot of the writers come across as PVP experts, and I’m not entirely convinced.
See the thing I am discovering lately is that most PVP’ers generally operate in a group, many have back up even when solo initially, however operating in this way allows you to make a certain amount of errors the worst way and the best way allows you to be on the winning end of fights you should never win, aka blobbing. However true PVP experts are the guys that fight solo most of the time…no back safety net. I have met some people who would fit that description and flying with them is awesome, flying against them..unwise.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t profess to be a pvp guru..infact I still think of my self as quite a novice with a lot to learn, the reason is that most of my kills as part of the black rabbits were in fleets where others had my back..or gate camps, where poor souls stood no chance. I have had a few solo kills, but not as many as id like.
Lately I have taken to roaming low solo, not solo but with friends near by incase…really solo. And I have lost a few ships so far. But I am learning the differences, I am also becoming far more selective with my targets.

Two days ago I set up killboard for BTEK ( a few members were requesting one), as a result I have a completely blank record on this board, as it doesn’t take into account old wins or losses. My goal that I have set for myself is to achieve over 100 solo kills by the end of the year, and to have a positive kill loss ratio.
You can keep track of my progress if you like by going though the killboard link in bteks forums (link is on my blog.) and laugh at my mistakes and victorys.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Exploration guide part 1

hi guys ..this guide is getting to big so i am breaking it down into sections, here is the first one :) enjoy


Welcome to my attempt to guide the brave and suicidal into lowsec exploration. I feel I have done enough of this now to have a decent idea what I am talking about. Also having read a lot of the information currently available, I feel a lot of it is out dated which makes it very hard to get a idea where to start now day’s.
This guide is designed to help set you on the road, it will not hold your hand.
If you follow this guide and find it interesting you may have a career in lowsec or null sec exploration ahead or maybe as a prober for a null sec alliance or pirate corp and will have many of the skills needed to move to a Wormhole corp.

First off, what is “exploration”?
It is entering a system and finding cosmic signature’s that cannot be found using the onboard directional scanner by using probes, then completing a PVE task or series of tasks. These come in 5 different flavours, and oddly 6 types ; they are :-

Radar – these are hacking site’s that require a code breaker to complete. They will normally have small NPC resistance and several cans with loot that can only be opened with a code breaker module. The loot from these sites varies greatly but they can be VERY profitable.

Magnetometric –These are archaeology sites, similar to radar site there are several “cans” to open, normally derelict ships or wreaks that can only be opened with a salvager or a analyzer module. Again these sights will normally have a small NPC presence and some ships are trapped. These sites can be profitable though normally less so than radar sites

Ladar – these are gas cloud sites, mainly for harvesting fullerides, they can be very profitable if you have the skills and the modules to harvest them which can be expensive to buy to begin with. These sites are rare in hi sec (and lowsec imo) and the amount of time spent harvesting at one will make you a target. I I would leave these sites to those deep in friendly null or W space.

Gravometric- these are private asteroid belts, normally containing or above the grade you can find in the area (for example in a hi sec grav site will normally have low sec only ore’s) in highsec these can give a indy corp a field day, in lowsec exploiting them is harder as most pirates will actively try to find mining barges HOWEVER, I have seen low sec alliances lock down a system with their PVP corps while the indy corps stripped and entire field in 20 mins, this took a lot of man power and capital ships but it can be done. To begin with if you choose to mine these I would do so in a cruiser fitted to mine, stay cheap and be careful.

Unknown – The last of our signature types, this one can mean 1 of 2 things, the kicker is you wont know until you have almost found it. It will either be a combat site, which can have very light to extremely heavy NPC resistance, however will pay good bounties and at many sites drop faction loot or BPC’s, or a wormhole which is essentially a hidden jumpgate to W space. If your reading this guide you probably arn’t ready for W space yet…trust me. The combat sites also come in 2 flavours DED complex’s that are rated depending on difficulty and deadspace, which is unpredictable but will often spawn the top grade loot. I would advise if your going to run these sites you stick to DED complex’s to begin and I would keep under DED 5 rating which will require a well tanked battle cruiser and good skills to solo

What do you need to get started?
Well there is 2 schools of thought on that, the first is to use 1 all purpose ship for scanning and running the sites, however this is not very effective in my opinion as no ships have both scanning bonus’s and decent combat ability, the closest you will get is either a exploration tech 3 ship or maybe a pilgrim, both of which are quite expensive. The second school of thought is to have two ships using one as a dedicated scanner and a second ship to run the sites, in my experience, combat sites are best run in a cheap battle cruiser (however these will often attract pirate’s to hunt you), grav sites in a retriever, you can use better mining barges but you are a juicy target and people will actively look for mining barges (so stay aligned), for the mag and radar sites a cruiser is normally sufficient. I personally find drone boats very effective for running these sites as it lets you fill more slots with site specific equipment, like salvagers and code breakers.
For a scanning ship, you can either use a T1 probe ship like a heron, or magnate ( look to see which ships offer bonus’s to things like scan strength and probe flight times) or if you have the skills (and if you don’t, train them) use a covert ops frigate. These get VERY good bonus’s to scanning and the ability to use a covert ops cloak is a HUGE help.

The fittings for these ships are dependant on what your flying and what site you are doing, in general with the scan ships they should all need a Probe launcher (sisters if you can afford it) and a cloak to keep you safe while scanning and at least 5 probes, And the ships you use for the radar and Mag sites will need either a analyzer or a code breaker. All ships other than the scan ship should fit a salvager.

The other thing that you will find handy although not essential is a Exploration jump clone, By that I mean a jump clone that you equip with implants like the “Prospector” set left in lowsec for the express purpose of finding and running sites.

How to find the sites.

This is the part that takes a little skill and a lot of practice.
Jump into your scan ship and undock, warp to the furthest plant from you at 100km and along the way bookmark the location to create a “safe spot” , then warp back to that safe spot. this will mean people cannot find you by accident. Launch 5 probes into space (core or sister core probes are the ones you need) go into the map view by opening the scanner (click the icon next to the navicom, >system scanner > map icon in the top right corner.

Make sure your ship is cloaked (you will need to move away from your probes a little) now minimize all the other crap on the screen accept the scanner panel, you will see your 5 probes on the panel but it will look like there is only 1 in space, this is because they are all on top of each other.
In the scan panel, hold ctrl and click on all 5 probes, giving you control of all 5 at once, now relase control and right click > set scan range to 32AU (maximum)
Got it?
Now zoom out so you can clearly see what you are doing in the solar system. And arrange the probes so four of them over lap a central this.

Now hit scan in the scan panel.
It will take a few seconds ad the probes move and begin scanning, and then you will get the results back.
At the top of the list you will get the named sites you can find normally with the onboard scanner, you do not want these, below that will be the cosmic sig’s you want. They wont be named but will instead have a alpha numeric name like DG4-745 for example, and next to that will be the strength of the signal…it should look something like this


Ok here comes the guessing game, of all those results you cant tell which site is which, so you have to scan down each one to about 30% to see what they are, so pick the first one you want to try reduce your probe size to 8 AU, moving the probes back into formation.
Don’t forget you need to line the probes up on all 3 axis, x,y AND z like this

Once you get to about 30% signal strength you can see what sort of site you are looking at this
In this pic I was looking at a unknown, which is normally a wormhole but some times a combat this instance not what I was looking for so you right click on the result and click “ignore result” and rinse and repeat on the next one.. until you narrow down one you want to 100% like this


I have a radar site too 100%, it MUST be 100% to allow you a warp in, so i book mark the site, naming it radar 1 then the date (this is handy for organising bookmarks and allows you to easily find and delete sites that are old.

At this point you need to swap into the ship your using to run the sites, if your following my advice a cruiser. Personally I like arbitrators for this as they are cheap and the drones allow me good range. When you have your cruiser before you warp to the site if your in lowsec or null switch the scan panel over to the directional scanner at max range and do a 360 deg scan to make sure there are no ships lurking that can find and kill you, like this
If it all looks safe warp to your book marked site, as you enter warp you will get a brief description of the site pop up, note it shows you the module you will need to complete the site on this pop up

Once you land you will see a bunch of ..well cans basically to go hack or analyze, so go get started, keep checking your d scan for any ships that maybe incoming or looking for you ( and make sure you have probes on your overview)
As you work your way though the cans you will sometimes cause spawns of enemy’s, some time with every can some time only some , some times none at all, on this site I had 1 spawn of a dozen frigates and 3 cruisers (although my CEO had joined me by this point in a caracal to learn how to do these sites)
Once you kill the spawns continue your looting and after your done return to base to drop off the swag.
The loot from the above site..

Not including the salvage which someone else was grabbing, at a estimatethe loot was worth around 10 mill.
To give you a idea of speed for these the site took around 6 mins to find and about 8 mins to complete, you could probably cruise through these at 1 site every 20-30 mins. The hardest part is finding them.

I will follow up with fittings and strategies in the next part.
Fly well 07

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Ok..havent been posting much of late, but I have been a busy boy.

Just yo keep you updated on whats been happening, BTEK has grown a fair bit over the last few months, we now have a pretty big group of good players, and you can almost always find someone on at any point during the day, at peack times , between 1800 an 0200 eve time, there can be anywhere from 5-20 of us on at a time, and the corp is really growing into a close knit group of friends. Recruitment is always open to anyone that wants a good home in high sec.

Things with the alliance seem to be going well, BTEK are doing our part, although im a little worried people seem to thing I’m some kind of pvp expert, the truth is I dabble but there are far more talented people out there. This has been highlighted even more by my recent spate of losses, going solo in lowsec is a hard road. And not having a pvp corp to back you up when your against the odds makes a huge difference. Also many people don’t give the pirates in low their due respect, if they are making a living as a pirate they are normally pretty competent and very in practice, and as a result win a lot more than they lose against part timers like me. Cant really say much more about the alliance with out compromising security, although the alliance is growing nicely.

As some of you may have guessed, I now have a second account. i only have 1 pilot on it who is training fast to drive a orca and will become my industrial main, with all relevant production and refining skills, I have him paid up for a year, so he has 1 year to get to the point he pays for himself with plex and makes me enough money on to to be worth keeping. While he is training for the orca I have switched training over to vespa and I will have her in a hulk before to long, I will then finish off her mining skills and switch back to astral.
The plan is to have vespa and my orca pilot run all the mining indy stuff and make money, and astral as a lowsec dweller / mission runner.

And on to lowsec, BTEK has opened a offive in lowsec we will be basing out of for a while, I will be running ops and lowsec training form there, and will also be doing some exploration. My CEO is looking to get into exploration and a few other people seem to be giving it a shot after reading this blog.

On Exploration, the guide I am writing is too big…so.. I will be releasing it in sections with the first part coming in the next day or two covering the basics of exploration, so anyone looking to start I hope it will help you.

Fly well 07

Sunday, 13 February 2011

my orca alt

Aurelius Bombatsu

he is my new slave... er alt.
I finally have a second account so I don't Gimp Astral's training.
just gotta afford a orca in the next couple of months now lol.

Monday, 7 February 2011

balence is key

I am at a Interesting tightrope in my eve career.
I find that now I am back care bearing I have a fairly large and stable income, which is in turn allowing me to buy quite a few nice PVP ships.
Also I now have excess sec status (lets face it anything over -2.0 isnt really needed it?) so what can I do to alleviate the mission running blues..I can hunt.
See if I don’t POD people I should be able to keep decent sec status with 2-3 kills a week as long as I do enough missions to work off my fun.
So I shall be walking a tight rope for the next few months while I try to get the baalence right..I will be Btek director and mission runner..nurturing young pilots, some of the time, and the rest of the time I will be returning to my old hunting grounds with the rabbits, probably solo hunting. I am really looking forward to getting back to it!
I already have a few assault frigs ready..some interceptors…and a daredevil which I will be spending a insane amount fitting (rude not to on that ship).
If you see me roaming low in future ..I may well be hunting you :)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

I am a lucky git

Today i sent 3 mill to Somer blink thinking id have a gamble in the long trip i was making ..when i logged in i found i had 50 mill promo I had some total investment is Somer blink so far 36 million.

Friday, 4 February 2011

me and my troll

Ok its been on my mind for a bit now, but I’m putting a stop to the idiot troll I seem to have picked up.
Every few posts he pops up leaving some dumb ass comment slagging me off with out any reasoning. Im not sure who this person is or why they feel so aggravated by me…or why they continue reading if they are?
I don’t mind a little criticism but I’d like to know WHO is criticising me, so I have removed the ability to post anonymously. Im sorry if this stops people who have something constructive to say posting, but registering with google or open id is quite easy.
If the troll finds a way round this I will begin comment moderation.
Own up or sod off.

broadsword vs arby = bad

Last night logged on to finish moving my arbitrator a few systems over in lowsec. On the way however I got in to a great fight. I was using my duel TD fit and was hunting frigates on the way..not that I found any. And then 2 jumps from my destination as I jumped through I found the 1 type of ship you never want to see…a broadsword. Those puppies have VERY fast lock catch pods fast.
Figured id try to warp anyway, hell maybe he was asleep.
As soon as I broke cloak he locked me..only but none of his friends had warped in..he was solo..
So I figured id have a go..I had gate guns on my side thanks to my non outlaw status, I set my nuet , NOS, both disruptors web and scram on him and lanched a flight of warrior 2’s and sent a few missiles his way for good measure..
It was a very good fight I couldn’t break his shield before I popped but still was a very entertaining fight..he had to close to point blank range to apply DPS and it took him longer than I expected for him to break my tank.
The broadsword pilot seemed happy Posting very good fight in local as well.
I seem to be finding good fights quite a lot at the moment , just need to start winning them again.

the moral of this story, 9 out of 10 times you wont win a fight you didn’t pick.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

I miss lowsec

Had a bit of fun last night.
I logged on after a explosive argument with my electricity supplyer..muppets. anyway I wanted some stress relief, so when I logged on to the imidiate question from my CEO “wanna run some sites in low with me” I jumped at it. I jump cloned out to Lerm, where I had a arby fit for exploration waiting..
Relt my CEO was fitting up his own cruiser and bringing a cov ops as I hadn’t replaced mine yet from my ninja experiment. So I figured I would refit for more of a PVP set up in case…sorry for when we got interrupted. I was buying the bits I needed (I was also selling the bits I needed which worked well lol) when a fleet of 20 jumped into system, which wasn’t uncommon, however at this point I realised I didn’t have a tracking disruption script.. ine was available 2 jumps out..and relts was still building his cruiser..
I made the 2 jumps with out incident, but as I landed in the system I noticed a fleet of 20 in local..a quick d scan showed nothing much, so I hoped they were docking up for a bio break during a roam..I docked at the station I needed and bought the script…then checked the stations guest list..
19 other pilots…
All from well known pirate corps ..
Like VETO and Shadow cartel..
I figured it was a long shot but I undocked and was hoping id sod off before they noticed I was gone.
As I undocked I saw a drake sitting off the station in my haste I miss clicked the warp out…bugger I tried again already knowing it was to late…I almost warped but the drakes lock and scram kicked in.
I re docked in half armour
I thought id play in local with a jibe about station camping and got the response “but astral..low sec is dead..we cant be station camping you”
That made me chuckle..I may have been on the receiving end but I liked these pirates.
I sat for about 5 mins chatting and hopped they would get bored ..
They didn’t.
I then figured if I tried again I might align and make it before they could point me, the arby had a fast-ish align time, if the drake was still waiting..
It wasn’t.
Instead I was greeted by a loki..shit!
The scram was on in seconds and I couldn’t re dock before the T3 ship shredded me.
I warped the POD out and posted a GF in local and thanked them for the fun..I had by this point completely forgotten why I was stressed. ..however I now needed to go get my other Arby 13 jumps away.
During the trip I got several Eve mails from W0wbanger ( the guy that killed me) and we got chatting , seems like a cool guy , sort of got a invite to go back to piracy if I want to, also in a strange turn of events he sent me the money for the ship, apparently he only wanted to blow me up cos of the blog…good reasoning to me.
By the time I had grabbed the other ship the wife was pestering me about bed, so I logged off, but I have a real itch to spend more time in low again..I have the beginnings of a plan.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Recruit (IC)

You couldn’t mistake where you were.
Tall arched ceilings wide arches slightly gothic looking architecture.. you knew it was amarr
The young Brutor male was led into a large circle at the centre of the bidding arena, drugged out of his mind on vitoc, he did exactly as he was told..
Around him hundreds of amarian nobles sat patiently waiting for the bidding to begin, behind them were private bidding chambers normally used by people that whished to remain anonymous ..if they had the isk to rent one.
The noise in the hall began to rise as the bidding started at a mere 200 isk, the accepted price of a brutor life.
As the back ground of the young male was read the price increased.
The announcer read “this young male, a brutor, was recently captured after piloting a rifter class frigate into amarr space, we believe he may have been part of the capsuleer program, guaranteeing a prime specimen”.
At this point the noise in the room dropped to a wispper, a bidder had jus placed a bid over 2 million isk. No one wasted that amount of isk on a slave..the bid was anonymous.

In his secluded chamber the bidder downed his drink, and sent a message to the trader, “give him the vitoc antidote and clean him up. Send him to my office when he is Ready.”

9 hours later the young broutor sood before the office to to his “buyer”. Since they had stopped the vitoc, he had been looking for a way to escape, preferably killing a few amarians in the process. Nothing had presented it’s self .. yet.
The door slid back to reveal a fairly basic office, a few displays on the wall, none of the religious crap he was expecting.

“My name is Astral Dominix, sit down”
The tone left the brutor in no doubt it was not a question.
“you were a capsuleer correct?”
“yes” the brutor grunted
“ then I have a use for you, you will be given your freedom, ISK and the resourses you need to do as I ask, if you accept the job. If not you will be placed back on vitoc and resold”

The brutor liked how straight forward this man was even if he was amarian.

“ok What do you want”
“go to Jasc, I’ll loan you a shuttle, meet my associate Vespa, she is another EX slave, she will explain what is needed of you..oh and one last thing. If you let me down ..I will kill you 100 times over.”

As the brutor left, Astral dispatched a message to Vespa “I’m sending you a new recruit…make me a orca pilot”

Poor choice of words.

Ok so my last little rant about people posting low sec is dead..maybe I had a poor choice of words, as I had this comment from Suleiman Shouaa

“Mate, I have to admit I am disappointed by this blogpost. You with your history in low-sec should know better then most that low-sec is not actually dead, but the general perception is that it is. In reality, its choke-full of targets if you can be bothered to look for them. If one region is empty, go to another!

Maybe you've spent too much time away from low sec?”

I gotta hold my hands up he is dead right. Low sec isn’t Dead, far from it, however I do think it could be made much better by bringing more people into lowsec. At the moment 90% of people you meet in lowsec are trying to kill you, most as part of a large fleet, what I would like to see is more “targets” for solo PVP’s to go after , mission runners explorers ect, and hence more solo/small gang PVP between PVPers in general.

So I apologise for my poor choice of words. Lowsec isn’t dead, but I feel it could be made a lot better.
…and maybe I have spent to long away from low…

tuesdays musing

I keep reading the same thing..
Every few days a blog pipes up lowsec is dieing, piracy is dieing!
Trouble is no one is doing anything about it.
Lets cut the long winded explanations, lowsec is not whgat it was because there is no reason to go there. The only real reason to go there is for PVP, and the way to win that in 90% of players eyes is to have more people than the other guy.
That’s it…the whole reason low sec is the way it is.
There are 2 things that “could” change that, first if people had a real reason to draw them into lowsec..for example a very lucrative mission that may offset the risk of losing ships, the other thing that could happen is CCP could impose a penalty on blobs, I’m not sure how, but if the bigger blobs were put at a disadvantage small skirmish warfare would return (and that’s a good thing IMO).
CCP has said it will be at least another year before anything like that gets looked at. So unless all the people saying lowsec is dead do something drastic to pull people into lowsec it will not change. And I can hardly see all the pirate corps in lowsec agreeing and saying “ok guys we are all gonna limit our fleet’s to less than 10 men” , it would be fun, but it wont happen because it would take away the easy win.

/rant over

In other news,
I had a reply from notorious ninja -Aiden Mourn- giving me some much needed advice on my recent attempt at ninjaing, I think I may give it another go as a part time guilty pleasure, to see if I can get good at it. It’s a very different idea to piracy as a lot of the time its VERY hard to get people to shoot at you, when you do you are often out numbered, and if they have any sense and switch to a pvp ship also you have NO idea what your warping back to. Piracy was much more direct..find someone ..kill em.
Still I feel with a little practice I can keep my kill board afloat while care bearing to pay for my ships.
Oh and I wanted to say a public thank you to the anonymous lovely person that gave me a fed navy heat sink for my birthday, I will put it to good* use sir!

*Good use may infer evil deeds.

Monday, 31 January 2011

ISK guide 3.0

Hey guys had another email from those lovely people at EON , and almost as if they read my mind it was about making ISK using their NEW FREE guide!!

here was the message:

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here! The ultimate guide to EVE Online and it's all yours, for FREE. Whether your a new or old player, there is something useful for everyone.

So for your free download, yes free, please visit from 1st February.

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Millions while you sleep

Hey guys,

I had something playing on my mind over the last few days. I had a comment on one of my posts once that said “if your not making millions while you sleep, your doing something wrong.”
I have often made a little while I slept but never millions, I have tried a little trading however the constant altering of buy and sell order bores me, as does keeping track of margins of profit and loss..I am not a trader. I am also not very industrial, I always thought to make much money building stuff you needed a lot of skills to keep the costs down and some expensive BPO’s.
I have recently learned that opinion is rubbish.
We recently had a new player join Btek, by the name BLKhawke, who has been carebearing with a group of us that run lvl 4 missions a lot (myself and 3-4 others) but as she hasn’t yet aquired the skills to fly a drake or anything powerful she has been following behind us in a noctis (named “hoover of DOOM”). Blk took some advice from a few of us and bought some useful BPOs (large CCC rigs ect) and we all sorta agreed BLK could keep all the salvage if she built us some free rigs when we needed them..
Figured shed make a few mill to buy her own drake right…a few days salvageing with us..after building several large rigs for us for FREE..BLK has made over 100 million!

This has convinced me is will salvage the missions I do solo in future (in fleets I still prefer to let new members hoover up, I’m a nice director) and maybe make a few rigs. I think I will also give PI another go with vespa, I’m sure I could set up a few planets making POS fuel (that will always sell right?) and now it has 14 day cycles it might not be the giant ball ache it was before.
Are you guys making millions while you sleep? If you are let me know how!

Oh and while I think of it, If there is any Corps out there looking to join a New Industrial alliance, check out Pheonix industrial, we are new and rapidly expanding. On a smaller level if any pilots are looking for a laid back home check out “Btek pub” for a chat, you could be the next player making a easy 100 mill!

Friday, 28 January 2011

the darkside

hey guys,
I have been off work most of this week and running a shit load of missions on eve, which has had to great upsides , 1st I had a lot of disposable income to burn secondly I can pretty much go anywhere in high sec now.
so what do I do with my new found freedom and wealth.. why try to get blown up of course.

I logged in today with a plan, a simple easy plan. I have been so disappointed with the quality of ninjas in my area I decided to give it ago for a day. I bought my cov ops up from lowsec bad fit it for speed and salvaging, and fit a harby up as a gank ship with a standard fit.
the first few hours were ok but no one wanted to shoot at me, how dull! anyway I went to make a coffee and warped the Cov ops to what I thought was a age spot, but was infect a warp in for a mission I still had running from the previous night.
-1 cov ops.
bought another one and carried on, still no bites so I moved to deltole in hope of more foolish victims.
20 mins later cov ops 2 goes bang when I am salvaging a mission and the got warps off before I notice!
maybe I'll switch to t1 ships, I figure a probe is fast so fit one to try again... same thing happens ... not my day.
oh well last try, scanned down a raven and a drake and warp in, both sic drones on me straight away and another probe goes bang. but now I have agree can kill them! I warp off and grab the harby.. warp back to the site, no one is there, I feel robbed.
on the off chance I warp back to the entry gate and find the raven pilot in a drake, meh I'll take it..

I start going to town on him as we fight his friend warps back in a pvp ( he claimed pve .. with a scram) and joined his mate.
the harby went pop.
I offered a friendly Gf in local, and got some snotty response's from the disgruntled carebears.
tbh when they wernt at the site I had a feeling they swapping ships but after trying for 7 hours to get ANYONE to shoot at me I wasn't gonna leave them.

My conclusion is while the ninja life is fun(ish) it takes a lot of effort to get anywhere. I did try to get hold of a couple of the blogging ninjas to see if they had any pearls of wisdom but they were all offline.
my advice to anyone looking to get into it, you make more money on lvl 4s and more pvp in lowsec. it may be for you but based on my attempt I don't think it's for me.

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Friday, 21 January 2011


Back in the day…
I hadn’t been playing more than a few days, I was just graduating from frigates in my first corp..i was greener than green and I didn’t understand amarr ships. I asked in the local corp channel “whats the best amarr cruiser? I was looking at an arbitrator”. I was told then the arbitrator was a crap boat and to save my isk and go for a mauller.
In retrospect that call was probably the correct one however the statement that arbitrators were “crap” was so very wrong.
I recently have got into flying cruisers again tho for very different reasons, and find them the ideal mix of speed and power for lowsec when I’m solo. And the arbitrator has become my go to option for everything from exploration to PVP. With Amarr cruiser to V and the right support skills it is one of the most versatile cruisers in the game, and id like to pass on to newer amarr players a little wisdom it took me too long to learn.
First off, the arbitrator can be used as a mission boat, in much the same way a vexor can it just needs a good tank and some drone skills and will walk all over lvl 1 and 2 missions , with good skills and some kiting you can also do most lvl 3 mission’s, however that isn’t where this boat shines..
Exploration and solo lowsec PVP are what this ship were build for.
First up exploration..

High slot - “Arablast” Assault launcher
High slot – salvager 1
High slot – Medium NOS(t2 or best named)
High slot – Medium nuet (t2 or best named)

Mid slot- analyzer 1
Mid slot- code breaker 1
Mid slot- AB (t2 or best named)
Mid slot- tracking disruptor (t2 or best named) keep both range and speed scripts in the hold

Low slot- MAR t2
Low slot- 200mm plate
Low slot- EANM
Low slot- DC2

Drones 5 x warrior 2s
5 x hobgoblins 2s
5 x valkire 2s
ECM drones optional

Rig to taste, my preference is to rig for speed

This is my cookie cutter exploration boat, it will do mag or radar sites very easy, its quite cheap to put together and easy to keep alive. It relies on keeping range while letting the drones eat any rats, any damage seeping through can be soaked up by the repper and normally eliminated with the disruptor, in the event of a really tough rat or being found by a solo player can normally nuet them and run or if you carry ECM drones sic a few on them and leave.

Now my PVP fit, this is designed to fight solo, and to take on anything up to a battlecruiser tho I have yet to test it against one

High slot - “Arablast” Assault launcher
High slot – Cloak (can also be a medium pulse for added DPS)
High slot – Medium NOS(t2 or best named)
High slot – Medium nuet (t2 or best named)

Mid slot- x5 Web
Mid slot- T2 scram
Mid slot- tracking disruptor (t2 or best named) keep both range and speed scripts in the hold
Mid slot- tracking disruptor (t2 or best named) keep both range and speed scripts in the hold

Low slot- MAR t2
Low slot- 200mm plate ( 400 if you have the powergrid to fit it)
Low slot- EANM
Low slot- DC2

Drones 5 x warrior 2s
5 x hobgoblins 2s
5 x valkire 2s
ECM drones

Rig to taste, my preference is to rig for speed

Ok Here is the thinking behind this puppie, load 1 disruptor with range and one with speed scripts, so you can decide what’s needed fast. You will be looking to kill solo targets only (or maybe 2 frigs). You wont need a AB as the idea is to force them close, if anyone trys to kite you put both disruptors with range scripts on them and sic the drones on them, if they are smart they will run, if not they come closer..
Once you have some one in close..switch both disruptors to tracking speed..web scram + nuet get in to a tight fast orbit and let the drones eat them, also pepper them with missiles that use a DIFFERENT damage type to your drones (make it hard to resist tank). If you start running low on cap switch to the NOS to give you a little longer.

Obviously use drone appropriate to the the size of the of target.. the combination of nuet and disruptor will cause most common PVP fits to crumble however missile chuckers will be where you have trouble, try to avoid anything big that uses missiles, frigs should be fine as the nuet will help them die before the missiles become a problem. Anything using turrets will have trouble hitting you and if it is active tanked it will go down fast , and wont be able to do a damn thing about your drones with the disruptors on them

Enjoy your weekend guys

A question for you all

Good morning happy people, today I have a question for the eve community..I am looking for opinion’s.
As most of you that read the blog know, I am running a lot of LVL 4s in between my odd lowsec adventures for the purposes of isk generation and raising my security status so I may travel semi freely through empire.
At current I am able to field a T2 fit battleship (I’m using a Apoc to keep costs down at the moment) and can solo *most* lvl 4s with out too much trouble.
My question is, would a command ship be a better option? I am not far off being able to fly a Damnation (HAM fit) and not that much further off flying a Absolution.
I’m liking the idea of a faster ship that is more nimble, but would the tank on the command ships be up to the incoming DPS from lvl 4s? the higher base resists make me think they should but does anyone use them that could advise me, Im only really interested in Amarr ships as training for any others at the moment would seem a waste.
I often start the lvl 4s solo, however I tend to have people gravitate towards me, so I normally wind up in a small fleet by the end of the night. But I need a ship that can SOLO them easy.
I did consider training a marauder but now with the noctis I won on somer blink I don’t see the point, salvaging is quite fast and painless.

Comments very welcome..

Its my 30th birthday nex Tuesday (25th) for those that know me, I will be online celebrating at some stage that day (Also any one that wants to send me a birthday gift…I like exotic dancers and expensive ships lol.)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Keep it under you hat, but... a bit worried.
With this latest patch for eve we got the character creator..which to be honest was the bit I was looking forward to the most.
Trouble is my laptop cannot handle the creator. It can run the game fine if I turn the graphics down a tad but the creator is a no go for me. Tis initially pissed me off, as I wanted to play with my new toy. I tried updating drivers switching menus in the esc screen and every other method of getting it to work posted all over the internet, nothing.
Then panic set in as it was announced we have 1 month then you MUST use the character creator to redo your toons..
Now at this point I will say I fully intend to buy another laptop, after the 5 grand holiday I have half paid for! So I either lose 2 and a half grand deposit on a holiday or make do with the laptop for 3-5 months? But if I do that no eve.
It was quite a dilemma.
So I did the most sensible thing I could think of at the time. I spoke to a friend who had a gaming decktop of high specs, and asked him to create the toon’s, giving him a rough idea what I wanted. I will keep him nameless incase I have violated the EULA (I of course took precautions of changing passwords before and after, and used some one I know and trust quite well)
So I have now 3 new faces, but still cant use the creator.
Now what has me really worried is everything I have read said the creator was slow as hell and choppy on everything but the most modern gaming PC’s, so even if I go drop £700 on a new laptop in a few months am I gonna be bonned for incarna? My gut says yes.
Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the direction CCP is going with this, but personally I think they are in danger of cutting of a large part of the subscriber base by taking the system requirements to high to fast.
Hope we can all keep up.

Astral redux

ok I found a way around MY problem with the charecter creator and now astral and co have had a face lift, more on that later. but for now may I present...

Astral Dominix- I was going for a pissed off George clooney.

Vespa Dominix - I was going for hot brunette..

and my piggy bank alt

Sekrit Banker ( a friend decided if she was hot I'd put more money in her lol)

like em ?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

small design changes

i have been making some design and layout changes to the blog, any comments or suggestions would be welcome. i'd like this blig to be the best it can be and do everything within my technical ability to make it look nice, so tips and comments really help.

Oh and for those that wondered about the rumble I tried to set was a non starter, no one signed up, which was a pity as it seemed a good idea.
and I have a close freind working on my "problems" with the charecter creator, its a tempory work around but im gonna need to bite the bullet and upgrade my machine after my holiday in may.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


you heard me ccp .... borked!
I downloaded the client.. I sat thu the install I went to my Abomey new character creator.. and it freezes EVERY BORKING TIME!
some times I think ccp does a great job, other times I wanna do bad things to the whole of know why !!!


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patch day fun

Well its patch day! Have you all got long skills training in case the servers explode?
I have been quite quiet recently as I haven’t had that much interesting to write about, I have been feeding my inner bear..which means lots of missions, as a result I “had” a nice wallet balance, which as always has been re-invested into other projects, most of it is in buy orders for caldari navy tags of various types as now I have a abundance of loyalty points I want to spend them..and I want a few sets of meta 9 harders.
I am quite looking forward to the patch today as I have stayed away from the test servers deliberately so it all feels new and fresh when I get in from work and I get to “re-do” astral. The actual invasions might be fun asa well, I have a harby ready to go for fleet’s if any form up near me. And I can almost enter 0.8 systems so I have a little more freedom to pursue the sansha round hi sec.

Out side of eve I have been working on a large and extensive lowsec exploration guide, its going to be good I think, it will be available early next month and will have step by step guides with screenie’s showing how not to theory.

I have also been doing some solo roaming lately..mainly in yarbitrators, some times with friends, although I have found it very difficult in the region of lowsec I frequent to find anyone to fight..and most of the exploration sites are being done before I get in from work, which is annoying, so I am considering relocating my lowsec base to a more interesting area. By interesting I mean there will be more people to play with that don’t mind a little 1v1 (or even 1v2, if I like the odds), like lady shaniqwa or kane rizzle and snippse and a few others I know of, many of whom frequented the systems around auner (the system I was based out of as a black rabbit) so im thinking of putting my exploration clone and ships, along with a few PVP ships out that way. For all those people that roam solo mostly round lowsec like the players I mentioned above..I have a LOT of respect for you, and am looking for you.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A message from EON!

Hi guys,
had a message from my freinds at Eon, they asked me to pass the message about a pretty sweet deal so here it is:-

As it's a new year things need refreshing. So continuing on that theme, we decided to give the New Eden poster a little facelift and an update. Individually they are $14.95 however the cheapest way is to purchase the whole poster bundle.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Royal rumble

I have been out roaming tonight in lowsec, it seems hard to get a decent fight nowadays, to many blobs, always a ambush waiting.

so I had an idea, a consensual pvp rumble!

here is what I want to do, Thursday, at 2000 eve time I will set up this rumble.

the rules:-
5 mill to enter

you can fly any t1 ship fit anyway you want!

you cannot become involved if 2 people are already fighting, if I see a kill mail that isn't 1v1 your all out!
if you warp in and see two people fighting you warp out until one is dead.

you must stay in fleet until your ship goes boom, then leave the fleet ( if you cheat and grab another ship we will know by the kill mails)

you must stay in jel and ation people will be watching!

at 1 hour mark the prize is split between those left standing


last man standing takes all!

sound simple? good.

I will limit this to 20 entrants, to enter simply comment on this post to say your in with your chars name, first come first served.
be in jel 10 mins before 8pm and I'll invite entrants to a rumble channel and @ 5 to 8 to a fleet. at 8pm we rock!
if your in the first 20 posts send your entry fee to astral. prize payout will be after all kill mails have been linked and emailed to me.

any questions?

Killing ninja's is fun

Hey guys,
I had a fairly good weekend, I got my sec status down a bit (can now enter 0.7) I won a cople of nice ships..and the highlight of my weekend – popped a ninja AND got tears from him lmao.

So first off the winning ships, I just discovered “somer blink”..awsome site where you gamble isk to win stuff, I wont go to much into it, google it and go have a go! So war I have gambled 16 mill and have won an alleged 97 mill in ships, which equates to 1 retribution assult frig and a noctis! Not bad for 16 mill. I can see me gambling on here quite a lot plus they run promo blinks where you can get stuff for like 1 isk if your really lucky.

On to the weekend.. I spent the most part of it running missions in jel and ation, now I have sorted the tank out on my apoc, I am soloing lvl 4’s easy and fast (thank you to all the people that emailed me with advice on fittings). So Saturday my self and a corp mate jad decided to team up for some social missioning, set of , me in my apoc, him in a domi..we had a nice lvl 4 and began working our way through it..
Then the something fun happened, we had a ninja warp in in a heron…silly ninja. What made me smile was he imidiatly started LOOTING the wrecks! Now im not sure if most carebears ignore this red flag activity…but I don’t.
My corp mate was asked to keep within 10 k of him and play dumb while my apoc warped of to station. I expected the ninja to catch on at this point, I wasn’t subtle, but no he stayed looting.
A min or two later I returned to the mission, this time in my trust vengeance “bad ass”..still the muppet didn’t try to run.
The result can be found here

After dispatching the noob ninja I wondered if I could in a complete turn around get some tears.. the private convo here –
astral dominix- hello sir
Bad'Egg- you didnt have to kill me .
astral dominix- but twas fun
astral dominix- you did decide to ninja a ex pirate
Bad'Egg- meh
Bad'Egg- good for you?
astral dominix- too easy
astral dominix -AF vs heron
astral dominix- you had no chance
Bad'Egg pretty much
astral dominix still occupational risk
astral dominix GF anyway
astral dominix was nothing personal and you wreck is still at the site if you want your mods
astral dominix :)
astral dominix im a nice ex pirate
Bad'Egg yeah ill pass
astral dominix meh your call sir

Had the ninja returned to collect his ill gotten gains I would have popped him probably a smart move there.
After the agro timer had run down so he couldn’t come back and gank the mission ships, we returned to our mission.
A 20 mins later ..the same moron shows back up, however this time is careful NOT to loot anything…I go get the vengeance anyway and we have the following convo in local –

EVE System Channel changed to Ation Local Channel
Danny Liverpool- where you gone egg lol
Danny Liverpool- actually, in Ation lol
astral dominix- he is back with us
astral dominix- already killed him once tonigh
Danny Liverpool- awww why
Bad'Egg- just makin a living
Danny Liverpool- by doin what
Bad'Egg- salvaging
astral dominix- i have more ammo than you have herrons lets see how this works out for ya
astral dominix- :)
Danny Liverpool- theres better ways to make isk lol
Danny Liverpool- be easier mining lol
Bad'Egg- dilly dominix, a vengeance doesnt run out of ammo
Bad'Egg- silly*
astral dominix- you really are a dumb ass i killed you once and you didnt notice its fitted with ACs?
Bad'Egg- mining is incredaboring
Bad'Egg- who fits a veng with ac's 0.o
astral dominix- someone who knows how to fly one
Bad'Egg- little to hostile for my liking
astral dominix- lol
astral dominix- night night
astral dominix- go join suddenly ninjas and learn to do it properly

at this point said ninja shits a brick as I am a tad in his face waiting for him to go red..and bails out…
agin switch back to the apoc and continue..a mission later he comes back yet again!!! He turns red as I warp off to get the vengeance..however this time he remembers and quickly hides and does not renter the mission for the remainder of the night.

Now reading this you may think I like most carebears don’t like ninja’s..
But I do.. we have one in corp I like him a lot, and I have a lot of respect for the guys in “suddenly ninja’s” and “honerless internet jerks” I think what they do is both funny and fun. However I hate the asshats that arnt looking for PVP and are really just that cheap they want your trit bars and don’t learn to do what they do properly.
So all in all a fun weekend for me..and to any ninja’s that come to visit me, if you kill me and steal my stuff I take my hat off to you, but at least come expecting me to try to kill you back..its as much fun for me as it is for you

Friday, 7 January 2011

2010 ..not a bad year at all

Ok everyone else seems to be doing it and it seems a good idea to me is my 2010 in retrospect..

2010 was my first full year in eve, it saw me go from totally green noob in highsec, out to dip my toes in null sec life, then dive head first in to piracy and finally back to high sec again lol.
I have learnt lessons innumerable from how to pvp effectively (aside from my recent station webbing incident) to how to traverse null sec, and now I am re-learning how to carebear and how to build very specific tanks for lvl 4 missions.
I have been part of some fantastic corps over the last year, and flown with some fantastic guys, four pilots that stood out for me were wolfduke, mail lite, curzon jazz and Reltso yand. I have learnt so much form each of them.
I managed to cram 174 posts into 2010, better than the 4 in 2009 (to I only started to blog in late dec 2009). I have grown to 55 followers and a few hundred subscribers. My page views generally peak around 400 a day, and idle at about 60. I have been counted among the blog pack, which was fantastic as the small measure of celebrity allowed me to promote the corps I was involved with.
I have gone from no money and a few cheap ships, to no money and a few fucking expensive ships (expensive to me that is ..over 100 mill each), I have killed more ships than I have lost and I have lost a few. I have achived 1 of my three ships I wanted to own , a pilgrim, still working on the absolution and archon.

So what’s the plan for 2011?
Well form the blog point of view, I keep posting everytime I have something to say, its my blog and my outlet so I post as often as I like, although I have recently asked to be removed form the blog pack as now I am mainly”carebearing”I forsee the interesting posts being less frequent. I will be posting a fair bit on exploration and isk making as well now.
For astral as a pilot, he is working on flying command ships and carriers, jump freighters are the goal for vespa.
For me as a player, I think I am finding a better balance between eve and real life, I don’t log on compulsively any more and surprisingly longer skills don’t bother me anymore. I find if im getting fed up of eve a week of to replay something xbox or shooting people on halo refresh’s me fairly well.
This year I am hoping to become more of a leader than “the weird drunk director in lowsec” and help lead BTEK’s newer pilots. I also intend to become more involved with the new Alliance “PIT enterprises” as they have a few bits going on in lowsec and wormholes that interests me.

That’s all I can think of for now..oh and happy new year!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

been a interesting holiday season

Hey guys, did you have a good Christmas?

Have been a bit slow on posting over the festive season and on my return to work where I do most of my blogging, I have had a shit load of work to catch up on. Still back now and almost on top of things again, and we have had some interesting developments over the last few weeks.
Firstly, we are now part of a alliance, a friend of mine and fellow blogger EveSOB recently joined the PIES alliance and told us what a good bunch they were so me our CEO relso looked into the alliance and found it to be a good fit, its mainly a highsec indy alliance with some lowsec work and some PVP for them that like it. Still very early days but I think it will be a good move, also there is almost always a corp or alliance op running now, so there is almost always something to do if you feel like joining in. which is nice.
We also still have close ties to Legio, and things may be developing on that front tho I cant say what at the moment.

As for me, I am still battling the dreaded sec status, although I did have a small set back the other day..i did something really dumb.
A few corp mates decided they wanted to go play in lowsec and blow some peeps up, so I said id go along to play, most were flying rifters or interceptors, I decided to be different and built a yarbitrator for a giggle, with the idea of nuet and disruptor combo while my drones and corp mates did any DPS…good plan..
Anyway we formed up and flew the few jumps out to the lowsec system I work out of a lot of the time without incident, on arriving we started trying to bait the locals into fights sitting in belts ratting…that didn’t work as people noticed the back up sitting at safes or in stations.
Then we noticed a red in system ferrying ships from his POS to the station….a lot of them. In the hopes of snagging him as he exited I moved the fleet over to the station and I sat in the undock..i pre heated my web and scram..
Now at this point I should mention I was playing on a map top with a touch pad for a mouse.
I sat watching the station, reached over to pick up my rum and coke (yarrr) took a sip, then I was dead.

Seems I had knocked the touch pad as I picked up my drink and web/scramed the station, who took offence and obliterated my cruiser. My corp mates do like to take the piss about that..

In other news I am now running lvl 4’s mainly in jel and ation when they arnt giving me lowsec missions, and find the BS kills are helping me gain sec status quite fast, however my little harbinger was often being overpowered by the incoming DPS, which ment I had to either keep warping in and out or take a corp mate (normally sarj in his drake) to act as a damage soak..say what you will about mission drakes but they can absorb a hell of a lot of fire! Still I wanted to last a bit longer under fire which meant I needed a bigger ship, namely a battleship..

Now I have most of the support skills for a BS but having flown them so rarely I only had amarr BS to3, enough to fly any of them but not all that well.. also I had a budget of about 140 mill to blow on the BS as I just bought a pilgrim and invested a little over 100 mill in sell orders in lowsec.
My first choice would have been a abaddon, but I couldn’t buy the ship rigs and fittings in my budget, which is a pain as the tank/dps mix on it is perfect for what I wanted..
I liked the look of a Geddon, but everything I read said they suck for PVE.
So in the end I opted for a Apoc, grabbed all the fittings and stuff I needed and headed off to fit it up.
Now I don’t know if I have it fitted wrong but the tank is still failing under hevey fine if I sit 100km off and snipe but if I land in the middle of everyone my tank just cant hold?
My tank at the moment is 1 trimark rig, 1x 1600 plate , 2 large reppers, a DC2, ENAM and 2 specific hardners?
Any suggestions would be welcome, as id like to get this think fit to solo the missions.

Well that’s about it…your upto date, if anyone feels like joining btek give us a shout in “btek pub” or eve mail me or reltso yand, we are always looking for new blood, miners and mission runners primarily but we do have everything form ex pirates to part time ninja’s in the corp.
Have fun.