Friday, 28 January 2011

the darkside

hey guys,
I have been off work most of this week and running a shit load of missions on eve, which has had to great upsides , 1st I had a lot of disposable income to burn secondly I can pretty much go anywhere in high sec now.
so what do I do with my new found freedom and wealth.. why try to get blown up of course.

I logged in today with a plan, a simple easy plan. I have been so disappointed with the quality of ninjas in my area I decided to give it ago for a day. I bought my cov ops up from lowsec bad fit it for speed and salvaging, and fit a harby up as a gank ship with a standard fit.
the first few hours were ok but no one wanted to shoot at me, how dull! anyway I went to make a coffee and warped the Cov ops to what I thought was a age spot, but was infect a warp in for a mission I still had running from the previous night.
-1 cov ops.
bought another one and carried on, still no bites so I moved to deltole in hope of more foolish victims.
20 mins later cov ops 2 goes bang when I am salvaging a mission and the got warps off before I notice!
maybe I'll switch to t1 ships, I figure a probe is fast so fit one to try again... same thing happens ... not my day.
oh well last try, scanned down a raven and a drake and warp in, both sic drones on me straight away and another probe goes bang. but now I have agree can kill them! I warp off and grab the harby.. warp back to the site, no one is there, I feel robbed.
on the off chance I warp back to the entry gate and find the raven pilot in a drake, meh I'll take it..

I start going to town on him as we fight his friend warps back in a pvp ( he claimed pve .. with a scram) and joined his mate.
the harby went pop.
I offered a friendly Gf in local, and got some snotty response's from the disgruntled carebears.
tbh when they wernt at the site I had a feeling they swapping ships but after trying for 7 hours to get ANYONE to shoot at me I wasn't gonna leave them.

My conclusion is while the ninja life is fun(ish) it takes a lot of effort to get anywhere. I did try to get hold of a couple of the blogging ninjas to see if they had any pearls of wisdom but they were all offline.
my advice to anyone looking to get into it, you make more money on lvl 4s and more pvp in lowsec. it may be for you but based on my attempt I don't think it's for me.

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