Friday, 7 January 2011

2010 ..not a bad year at all

Ok everyone else seems to be doing it and it seems a good idea to me is my 2010 in retrospect..

2010 was my first full year in eve, it saw me go from totally green noob in highsec, out to dip my toes in null sec life, then dive head first in to piracy and finally back to high sec again lol.
I have learnt lessons innumerable from how to pvp effectively (aside from my recent station webbing incident) to how to traverse null sec, and now I am re-learning how to carebear and how to build very specific tanks for lvl 4 missions.
I have been part of some fantastic corps over the last year, and flown with some fantastic guys, four pilots that stood out for me were wolfduke, mail lite, curzon jazz and Reltso yand. I have learnt so much form each of them.
I managed to cram 174 posts into 2010, better than the 4 in 2009 (to I only started to blog in late dec 2009). I have grown to 55 followers and a few hundred subscribers. My page views generally peak around 400 a day, and idle at about 60. I have been counted among the blog pack, which was fantastic as the small measure of celebrity allowed me to promote the corps I was involved with.
I have gone from no money and a few cheap ships, to no money and a few fucking expensive ships (expensive to me that is ..over 100 mill each), I have killed more ships than I have lost and I have lost a few. I have achived 1 of my three ships I wanted to own , a pilgrim, still working on the absolution and archon.

So what’s the plan for 2011?
Well form the blog point of view, I keep posting everytime I have something to say, its my blog and my outlet so I post as often as I like, although I have recently asked to be removed form the blog pack as now I am mainly”carebearing”I forsee the interesting posts being less frequent. I will be posting a fair bit on exploration and isk making as well now.
For astral as a pilot, he is working on flying command ships and carriers, jump freighters are the goal for vespa.
For me as a player, I think I am finding a better balance between eve and real life, I don’t log on compulsively any more and surprisingly longer skills don’t bother me anymore. I find if im getting fed up of eve a week of to replay something xbox or shooting people on halo refresh’s me fairly well.
This year I am hoping to become more of a leader than “the weird drunk director in lowsec” and help lead BTEK’s newer pilots. I also intend to become more involved with the new Alliance “PIT enterprises” as they have a few bits going on in lowsec and wormholes that interests me.

That’s all I can think of for now..oh and happy new year!