Monday, 10 January 2011

Killing ninja's is fun

Hey guys,
I had a fairly good weekend, I got my sec status down a bit (can now enter 0.7) I won a cople of nice ships..and the highlight of my weekend – popped a ninja AND got tears from him lmao.

So first off the winning ships, I just discovered “somer blink”..awsome site where you gamble isk to win stuff, I wont go to much into it, google it and go have a go! So war I have gambled 16 mill and have won an alleged 97 mill in ships, which equates to 1 retribution assult frig and a noctis! Not bad for 16 mill. I can see me gambling on here quite a lot plus they run promo blinks where you can get stuff for like 1 isk if your really lucky.

On to the weekend.. I spent the most part of it running missions in jel and ation, now I have sorted the tank out on my apoc, I am soloing lvl 4’s easy and fast (thank you to all the people that emailed me with advice on fittings). So Saturday my self and a corp mate jad decided to team up for some social missioning, set of , me in my apoc, him in a domi..we had a nice lvl 4 and began working our way through it..
Then the something fun happened, we had a ninja warp in in a heron…silly ninja. What made me smile was he imidiatly started LOOTING the wrecks! Now im not sure if most carebears ignore this red flag activity…but I don’t.
My corp mate was asked to keep within 10 k of him and play dumb while my apoc warped of to station. I expected the ninja to catch on at this point, I wasn’t subtle, but no he stayed looting.
A min or two later I returned to the mission, this time in my trust vengeance “bad ass”..still the muppet didn’t try to run.
The result can be found here

After dispatching the noob ninja I wondered if I could in a complete turn around get some tears.. the private convo here –
astral dominix- hello sir
Bad'Egg- you didnt have to kill me .
astral dominix- but twas fun
astral dominix- you did decide to ninja a ex pirate
Bad'Egg- meh
Bad'Egg- good for you?
astral dominix- too easy
astral dominix -AF vs heron
astral dominix- you had no chance
Bad'Egg pretty much
astral dominix still occupational risk
astral dominix GF anyway
astral dominix was nothing personal and you wreck is still at the site if you want your mods
astral dominix :)
astral dominix im a nice ex pirate
Bad'Egg yeah ill pass
astral dominix meh your call sir

Had the ninja returned to collect his ill gotten gains I would have popped him probably a smart move there.
After the agro timer had run down so he couldn’t come back and gank the mission ships, we returned to our mission.
A 20 mins later ..the same moron shows back up, however this time is careful NOT to loot anything…I go get the vengeance anyway and we have the following convo in local –

EVE System Channel changed to Ation Local Channel
Danny Liverpool- where you gone egg lol
Danny Liverpool- actually, in Ation lol
astral dominix- he is back with us
astral dominix- already killed him once tonigh
Danny Liverpool- awww why
Bad'Egg- just makin a living
Danny Liverpool- by doin what
Bad'Egg- salvaging
astral dominix- i have more ammo than you have herrons lets see how this works out for ya
astral dominix- :)
Danny Liverpool- theres better ways to make isk lol
Danny Liverpool- be easier mining lol
Bad'Egg- dilly dominix, a vengeance doesnt run out of ammo
Bad'Egg- silly*
astral dominix- you really are a dumb ass i killed you once and you didnt notice its fitted with ACs?
Bad'Egg- mining is incredaboring
Bad'Egg- who fits a veng with ac's 0.o
astral dominix- someone who knows how to fly one
Bad'Egg- little to hostile for my liking
astral dominix- lol
astral dominix- night night
astral dominix- go join suddenly ninjas and learn to do it properly

at this point said ninja shits a brick as I am a tad in his face waiting for him to go red..and bails out…
agin switch back to the apoc and continue..a mission later he comes back yet again!!! He turns red as I warp off to get the vengeance..however this time he remembers and quickly hides and does not renter the mission for the remainder of the night.

Now reading this you may think I like most carebears don’t like ninja’s..
But I do.. we have one in corp I like him a lot, and I have a lot of respect for the guys in “suddenly ninja’s” and “honerless internet jerks” I think what they do is both funny and fun. However I hate the asshats that arnt looking for PVP and are really just that cheap they want your trit bars and don’t learn to do what they do properly.
So all in all a fun weekend for me..and to any ninja’s that come to visit me, if you kill me and steal my stuff I take my hat off to you, but at least come expecting me to try to kill you back..its as much fun for me as it is for you