Monday, 10 January 2011

Royal rumble

I have been out roaming tonight in lowsec, it seems hard to get a decent fight nowadays, to many blobs, always a ambush waiting.

so I had an idea, a consensual pvp rumble!

here is what I want to do, Thursday, at 2000 eve time I will set up this rumble.

the rules:-
5 mill to enter

you can fly any t1 ship fit anyway you want!

you cannot become involved if 2 people are already fighting, if I see a kill mail that isn't 1v1 your all out!
if you warp in and see two people fighting you warp out until one is dead.

you must stay in fleet until your ship goes boom, then leave the fleet ( if you cheat and grab another ship we will know by the kill mails)

you must stay in jel and ation people will be watching!

at 1 hour mark the prize is split between those left standing


last man standing takes all!

sound simple? good.

I will limit this to 20 entrants, to enter simply comment on this post to say your in with your chars name, first come first served.
be in jel 10 mins before 8pm and I'll invite entrants to a rumble channel and @ 5 to 8 to a fleet. at 8pm we rock!
if your in the first 20 posts send your entry fee to astral. prize payout will be after all kill mails have been linked and emailed to me.

any questions?