Wednesday, 5 January 2011

been a interesting holiday season

Hey guys, did you have a good Christmas?

Have been a bit slow on posting over the festive season and on my return to work where I do most of my blogging, I have had a shit load of work to catch up on. Still back now and almost on top of things again, and we have had some interesting developments over the last few weeks.
Firstly, we are now part of a alliance, a friend of mine and fellow blogger EveSOB recently joined the PIES alliance and told us what a good bunch they were so me our CEO relso looked into the alliance and found it to be a good fit, its mainly a highsec indy alliance with some lowsec work and some PVP for them that like it. Still very early days but I think it will be a good move, also there is almost always a corp or alliance op running now, so there is almost always something to do if you feel like joining in. which is nice.
We also still have close ties to Legio, and things may be developing on that front tho I cant say what at the moment.

As for me, I am still battling the dreaded sec status, although I did have a small set back the other day..i did something really dumb.
A few corp mates decided they wanted to go play in lowsec and blow some peeps up, so I said id go along to play, most were flying rifters or interceptors, I decided to be different and built a yarbitrator for a giggle, with the idea of nuet and disruptor combo while my drones and corp mates did any DPS…good plan..
Anyway we formed up and flew the few jumps out to the lowsec system I work out of a lot of the time without incident, on arriving we started trying to bait the locals into fights sitting in belts ratting…that didn’t work as people noticed the back up sitting at safes or in stations.
Then we noticed a red in system ferrying ships from his POS to the station….a lot of them. In the hopes of snagging him as he exited I moved the fleet over to the station and I sat in the undock..i pre heated my web and scram..
Now at this point I should mention I was playing on a map top with a touch pad for a mouse.
I sat watching the station, reached over to pick up my rum and coke (yarrr) took a sip, then I was dead.

Seems I had knocked the touch pad as I picked up my drink and web/scramed the station, who took offence and obliterated my cruiser. My corp mates do like to take the piss about that..

In other news I am now running lvl 4’s mainly in jel and ation when they arnt giving me lowsec missions, and find the BS kills are helping me gain sec status quite fast, however my little harbinger was often being overpowered by the incoming DPS, which ment I had to either keep warping in and out or take a corp mate (normally sarj in his drake) to act as a damage soak..say what you will about mission drakes but they can absorb a hell of a lot of fire! Still I wanted to last a bit longer under fire which meant I needed a bigger ship, namely a battleship..

Now I have most of the support skills for a BS but having flown them so rarely I only had amarr BS to3, enough to fly any of them but not all that well.. also I had a budget of about 140 mill to blow on the BS as I just bought a pilgrim and invested a little over 100 mill in sell orders in lowsec.
My first choice would have been a abaddon, but I couldn’t buy the ship rigs and fittings in my budget, which is a pain as the tank/dps mix on it is perfect for what I wanted..
I liked the look of a Geddon, but everything I read said they suck for PVE.
So in the end I opted for a Apoc, grabbed all the fittings and stuff I needed and headed off to fit it up.
Now I don’t know if I have it fitted wrong but the tank is still failing under hevey fine if I sit 100km off and snipe but if I land in the middle of everyone my tank just cant hold?
My tank at the moment is 1 trimark rig, 1x 1600 plate , 2 large reppers, a DC2, ENAM and 2 specific hardners?
Any suggestions would be welcome, as id like to get this think fit to solo the missions.

Well that’s about it…your upto date, if anyone feels like joining btek give us a shout in “btek pub” or eve mail me or reltso yand, we are always looking for new blood, miners and mission runners primarily but we do have everything form ex pirates to part time ninja’s in the corp.
Have fun.