Tuesday, 18 January 2011

patch day fun

Well its patch day! Have you all got long skills training in case the servers explode?
I have been quite quiet recently as I haven’t had that much interesting to write about, I have been feeding my inner bear..which means lots of missions, as a result I “had” a nice wallet balance, which as always has been re-invested into other projects, most of it is in buy orders for caldari navy tags of various types as now I have a abundance of loyalty points I want to spend them..and I want a few sets of meta 9 harders.
I am quite looking forward to the patch today as I have stayed away from the test servers deliberately so it all feels new and fresh when I get in from work and I get to “re-do” astral. The actual invasions might be fun asa well, I have a harby ready to go for fleet’s if any form up near me. And I can almost enter 0.8 systems so I have a little more freedom to pursue the sansha round hi sec.

Out side of eve I have been working on a large and extensive lowsec exploration guide, its going to be good I think, it will be available early next month and will have step by step guides with screenie’s showing how not to die..in theory.

I have also been doing some solo roaming lately..mainly in yarbitrators, some times with friends, although I have found it very difficult in the region of lowsec I frequent to find anyone to fight..and most of the exploration sites are being done before I get in from work, which is annoying, so I am considering relocating my lowsec base to a more interesting area. By interesting I mean there will be more people to play with that don’t mind a little 1v1 (or even 1v2, if I like the odds), like lady shaniqwa or kane rizzle and snippse and a few others I know of, many of whom frequented the systems around auner (the system I was based out of as a black rabbit) so im thinking of putting my exploration clone and ships, along with a few PVP ships out that way. For all those people that roam solo mostly round lowsec like the players I mentioned above..I have a LOT of respect for you, and am looking for you.