Monday, 30 September 2013

RL puppies and musings

Ok so many things are happening for me at the moment, firstly I am moving home in a couple of weeks, from a two bed apartment to a nice house.This is mainly because I am getting my awesome wife a puppy

actual puppy, cute right?

Any who ... Back to eve. I have been packing ect lately so not playing as much as I'd like but I have gotten the bug again for some exploration, will now be switching at will between full on pirate killing at will (or when I can) and running some exploration sites, I may even have a few ideas how to combine the two...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

odd kill

Ok, haven't been on much lately as have a lo t of stuff going on in RL, however I did manage to get out for some fun tonight, was only on for a bit and only got 2 kills but 1 was weird. First was this poor soul. Nothing really odd there.

However on the way back I found my odd kill, in costelle there was a fleet on d scan running the incursion but also a buzzard on scan.. and sitting in a plex? Wtf? So I warp to the gate warp in expecting him to cloak and run..nope just sits there looking at me, so I launch drones to try to break any cloak he trys and burn towards him, still expecting him to cloak or warp or something but oddly I get tackle, he dies fast then I check the kill mail and see this!!

Little note to anyone thinking this is A good fit, cov ops ships do not make good PvP ships, you can use then to kill people doing exploration but what was going on in this dude's head I have no idea! /astral

Sunday, 8 September 2013


I warn you now this may be a tad random.

Firstly I will be moving in the next month in RL and all the assorted crap that goes with that, packing and having all things like TV and internet installed at the new place. Up side is I will move from regular broadband to the top fibre you can get with virgin (120mb) so that should rock.

I haven't been shooting people to much the last two weeks as I am also going through a restructure at work and we are trying new ways of working such translates to me doing more hours and being smashed when I get home ready to do diy or packing :(

I have managed to get Vespa running lvl 4s and earning again, she is also making more isk as I sleep using a fairly low profit but steady station trading system I have developed, which returns about 10-15% a week. With 80 mill invested and Dr investing half the profits it adds up to a good passive ish income. If anyone is interested in how to do this leave a comment and if there are a few I will do a post on it later.

For now I need to go kill some thing /astral