Wednesday, 11 September 2013

odd kill

Ok, haven't been on much lately as have a lo t of stuff going on in RL, however I did manage to get out for some fun tonight, was only on for a bit and only got 2 kills but 1 was weird. First was this poor soul. Nothing really odd there.

However on the way back I found my odd kill, in costelle there was a fleet on d scan running the incursion but also a buzzard on scan.. and sitting in a plex? Wtf? So I warp to the gate warp in expecting him to cloak and run..nope just sits there looking at me, so I launch drones to try to break any cloak he trys and burn towards him, still expecting him to cloak or warp or something but oddly I get tackle, he dies fast then I check the kill mail and see this!!

Little note to anyone thinking this is A good fit, cov ops ships do not make good PvP ships, you can use then to kill people doing exploration but what was going on in this dude's head I have no idea! /astral