Tuesday, 28 August 2012


So I havent been on much this weekend but it seems my lowsec home of loes was captured by the squids! This is rather irritating as I have a few ships holed up there.

I do have a corp mate with a carrier alt that could easily move them to another system for me however..its MY BLOODY SYSTEM!
I will therefore be attempting to kick the squids out as soon as posible...
If any gall milita pilots are reading this- please plex the fuck out of loes and the surrounding systems, and if I can convince a few peeps to join me once the systems are vulnerable I will be  rolling in combat shops to retake..if I can get it together a small fleet.
That is all.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wicked warchild

So at the moment in the crimson guards, it seems to be just me and one other guy on and active a lot of the time in the eu timezone, his name is wicked warchild and after a few nights off chatting we are getting on pretty well..
So last night warchild decided to move a  bit closer to me so we can team up for some pvp fun when the big fleets arn't out and we started arsing around hunting in loes and argoze, I was flying a venge and warchild was in a comet. after a little while we found a catalyst running a minor plex, we made a quick plan for warchild to go in and start a fight then warp to the sun hopefully drawing the dessie out of the plex to a ambush as my assult frig cant enter the minors. Sadly the catalyst didnt go for the bait but during the fun a rifter turned up and sat on the accel gate...so I warped over to see  if i could get him to fight ..I landed  locked him up and began shooting from about 35 km,  as I called for warchild to join me a flashy thrasher landed behind me..sensing a trap I bugged out to assess, aparently so did the rifter. Which left warchild and the thrasher about sitting about 70 km apart..
I warped back to warchild and burned for the thrasher but in an armour ship your not exactly fast..here I made my first mistake at about 35 km I asked warchild in his much faster ship to grab tackle, the dessie wasnt running I should have waited until I was closer.
Warchild got the tackle and started melting the dessie but popped as the dessie entered structure..by that point I was entering optimal and finished the thrasher off. Apparently warchild also forgot to start his repper qickly enough so without those two minor cockups we probably wouldnt have lost a ship.
I did offer to pay for the comet as it was my call to grab tackle early but warchild was happy with the fight, I did insist he took the loot as compensation. All in all I think it could be the beginings of a superb little pvp team!
If any of this sounds like your cup of tea and your looking to join up with the  gall milita, drop me or kirith kodachi an eve mail and have a chat about joining up, we are looking for people with the right intrests and good attitudes to join our team.
Fly classy.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I have been enjoying my time in Faction warfare so far, the mix of casual pvp and the ease of making isk suit faction warfare to a casual playstyle, however listening to milita chat has made me aware of a problem putting off a lot of peeps.
Quite a few people have joined the militas with the sole intention of killing other members of the malita that let them get close thinking they are freindly!
This hasnt been a problem for me as after a long time living in low I am completly paranoid and treat everyone as hostile until they prove diffrrent,  however a lot of carebears moving to FW are getting powned by not being cautious. For example if your running a plex in low and another ship warps in ..ignore the fact they are your milita.. If they burn towards you, at best they are looking to steal the site reward normaly they are looking to pod you too.
Also dont jump into fleets with people you dont know..check them out first, a quick look at battle clinic will show if they are killing freindly's.

Of course the best way to avoid most of this crap is expirence and join a player corp doing FW. I am hoping we get a few more recruits in the kadaver crimson guards  soon  looking to fight for the gallante milita. Its a nice relaxed corp that lets you get on with whats interesting you, the corp is quite small at the moment  but if we get some more members i could see us having corp fleets going out now and again as a suplement to the alliance fleets which can be hit or miss.
may even finish my leadership plan off and try a bit of fc'ing. If anyone is looking to get into FW with the gallante drop a ingame mail to kirith kodachi to have chat.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Last night i tested a theory..it will lead to kills I think, I also learned you cannot capture a FW site while cloaked.
Conversely you could sit a few km off a becon cloaked and the timer wouldnt give away your sitting there...
That is all.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kadaver crimson guard

Ok.. I am now signed up with kadaver crimson guard, The faction warfare division of the kadavees lol
Most of my time has been spent plexing..lack of funds and an easy income arnt hard to put together.
Each month as a faction wide event all pilots donate LP to raise our teir  making the remaining points we cash out worth much more..for the gallante it should be the first saturday of each month, at that point I should become richer than I have ever been. As a side bonus I have been promoted ..doesnt make much difference.
I did manage to get out on another roam this afternoon.. As a rule the fleets in the millita are a lot less structured than im used to, most are bring what you like and the FC's can be hit or miss. Also it can quickly decend into a blob fest..however there are a few talented fc's and getting onto those fleets can be a lot of fun !
Tonight i only took out a thrasher as I didnt know the fc but we did ok ..the fleet ran into a trio of bc's to begin..2 got away  however this cyclone melted fast. Sadly I missed his freind coming back to try and save him as the fc asked me to make a safe to wait for other members of the fleet to catch up.
Shortly after this we ran into a large BS pirate gang with way more logi than us...we all died good thing the thrasher was cheep lol.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Simple idea..better game

I have been running FW plexs for the last few days to bump my isk up and have been reading up on running them. Most people try to hunt people in the plex's ( either as pirates or a opposing FW pilot) however unless you are super fast it is very hard to catch the people plexing ..this is bad. We want/need a game where things explode a lot.
My idea to fix this is very simple... Just like in a level 4 let the rats have a chance (good chance too this is the navy your ment to be fighting) to web and scram you!
This does two things, you will actually have to kill the rats not just tank them and if you are...disturbed..at a inconvinient moment , you gotta fight!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

I have given in...

After a fruitless morning of chasing fw pilots around plex's, I have given in to the nagging thought i have had for a week or so..try faction warfare properly..so yesterday I left the black dragons, which sucked a bit as they have some awsome pilots to fly with :-(
I intend to join a FW corp soon..I have one in mind if they will have me (most fw corps seem a little adverse to ex pirates) until then I will sit in the generic milita corp to earn myself some isk for some shiney navy ships.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vespa makes a start

well tonight I took vespa out to play with a gallante malita fleet..it was a lot of fun although I normally prefer solo pvp.
I took out a t1 fit rifter, nothing fancy and as I have said before vespa isnt really a combat pilot ..at least not yet. Our FC was competant and found our rag tag fleet a opposing fleet to play with..however at our first run in I only managed to get in on the kill mail of this merlin, But i did manage to snag the pod..old habbit's and all that. We almost managed to nail a Hyperion as well but it wasnt to be and bailed before we could kill it. A few more jumps and we ran into a flashy fleet of piwates...as a fleet we lost a cynabal but killed a Tornado and a Phobos, I only got on to the Phobos kill :( still was a lot of fun and a good start to FW for vespa..I think i'm gonna train her up to fly a comet as i like the look of them and can get a bit of my geeky RP on. After the fleet disbanded I decided to take Astral out for a quick spin and found a hookbill doing a plex around loes....after vespa's loss to a hookbill recently I was in the mood for some payback. so I warped to the outpost he was currently running ignoring the dramiel that was also hunting in system, as predicted he ran away :( I sat at the site for a few mins and Polity asked in local if he intended to return, to which he replied "so you can pop me?", I find this lack of faith in solo FW pilots annoying, so I pointed out he could also pop me if he wins...at that he warped back to the site, but wisely asked to fight away from the rats, he asked to fight at a planet in local...remembering the dram in sys I suggested a better idea and warped to a safe and invited him to fleet. we did for a moment consider going after the dram together but I couldn't pin point him on D-scan so we fought our 1v1 in private...he had an odd fit in my opinion for a hookbill but then many question my use of AC on a vengence...still he was unable to brake my tank as i pulsed the repper and before long his hookbill turned to slag. all in all a fun evening for me.


Well the devils tattoo alliance ( black rebel rifter club and black dragon fighting ) are joining the war between RvB and the NC..
Should be fun MATE ;)