Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kadaver crimson guard

Ok.. I am now signed up with kadaver crimson guard, The faction warfare division of the kadavees lol
Most of my time has been spent plexing..lack of funds and an easy income arnt hard to put together.
Each month as a faction wide event all pilots donate LP to raise our teir  making the remaining points we cash out worth much more..for the gallante it should be the first saturday of each month, at that point I should become richer than I have ever been. As a side bonus I have been promoted ..doesnt make much difference.
I did manage to get out on another roam this afternoon.. As a rule the fleets in the millita are a lot less structured than im used to, most are bring what you like and the FC's can be hit or miss. Also it can quickly decend into a blob fest..however there are a few talented fc's and getting onto those fleets can be a lot of fun !
Tonight i only took out a thrasher as I didnt know the fc but we did ok ..the fleet ran into a trio of bc's to begin..2 got away  however this cyclone melted fast. Sadly I missed his freind coming back to try and save him as the fc asked me to make a safe to wait for other members of the fleet to catch up.
Shortly after this we ran into a large BS pirate gang with way more logi than us...we all died good thing the thrasher was cheep lol.