Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I have been enjoying my time in Faction warfare so far, the mix of casual pvp and the ease of making isk suit faction warfare to a casual playstyle, however listening to milita chat has made me aware of a problem putting off a lot of peeps.
Quite a few people have joined the militas with the sole intention of killing other members of the malita that let them get close thinking they are freindly!
This hasnt been a problem for me as after a long time living in low I am completly paranoid and treat everyone as hostile until they prove diffrrent,  however a lot of carebears moving to FW are getting powned by not being cautious. For example if your running a plex in low and another ship warps in ..ignore the fact they are your milita.. If they burn towards you, at best they are looking to steal the site reward normaly they are looking to pod you too.
Also dont jump into fleets with people you dont know..check them out first, a quick look at battle clinic will show if they are killing freindly's.

Of course the best way to avoid most of this crap is expirence and join a player corp doing FW. I am hoping we get a few more recruits in the kadaver crimson guards  soon  looking to fight for the gallante milita. Its a nice relaxed corp that lets you get on with whats interesting you, the corp is quite small at the moment  but if we get some more members i could see us having corp fleets going out now and again as a suplement to the alliance fleets which can be hit or miss.
may even finish my leadership plan off and try a bit of fc'ing. If anyone is looking to get into FW with the gallante drop a ingame mail to kirith kodachi to have chat.