Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vespa makes a start

well tonight I took vespa out to play with a gallante malita was a lot of fun although I normally prefer solo pvp.
I took out a t1 fit rifter, nothing fancy and as I have said before vespa isnt really a combat pilot least not yet. Our FC was competant and found our rag tag fleet a opposing fleet to play with..however at our first run in I only managed to get in on the kill mail of this merlin, But i did manage to snag the pod..old habbit's and all that. We almost managed to nail a Hyperion as well but it wasnt to be and bailed before we could kill it. A few more jumps and we ran into a flashy fleet of a fleet we lost a cynabal but killed a Tornado and a Phobos, I only got on to the Phobos kill :( still was a lot of fun and a good start to FW for vespa..I think i'm gonna train her up to fly a comet as i like the look of them and can get a bit of my geeky RP on. After the fleet disbanded I decided to take Astral out for a quick spin and found a hookbill doing a plex around loes....after vespa's loss to a hookbill recently I was in the mood for some payback. so I warped to the outpost he was currently running ignoring the dramiel that was also hunting in system, as predicted he ran away :( I sat at the site for a few mins and Polity asked in local if he intended to return, to which he replied "so you can pop me?", I find this lack of faith in solo FW pilots annoying, so I pointed out he could also pop me if he that he warped back to the site, but wisely asked to fight away from the rats, he asked to fight at a planet in local...remembering the dram in sys I suggested a better idea and warped to a safe and invited him to fleet. we did for a moment consider going after the dram together but I couldn't pin point him on D-scan so we fought our 1v1 in private...he had an odd fit in my opinion for a hookbill but then many question my use of AC on a vengence...still he was unable to brake my tank as i pulsed the repper and before long his hookbill turned to slag. all in all a fun evening for me.