Sunday, 21 August 2011

life in the hole

I have been living in my corps class 3 hole for a week or so now, I thought I'd give you all my first impressions of life in unknown space.

very hit or miss!

I have taken a pvp harby, a amanthea and my pve apoc into the hole but to really do anything well requires more people! I have found a fit for a legion that is supposed to be able to solo any site ( posted to battleclinic by riotrick) but haven't got the money for it yet or the skills.

my pve apoc can handle most of the anom's but is tediously slow and very risky as it's tank is faction fit. every time I take it out solo I sweat bullets lol.

most of my Corp mates that Inhabit our hole come on later than me, normally as I'm thinking about going to bed, some times with an hour or so overlap, which means I spend a lot of time at the pos just waiting.

I often take the amanthea out to scan the hole out or look for raiders but never find much of interest :(

I think life is going to improve in the hole once a few more active members join the group (maybe that are on the same time as me) also one I have finished training for and can afford a legion that can solo the sites as I will be less dependent on others :)

I will persist and find my feet yet!

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

in the hole..

well I moved in to the corps wormhole the other day, a nice little class 3 we are calling home :)
when I moved in it was a bit of a rushed affair, a entry point in lowsec and a few of my Corp Mates asking me to "bring something to pvp" as they are more Indy pilots as a whole, so I rolled in in a pvp harby.
trouble is I have been trying to help with the anom's but a pvp harb is woefully under tanked to deal with sleepers!
but I'm learning and just this morning I got my apoc in the hole and my alt, bombatsu, who will be running some pi while I finish his orca training.

more news soon.

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

knocking the rust off..

well my day has been eventful! woke up this morning not feeling to well, so I decided to jump on eve to take my mind off things, maybe not the best idea as I kept making silly mistakes as my fever set in.
anyway after running a lvl 4 to use up time to my next jump clone, I jumped down to low to take the vengeance out for a little run, out round metropolis I bumped into a few Russians in battle cruisers, none of them fast enough to catch my frigate, and every one else seemed to only want to fight if the had 3 pilots backing them up!!
anyway I decided to head back while setting my overview up to make the d scanner more efficient and while testing it.. I found a reaper 100 k off a station, so I warped to the station and burnt towards the t1 frig and locked him up, I knew if I fired the station guns would hammer me, so could i kill it in time?
I opened fire and watched the station guns start ripping my tank apart, in the end I warped out in half structure the reaper almost dead but I couldn't quite finish it without watching my assault frig pop and I wasn't gonna swap a 20 mill ship for that. then I remembered I hadn't overheated my guns! if I had I would have popped him and got out with time to spare!
the rust is there but it WILL come off!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

back to lowsec

tonight I took my first stroll back through lowsec, from my old lowsec home out to the new one I have picked out.. got the blood pumping as all my ships that were moving had millions in spare mods and ammo ect in the hold, and the 15 jump quick route took me through a few well known gank and gate camp systems.. but i made the run without loss.
I did highlight how rusty I have become ... must practice much more to be competitive again!

feeling lucky I decided to try the risky run, using a bestower to haul all my exploration loot out. wasn't really that much but felt very vulnerable. still got it all out and it will be up on a market near you soon to buy some new pvp toys :)!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


the last two days have been devoted to the tedious task of locating an moving lots of my ships and assets around empire, I have a little hi sec base in fricoure, a few pvp ships up in hek ready to move down to my new lowsec home.
I am still planning on concentrating on lowsec although the Corp is doing a lot of wh ops now, I may dive in from time to time to boost cash but I want astral to get back to what I enjoy, killing ships!
I now have vespa in a hulk and training to run lvl 4s so she can be a cash cow, sekrit banker is doing well with her trading and will most likely fund my eve Holdem and somerblink accounts and Aurelius is training to fly a orca to support vespa and a cloaky transport and cov ops to supply and support astral.
the logistics of what I am attempting are hitting home though in my last 8 hours online I haven't fired a shot at anyone and am permanently in transports!!

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Monday, 1 August 2011

the new laptop is here!!

the new laptop has arrived and I am over the moon with it, not only can it run eve.. with all the graphics turned let's me run it twice!! I can now duel box with no performance issues!!
this opens up a whole new world .. duel box mining.. scouting for myself... and a probing alt for lowsec piracy!!
did I say that last one outloud...

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well my new laptop should be delivered tonight, it shows as on the van now, really can't wait to get the eve client re downloaded and back into space.
over the last few days I have sent out a couple of emails to Relts, my corps CEO to get a heads up what im walking back into, turns out the Corp has taken to doing a lot in wormholes.. I'm not quite sure the extent of the activity yet but should be fun!
I have almost no experience in wormholes, apart from popping into a couple exploring in lowsec to see what happened and coming straight back out, so could be a good learning curve.
in preparation I have been doing some research on life in wormholes, seems overly risky on paper, but I'm sure with a good crew that know what they are doing you can make a ton of isk and have a little pvp fun as well.

see you tonight I hope!