Sunday, 7 August 2011

knocking the rust off..

well my day has been eventful! woke up this morning not feeling to well, so I decided to jump on eve to take my mind off things, maybe not the best idea as I kept making silly mistakes as my fever set in.
anyway after running a lvl 4 to use up time to my next jump clone, I jumped down to low to take the vengeance out for a little run, out round metropolis I bumped into a few Russians in battle cruisers, none of them fast enough to catch my frigate, and every one else seemed to only want to fight if the had 3 pilots backing them up!!
anyway I decided to head back while setting my overview up to make the d scanner more efficient and while testing it.. I found a reaper 100 k off a station, so I warped to the station and burnt towards the t1 frig and locked him up, I knew if I fired the station guns would hammer me, so could i kill it in time?
I opened fire and watched the station guns start ripping my tank apart, in the end I warped out in half structure the reaper almost dead but I couldn't quite finish it without watching my assault frig pop and I wasn't gonna swap a 20 mill ship for that. then I remembered I hadn't overheated my guns! if I had I would have popped him and got out with time to spare!
the rust is there but it WILL come off!