Wednesday, 3 August 2011


the last two days have been devoted to the tedious task of locating an moving lots of my ships and assets around empire, I have a little hi sec base in fricoure, a few pvp ships up in hek ready to move down to my new lowsec home.
I am still planning on concentrating on lowsec although the Corp is doing a lot of wh ops now, I may dive in from time to time to boost cash but I want astral to get back to what I enjoy, killing ships!
I now have vespa in a hulk and training to run lvl 4s so she can be a cash cow, sekrit banker is doing well with her trading and will most likely fund my eve Holdem and somerblink accounts and Aurelius is training to fly a orca to support vespa and a cloaky transport and cov ops to supply and support astral.
the logistics of what I am attempting are hitting home though in my last 8 hours online I haven't fired a shot at anyone and am permanently in transports!!

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