Monday, 1 August 2011


well my new laptop should be delivered tonight, it shows as on the van now, really can't wait to get the eve client re downloaded and back into space.
over the last few days I have sent out a couple of emails to Relts, my corps CEO to get a heads up what im walking back into, turns out the Corp has taken to doing a lot in wormholes.. I'm not quite sure the extent of the activity yet but should be fun!
I have almost no experience in wormholes, apart from popping into a couple exploring in lowsec to see what happened and coming straight back out, so could be a good learning curve.
in preparation I have been doing some research on life in wormholes, seems overly risky on paper, but I'm sure with a good crew that know what they are doing you can make a ton of isk and have a little pvp fun as well.

see you tonight I hope!