Sunday, 21 August 2011

life in the hole

I have been living in my corps class 3 hole for a week or so now, I thought I'd give you all my first impressions of life in unknown space.

very hit or miss!

I have taken a pvp harby, a amanthea and my pve apoc into the hole but to really do anything well requires more people! I have found a fit for a legion that is supposed to be able to solo any site ( posted to battleclinic by riotrick) but haven't got the money for it yet or the skills.

my pve apoc can handle most of the anom's but is tediously slow and very risky as it's tank is faction fit. every time I take it out solo I sweat bullets lol.

most of my Corp mates that Inhabit our hole come on later than me, normally as I'm thinking about going to bed, some times with an hour or so overlap, which means I spend a lot of time at the pos just waiting.

I often take the amanthea out to scan the hole out or look for raiders but never find much of interest :(

I think life is going to improve in the hole once a few more active members join the group (maybe that are on the same time as me) also one I have finished training for and can afford a legion that can solo the sites as I will be less dependent on others :)

I will persist and find my feet yet!

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