Tuesday, 6 September 2011


eve is in a funk...it eve smells stagnant!

lately I have started reading some eve blogs again, and seems I'm not alone in this opinion, ccp need to inject life soon or we will all lose the game we love.

personally my funk is compounded. over the last 4 or 5 weeks I have spent roughly half the time in lowsec and half in my corps worm hole, so far I made 50 mill running anom's in the hole and just over 200 mill doing exploration sites in low!

I am spending most nights I am in the hole scanning shit down then sitting at the pos as no other sod is on to run it with... I have tried to solo and my apoc isn't up to the job solo.

so I have made a decision, although I feel I will be letting the Corp down, until numbers in the hole increase and I will have people on around the same time as me, I will be heading back to lowsec.

I hope this solves my boredom and I really hope eve gets another lease of life soon, as even by lowsec standards , it's a ghost town out there!

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