Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ho Ho ho indeed!

well christmas has come and gone again, and logged back on last last night for the first time for a few days, only to see id been kicked from the corp ?!? didnt understand that as i hadnt done anything but help out since i had joined, anyway after checking to make sure my ship and assets were intact i joined the corps public channel to find out what had happened, luckaly i found one of the directors on the channel and found out what happened...
one of the corp members that joined slightly before me had recomended another guy to the corp, who had been let in i think on christmas eve, he then took a billion Isk ship out and ripped of a load of our piolots off.
as a result of this the member that recomended him and any one else connected with him had been booted, now while i had nothing to do with the scamming little git it was him i had spoken to in the public cannel on recruitment and while out running missions id lent him a couple of million for a destroyer with a salvaging setup. so i was booted as well incase i was in on the scam. afer chatting for a bit with the director he agreed i wasnt in on the scam and let me back in the corp.. then something odd happened.. i had been warned with the name of the guy that blew up our ships and warned to "keep away " from him, although im one of the more combat minded pilots in the corp my skills wouldnt have stood the test yet, after quater of an hour running some missions the scammer popped up on corp chat...

where are you missioning he asked, as if im going to tell him so he can come pop my ship..lmao, anyway what ensued was a cat and mouse of smack talk, i tried to glean as much info as i could while he tried to goad me into a fight i couldnt win.

we did manage to agree on two things though..1 we would cross paths again and neither of us had any intention of fighting fair...

Monday, 21 December 2009

good start to the new corp

well i joined the new corp a few days ago, who for reasons of security shall remain unnamed for now, they all seem very plesent, i have spent a bit of time moving some assets about, and yesterday i joined them for a small fleet running some lvl4 missions. all in all a sucsess, managed to net about 7-8 million isk for about an hour and a halfs work, got to know and fly with some of the corps mission runners and had a general good time. i did notice however that my guns still dont do the damage i want them to, its a very slow process taking down the battleships as im only using T1 afocal pulse lasers and heavy missiles.

after some serious thought to my training que, i have now started the 28 day slog to get T2 guns on the prophecy and then upgrade the heavy missiles to cruise, it needed to be done anyway as part of the training to get to the damnation command ship i want...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

the search for a new corp begins..

ok so last night was kinda dull in my world only got online for about an hour, ran 1 lvl 2 mission in about 20 mins and said my final good bye to my old corp, i then started browsing the emails from corps inviting me to join, i liked the look of a few but they were all based in lowsec space, great to hunt but didnt wanna live there...yet. so i started browsing corps in my local area, in nice saafe empire but close enough i can go pirate huning in low sec easy, i sent a few emails and got my stuff together, i realised any move to far away would require a LOT of two and fro for the first week moving ships and mods about.

today i have made a few alterations to the blog and im going to start listing some of the great blogs that inspired me to write this one, hell maybe one day ill even see this in the eve blog pack or tweet fleet.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

humble beginings...

Welcome to my shiney new blog!! after reading several other blogs from members of the eve comunity over the past couple of months with some interest i decided to start a blog of my own, mainly to compile my thoughts with in eve to help me learn and maybe in some small way to help or entertain others.

so a breif history of my time so far.. i flirted with playing eve over the summer months using two or three trial accounts, from the off the game appealed to me however convincing the wife i needed to pay for a game proved difficult however toward the end of the year i finally got my wayand after a great deal of research reading blogs guides and small amount of hands on expirence i created astral dominix, A Amaar pilot of questionable morals.

my early career started out much the same as most peoples, went through the tutorials,got a headache from the amount to learn, but also a thirst to learn and set out a few early career goals. i joined my first corp after 12 days about halfway through the sisters of eve mission arc, a fantastic learning expirence, i went from flying a poorly equiped cruiser (omen) up to flyung a prophecy, still not the best eqipped but getting better.

as i write this im just coming back from a two week break in play as i had some personal issues to sort out and i havecome back and decided to leave my current corp as one of the requirements is to commit to corp ops more regularly than i am currently able and look for a more casual mission running corp that dabbles in pvp in my spare time (and spare isk, i posted a advert for myself on the ingame forum and have had some nibbles so will be packing up anything of value from my current base in rens and moving to a new home in time for the new year..