Wednesday, 16 December 2009

humble beginings...

Welcome to my shiney new blog!! after reading several other blogs from members of the eve comunity over the past couple of months with some interest i decided to start a blog of my own, mainly to compile my thoughts with in eve to help me learn and maybe in some small way to help or entertain others.

so a breif history of my time so far.. i flirted with playing eve over the summer months using two or three trial accounts, from the off the game appealed to me however convincing the wife i needed to pay for a game proved difficult however toward the end of the year i finally got my wayand after a great deal of research reading blogs guides and small amount of hands on expirence i created astral dominix, A Amaar pilot of questionable morals.

my early career started out much the same as most peoples, went through the tutorials,got a headache from the amount to learn, but also a thirst to learn and set out a few early career goals. i joined my first corp after 12 days about halfway through the sisters of eve mission arc, a fantastic learning expirence, i went from flying a poorly equiped cruiser (omen) up to flyung a prophecy, still not the best eqipped but getting better.

as i write this im just coming back from a two week break in play as i had some personal issues to sort out and i havecome back and decided to leave my current corp as one of the requirements is to commit to corp ops more regularly than i am currently able and look for a more casual mission running corp that dabbles in pvp in my spare time (and spare isk, i posted a advert for myself on the ingame forum and have had some nibbles so will be packing up anything of value from my current base in rens and moving to a new home in time for the new year..