Monday, 21 December 2009

good start to the new corp

well i joined the new corp a few days ago, who for reasons of security shall remain unnamed for now, they all seem very plesent, i have spent a bit of time moving some assets about, and yesterday i joined them for a small fleet running some lvl4 missions. all in all a sucsess, managed to net about 7-8 million isk for about an hour and a halfs work, got to know and fly with some of the corps mission runners and had a general good time. i did notice however that my guns still dont do the damage i want them to, its a very slow process taking down the battleships as im only using T1 afocal pulse lasers and heavy missiles.

after some serious thought to my training que, i have now started the 28 day slog to get T2 guns on the prophecy and then upgrade the heavy missiles to cruise, it needed to be done anyway as part of the training to get to the damnation command ship i want...