Thursday, 17 December 2009

the search for a new corp begins..

ok so last night was kinda dull in my world only got online for about an hour, ran 1 lvl 2 mission in about 20 mins and said my final good bye to my old corp, i then started browsing the emails from corps inviting me to join, i liked the look of a few but they were all based in lowsec space, great to hunt but didnt wanna live there...yet. so i started browsing corps in my local area, in nice saafe empire but close enough i can go pirate huning in low sec easy, i sent a few emails and got my stuff together, i realised any move to far away would require a LOT of two and fro for the first week moving ships and mods about.

today i have made a few alterations to the blog and im going to start listing some of the great blogs that inspired me to write this one, hell maybe one day ill even see this in the eve blog pack or tweet fleet.