Thursday, 27 October 2011

Time for a change

I have left BTEK.

After much consideration,I have decided to create my own has been a long time coming.
i decided to make a corp dedicated to lowsec exploration with a little added piracy when target's present them self.

The Quantum of Solace corp was born of a love of bond films and I thought the meaning was appropriate with my intentions. If anyone was wondering, this is not a recruitment is a closed corp for now..just me and my alts.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I'm impressed.

Ok so two dev blogs have come forward today, first-

this single heartfelt apology may actually save eve, if they use this change of heart to work with the fans and build WITH us and FOR us, eve will never die.


this blog reveals the first details of the winter update.. and the very welcome return to focusing on spaceships!

I look forward to more of this type of news from ccp!!

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

One of the goons has offered a link explaining what the shit they are doing here

should be interesting

of the last few weeks

I have been busy of late, so sorry the blog has been suffering, I cant promise it will change massively any time soon, but i do want to get back to a regular posting mind set.
so what have I been doing..well I attended gamefest in Birmingham, which was great but would have been better if there had been a Eve stall know if a few thousand hardcore gamer's converge the might get a few new subs!!
next I have been playing a lot of gears 3, but this is a eve blog so that's all I will say.

Lastly I have booked my next holiday, which is costing a fooking bomb! as a result I have had to let one subscription lapse for a month :( the one with all three of my main toons, I do have a second account which was given to me by ccp for a year for running this very blog, that one has my alt Bombatsu on it, who is a a bit of a miner /hauler / training orca pilot.

As a result I felt it may be worth while checking out another mmo, for bit of change and to see if I like it, so I have created and started playing a LotRo account, not bad so far..think I will keep the account open but it feels off to me, when i craft things I think "why am I making this.. I could just buy it" the economy is very different to eve's player driven economy. It actually re lit my fire for eve a bit, surprisingly for the indy side.

So tonight I logged in Bombatsu and decided to go make a start on some ice mining as it would be nice to have a decent isk balance for once, however on attempting to make a start ...the tosspot's in goonswarm have camped every ice belt in gallant space and a ganking all miners..some protest to ccp about god knows what, hard to get a straight answer from the goons ..and not sure i would believe it if I did.
Oh well maybe tomorrow my ice mining retriever will get a work out.