Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lowsec ideas

A little while ago spectre of eve newb, posted a interesting blog on a
revamp of low sec, it got me of the ideas he sugested was reducing the GCC, and at the time I completly agreed, it is dull and boring having to wait out the GCC before going near a station or gate and 15 mins of it is appaling.
So after some careful thinking here is my idea.. when you attract GCC, you are agressed by gate guns and station guns for 5 mins..a suitable time, HOWEVER When you agress your ship is "tagged" as a fellon and you are unable to dock for 15 mins and you are findable on dscan for 10 mins. thiswould mean you cant sod off to a safe spot if you pick of a scout or bait, you gotta geep movig or take on the back up too.

it would also kill station games as once ou agress, you cannot dock for 15 mins, gates yes, stations no.

This could provide a whole new dynamic to eve small scale fleets, the consequense of agression would be much more intense and a lot less dull. instead of us pirates waiting out GCC at a safe looking for scan probes , we either have to take on any back up that arrives within 10 mins or run. it also give the carebears and alike a chance to get even.

I also loved the idea of pirate and law bringer specific stations and LP stores ( see spectres blog), it could add an extra incentive to move to lowsec. Some exculsive pirate and bounty hunter ships would be very cool to

Indy nonsense

It's been quiet on the pew pew front so far this week, Due to some real life issues my playtime has been reduced to an hour or so here and there. However this is profiting me in other ways, as when i am logging on this week it tends to be in vespa my indy alt, she has started trading properly now and is working to get some goods on the market in and around our lowsec home that people need regularly (ammo, ships ect) at a small mark up but saves them hauling the stuff to lowsec with there own alts..sort of a convinence store lol.
She is also starting to manufacture properly, only on low level BPO's like rifters, punishers ect but I have built myself spredsheets (while bored at work) to calculate my trading endevours and track profit and to predict manufacture costs against sale revenue ect, as a result this rum soaked pirate may become solvant in the coming weeks. i am pouring about 30 mil into my project and seeing if i can make it "grOW" .
If anyone knows of a reputable person to research some BPO's for me could they let me know, I could do it myself but it would take forever (assuming i can find a slot in high sec) so am thinking if the price isnt to steep I will just pay to have them researched.

As a final note i have decided to train vespa to fly an orca, to help with corp mining ops and as a large scale hauler (if im careful...and I am..normally). The additonal benifit of all this to Astral is if i improve the market around our home, we may attract more shoppers to the system, which means more kills for astral and the Black rabbits.

be careful where you shop.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Vespa's world (in charecter)

Vespa was sitting in the hanger going through the production reports for the week; production on rifter’s and punishers was better than she had expected. A small light began flickering on her console, she flipped to the com Channel open and was greeted with the glare of the harsh looking amarr face.
“yes astral?”
“How is the production going? I’m going to need to “borrow” some of the profits for a new harbinger”
“I will be bringing the stock to Auner soon, multiple frigate’s and a few items I noticed went for sale anywhere those 200mm plates your so fond of using.”
“well done, I knew there was a reason I bought you. Add my normal mark up, make the low life’s pay well, unless they are friend’s of mine.”
“Is there anything else you need?
“rum is always needed!, and I want some thing to do, bring me some exotic dancers as well”
The screen went blank, he never bothered with hello or goodbye.

Vespa still had mixed feeling’s towards Astral, he had bought her some years ago and intended to keep her in his “personal” service, however he had seen potential in her and sponsored her to become a capsuleer, he was the very thing she hated, yet had given her freedom, now days he was her employer and mentor in many ways but left her to her self, as long as she kept him in ships and rum.

“Fit the Hauler for lowsec, cant keep the pirates waiting!”


Dont be to harsh it's my first attempt :)

A death race....hmmm

So if you haven't heard yet there is going to be a Death race through null sec!! yippee.

EVEOGANDA is running the show...check out his blog for details.
At first i thought cooool i'll enter, but then I thought about it and decided a T3 cruiser would have the edge in the race (i have my reasons for thinking bubble avoidance.) then i thought well, i'll enter and use participant's as target practice...

however after a little thought and a lot of rum I had a EVEN better idea, however its a secret (unless your in my alliance), but should be a lot of fun.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Further reading and a milestone for me..

Hi guys, another Rabbit has a blog i wanted to let you know about,
8agpuss blog its quite new but good so far, and this guy is a fountain of knowlage so any budding pirates will learn a lot form this blog.

Also on posting this I have hit a personal milestone myself of 100 posts!!!

send me a cake lol.

roams and a frig tourney

Hello readers, I promised some action for the next blog and boy did I get some over the weekend, some good moments, some bad and some where I showed I’m still a giant noob.
The weekend started in excellent form with me hanging around auner (our home) waiting for a roam to go out, while I was there I started scanning looking more for anything that may want to kill me than anything else and I found a ship…a probe.. at a cluster, I asked in corp chat if anyone was out in a probe, no one was. Now at the cluster there was 1 planet 1 belt and 1 custom office…I took a guess and warped to the belt …nothing …custom office…nothing…he cant be that silly… him lol! I locked webbed and scrammed him in seconds and he quickly melted. Being a small ship I didn’t even thing to ransom although a chat window appeared as he popped and he said he was going to make me an offer ..oops. also as the chat window appeared as he popped it gave him enough time to get his pod out…now I had already heated my guns web and scram for the pod…I had a quick chat with him realised I could have made a few mill more from him and turned to his wreck which for some reason evaporated….i had not turned my guns off when I clicked on it and popped the wreck… dumb ass mistake of the weekend 1, but also my first SOLO kill. Kill mail here

After that little buzz I took my harbinger out in a large fleet with Gigalmesh1980 (our leader and all round good egg) we had about 10 battleships with us 6 battle cruisers and a few cruisers and desroyers…surprisingly most of the roam, no one wanted to fight. We did however find a few faction warfare bods on a gate in Dal, props to them they decided to take us on in navy comets, we did however decimate them. I got on two of the kill mails
here and here. I logged off shortly after as I needed some sleep.

Next log on was Sunday, The day of the rabbits frigate tournament, the rules were simple, T1 ships and mods, named were fine, faction ammo was fine. It promised to be a lot of fun. I started my day in vespa doing a lot of runs to rens and hek shopping for T1 mods for everyone (also managed to make a few isk and bought a load of crap to sell in auner and a fully fitted magnate for cloaky probing) on the way back from one of the runs I herd Gig was taking out another BC fleet so I quickly logged in astral and joined him, the fleet was un eventful we didn’t catch the fleet we were after, so on the way back I got complacent…align to gate- warp- jump- hold cloak- align to gate ect, however Gig stopped at a high sec gate on the way back, I wasn’t paying attention and jumped through held cloak realised what id done, attempted to burn back to gate..sodding concord. Harbinger loss here (and I know don’t use beams for PVP, I had the pulses in hek I just hadn’t moved them out yet.)
Dumb ass mistake number 2.
Next I resumed my shopping for 1 last mod , 1 jump away in high sec..I don’t need to log into vespa do I ?
Concord don’t shoot at pods, so the wont shoot a rookie ship will they ?
Wrong , the most certainly will…kill mailhere, my final dumb ass mistake.

An hour or two later the tournament was about to kick off, 20 of us turned up for it, in all manner of ships. Personally I brought a punisher fitted with 3 150mm scout auto cannons, a web and AB, and in the lows a repper 200mm plate gyro and DC, all named. I also had 3 trimark rigs on, I was slow but designed as a rifter killer as I knew several people were bringing rifters.

On arrival at the safe a can was placed as a starting spot , Jarek who was running the event would call two names picked by a random number generator to orbit the can att 10k and then 3-2-1-go till 1 popped or 5 mins passed at which point Cebit would pop which ever frigate had the lowest armour with his hurricane.
The fist few match’s were awesome to watch some people going with kiting caldari ships , one with no guns just all ECM lol. During the match’s the spectators were betting on the outcome, bets ranged from a few mill to about 20 mill (I made 1 bet of 5 mill and won)

My first match was against Gensi Five, a good pilot, thankfully he was in a rifter, he tore my shields apart as fast as I killed his, however he was insta webbed and NOS ed and my repper and trimarks gave me the edge, he died quite fast once his shield went, giving me my second solo kill, kill mail here
My second fight was against a kiting Merlin, he was just to fast and kept out of my range while raining missiles on me, he had just about broke my tank when the 5 mins were up and cebit flew in to finish the job my loss mail here, in the end Otto, one of our best pilots won overall taking the prize, and Sidar took the side prize for the academy member with low SP who got furthest.
It was GF’s all round and after we all popped Ottos winning fit with rookie ships lol, but this weekend I learned a LOT and had a blast!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

recomended reading -

New reading recommendation – A fellow rabbit (but he is in the FULL black rabbits, I’m still learning in the academy) very good blog only noticed it today and read through the entry's, made me smile I feature a few times!
So lady’s and gents I give you
cebit's blog!!!.
Hey guys I haven’t been posting much this week as RL has been busy and the times I have logged on to eve, haven’t gone to plan…I managed to log on a couple of days ago and got out on a frig roam down to anamake, as we got there we found ourselves a nice myrm to play with and tried to kill it, due to some confusion with the targets being called, new members ignoring the drones and some support turning up for the myrm we got a bit of a kicking.
The guys that lost their ships podded back to auner to reship and those that got out ok (me included) waited out our GCC bouncing about..then some thing new and interesting happened, I got to FC us back home lol, due mainly to the fact I was the only one left with voice com’s as some mic issues were going on, I led us back safely until I found a flashy red cruiser on a station …we had 4 frigs…it was a toss up but I thought it would salvage the night if we killed it, we burned in and lit him up…was going quite well until I realised one of the frigs had gone down and T2 drones were out, because I was watching the overview instead of fleet channel i didn’t see him go …my fail.
I gave the order to de aggress and run, im not sure if they didn’t hear me or chose not to but I was the only one coming back from that roam in the ship I left in.
Last night was a little more successful, on logging in I headed over to the white rabbit channel, the whites for anyone unaware are our industrial and logistic corp..a excellent corp for mission runners and miners haulers ect ( keep an eye on our forums to see when recruitment is open if you like the idea of safe access to lowsec without the bother of being a pirate), I asked if they could build me a nice amanthena cov ops frig as I will be able to fly one in a week or to and id rather keep the isk in the alliance. I was told by our newest bloggerLotrias (go read his blog!!) that he had a couple laying about, after some negotiation, he agreed to let me have one free..IF I promise not to get it killed, and promote his blog like mad (seriously go read his blog :P).
After the negotiating I wanted to kill something but couldn’t find much to kill and people went going on a roam till later, so I invited a fellow rabbit by the name of whiteshark for a duel, me in my punisher “ass muncher 1” he bought a rifter, it was a duel to structure.
Was a close fight, to begin with he tore through my shields much faster that I could hit him as I was webbed and he was not, as a punisher has only 2 mids (AB and scram) however as I hit armour he hit a brick wall and as I was using ACII as well I was also at my optimal, I slowly took him into structure as I was around 405 armour.
Was a good fight, he may have won had he properly rigged the rifter but who knows.
After that I had to log off but I will be taking part in a frig tournament this weekend with any luck so should have lots to report.

Have fun!!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

the plan.

Ok so I haven’t posted for a few days, I have been having a hectic time IRL, I did manage to log on for an hour Sunday to move some stuff for a corp member through from hek to aurner, wasn’t a bad run, he scouted the only lowsec gate and I took vespa through in her hauler, a nice 5 mill for helping him out, everyone was happy.

I have been doing a lot of research on covert ops skills and have found Im not far of having the skills to be a pretty good cloaky prober. Now I have never probed in my eve life but I quite like the idea of going out in a covert ops and finding some one at a safe warping in all cloaky like and then having the fleet warp to be and obliterate them :)
The next logical step after that would be a force recon and assist in the kills. Which again I almost have all the skills for (minus the cov-ops skills) am now training the last big skill, electronic upgrades V- 14 odd days, then cloak to V, 4 days and a few probey skills like range finding ect to 3, while saving up to buy me my new toy.
I think I should be able to buy and fit one for about 30 mill, then a few days playing with it to get good before I take it out for a real test. Although I wont be getting on that many kill mails in it would be a handy resource for the new academy pilots and FC’s to have.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Ooo new loot!

From tuesday you will be able to undock with a plex ( pilot license extension) in your hold as a normal item! As a pirate I can't tell you how happy I am with this idea lol!

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fleet fun.

Last night was quite a eve intensive night for me, I logged on a little before 17:30 eve time, Just in time to see their was a large operation being put together by the alliance ( I had some how missed that thread on the forums). They were asking for big DPS battle cruisers and tackle frigates, after a chat about fittings I modified my harbinger “gate rape” to head out, we left system at 1800. the fleet of some 25 ships made its way down to the staging area, along the way we were pestered by a vagabond that wanted to play, he would follow us through the gate, we would shoot him..he would run away. We didn’t bother chasing him as he wasn’t our objective. The fleet moved smoothly to the staging station..then we hit a road bump. Operation cancelled.

Now being a pirate corp our leader jarek did what any good pirate would do with a fleet of that size. .. he made some alterations and we headed out to kill as many people as possible. I was asked to re-ship into a frigate and head out as one of the scouts, not my favourite job, but a crucial one. I headed of in the direction ordered as did the other scouts nd spent the rest of the evening as either a scout rear guard or bait. The fleet did pretty good nailing some good kill which can be found here (Thursday 8th between 1800 and 2200).

Lots of fun for everyone involved!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fun Fun and recruitment news !

Hello loyal blog readers, Last night I managed to get on in time for some good fights and one lot of payback! You may remember some time ago I mentioned a couple of asshat’s were hanging about outside out home station in aurner shooting our new rabbits and generally being a pain in the ass as it was all station games…we got him last night! We had a BC camp up on the Amo gate and he decided to have a pop at a rabbit as he returned to the station, not realising all the rest of the fleet was undocked and aligned to him :P you can find the kill mail
here, he lost over 131 mill in ship and mods and god knows how much in implants as we podded him. Pay back was good.

After that we managed to get out on a roam, just a few of us to begin with as is normal, Mail lite was FC, we had a new member with us in a punisher, a AF and I was flying tackle in my punisher “ass muncher” lol. The first kill came after we warped on to a belt that had a rifter only to see him warp out as we landed, I asked the fleet to sod off on a hunch he may come back …and 2 seconds later warped back to the belt at 70 km, I asked the fleet to hold until I had point, and headed for him with MWD, once I had point I started pounding him and the fleet warped to me at their optimal he melted fast, and was no real problem after mail landed and perma jammed him, kill mail is

We then moved on to amamake, it was a bit too busy in there for any real hunting however we managed to catch a stabber in there carrying BPC’s?? we quickly popped him and caught his pod, we let our new member pop the pod to get his first kill mail and sec status hit (and for fun). The kill mail is

After this we headed back to aurner however there were an insane amount of gate camps on the way back, most of us made it fine however oto did lose his assault frig.

If this sort of fun sounds like something you would like to be part of the academy is having a recruitment drive at the moment. We are looking for new pirates to teach, there is a thread up on the eve forums with details of how to apply here. also you can check out our forums for details on how to apply
So if flying with drunken rum soaked pirates appeals to you please apply!

Monday, 5 July 2010


Well I have to tell you all my bounty topped out at 112 million isk, damn that was an impressive display, i have no idea how you guys got it that high but made me feel good to think maybe a i have a lot of readers all donating 5k, or maybe a few that donated a huge amount...either way thank you it made me feel really good about the blog.
Tonight I logged in a little after 7 and jumped straight into a fleet that was out, unfortunately they were on the way back form a roam and i only managed to catch up in resbroko 1 jump from home. i did get to spot a celebrity tho, helicity boston of Hulkageddon fame was playing in system, we didnt get into a serious fight and my only contribution was to warp straight into helicity only to warp straight out as we were ordered to leave it and head back to aurner.
We were followed back to our system by a slightly disgruntled ex rabbit, by the name of Dame death, what ensued was a bit unpleasent. Dame sat a few km off our station talking smack in local trying to bait some of the new TBRA members into a fight they couldn't win, several of the older TBRA members tried to talk sensible to their old freind but it didnt work, in the end a few members of the black rabbits propper undocked in battle ships and let rip. Dame death docked made a few carrier threats then logged. Im not sure if his grudge was against TBRA or if he was looking for easy kills on new pirates, but it lacked class.

On the upside after the messing about i did get to see a good 1v1 honored between to very good drake pilot's. The rabbits always honor 1v1 but not many others do so it was a refreshing change. unfortunately after that i had to log off as i had a few bits to do, just as another roam was heading out..but there is always tomorrow.

As a side note id like to congratulate jareck, the new CEO of the academy, he was a awesome director and instructor and im sure will mold a lot of awesome pirates in his image.

Have fun guys!

Saturday, 3 July 2010


I can't believe my bounty is over 103 million isk in 1 day! Thank you so much to everyone that contributed.

Although now several of my Corp mates have decided I may be worth popping now ( hey they are pirates) I will be trying to keep my bounty as long as possible and see if I can get it even higher!
I will let you guys know what it tops out at, maybe it will set some kind of eve record? Think the most I have seen is 4 bill tho so...maybe not.

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Friday, 2 July 2010

The experiment.

Hello people of eve! Today I received my first donation to date for my blog!! It came from David goodwill who enjoys the blog and decided I needed a bounty as all good pirates do!

I was really happy some one gave me a 1 million isk bounty, I feel like a real bad ass lol. It got me thinking, I wonder how high my bounty would get if everyone who reads chipped in? 10 mill, 100 mill lol ?

So I have decided to ask anyone that has been amused by my blog to assign a bounty to me, I don't care if it's 1 isk or 100 mill I just want to see how high it will go lol.

So readers if you care enough to see this humble pirate hunted please donate your spare change to my experiment, hell you may even be the one to pop me and win the kitty!

Have fun!

another reading recomendation

Hello people, I was again browsing through the blogs in google reader and came across a gem of a post by Persephone Astrid, a hellcat I think.. anyway after reading through her backlog of posts i was most entertained and thought i would appeal to readers intrested in pirates :) it is mainly writen in charecter and is a well writen comical read.


bad idea..

I had a blonde moment last night.. a few of the rabbits were huning in auner and caught a guy outside our station, I warped in to join the fight just in time to see his ship pop, burned to wards his pod and let rip...

Thing I forgot was I was 20km from the station and was in range of the sentry guns flying a rifter...not a good combination. On the upside I got on the pod kill and managed to drop my sec status that little bit more and most of my modules were recovered. the downside was I lost a rifter to a stupid mistake.

I noticed Last night vespa is sitting on a few million isk now which means some of here stock has been sold, i think tonight I will take her out mining for a but and see if I can get some more rifters and mods built to help fund astral's pirate ways.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Im a nice pirate ...see.

I was reading through my back log of blog’s this afternoon and came across a post I felt needed to be linked for several reasons..the post is by
eve fail posting, in which he claims the blog pack is an elitist group of bloggers that never link to him (I in fact find you blog interesting and have been reading for a while). However His blog was one of the recent ones I found due to a lack of publicity in the form of CK’s blog roll, I found it through eve bloggers.
So as my good deed for the day please go read his blog, it is pretty good, apart from calling us in the blog pack elite…

-1.44 and dropping..

Last night I managed to take my horrible sec status in to the minus figures! I loggind in with astral last night as the wife had a headache and I could focus on what I was doing, to begin with very little was going on, a few Black Rabbit academy members were ratting or hunting around our home system a few were moving crap about, but most were reluctant to get a roam together due to the problems with the last patch.
I decided to undock and go looking for a fight but for the first 2 hours I was chasing shadows. The closest I got to combat was another member called for some assistance to pop a BS rat, a few of us warped in to help my rifter landed the final hit and got me the 500k bounty, I was amused.
After deciding nothing was going to happen I logged into Vespa and started running more missions in the hope of getting her standings up for my data core project, I had barely completed 1 mission when I heard things were getting interesting in lowsec via team speak, I quickly logged back into astral and got into space, there were several nuets in system, most docked and apparently I had just missed a fight!
I warped out to one of my safes and started scanning, I heard the call go out we were about to light a cyno to bring in some logistics at the station, so I warped back to see if I could help, as I landed I saw one of my corp mates had pointed a mini frig about a few km out, I started to burn toward him but he popped just as I got in range…I did however manage to point his pod, and pop it kill here ( I couldn’t ransom him as the station guns were about to shoot) then warped off to a safe to let my GCC cool down.
I am now the proud owner of a -1.44 sec status..i’m getting there.
After my GCC had cooled off I warped back and found his ship still there with some loot onboard and my real prize his frozen corpse…I plan to collect these and then drop loads outside our station the day I graduate the academy lol. I did feel a little sorry for him, he was only 24 days old, but hey you gotta learn!

Happy pirating.