Friday, 29 November 2013

silly ship

Just a quick post, if your flying a breacher..a brawler fit won't win much.. a brawler fit against a vengeance won't win ever. dead breacher

never even dipped to below 60% shields, and I was armour tanked.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

better maps..

Ok so it's not a big thing but it pisses me off, the map system in eve is clunky inefficiant and CLUTTERED! seriously the galaxy star map is useful for some things but shows very little info, I defy you to use that only when planing roams or jumps and not look at dotlan...

So why is it dotlan a third party site (and an excellent one at that) can display regions in easy to read ways that are chock full of informationy goodness, yet the "official" in game maps suck ass? Why and we have the option to see the star map in 2d similar to dotlan but with the options to drill down through the data or have scrolling information or some other fancy display?

Wouldn't be a game changer but would make life a lot easier, just because the option of a decent map is available out of game doesn't mean it shouldn't be put in the game, does it? Crack on ccp..

Sunday, 24 November 2013

boosting alts thoughts

Low sec is full of awesome solo and small gang PvP. Some people like to get an edge using booster alts, which is a very legitimate game mechanic..but...

Using a booster alt is a lot like using steroids in sport, it may help you win a few more races but ultimately you wind up with a shriveled weinner and a unhealthy dependancy in the place of real skill.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Rubicon and tuskers.

So Rubicon has hit.. not as big a impact as I was expecting , but I like it. The warp speed changes are cool, the SOE ships look hot (must buy one soon)

I have yet to see a ghost site (admittedly haven't been looking) or any mobile structures, tho I'm sure blowing them up will provide some amusement.

Have had a nice run of solo kills the last few days, really feeling the PvP groove back , I tend to favor brawler ships like the Tristan or vengeance but have been taking out a varied mix. Check my kill board if your interested in specifics.

Now lately the tuskers and my CEO rixx have had a little (public) disagreement that resulted in the tuskers declaring war on stay frosty. From mine and most of our corps point of veiw this made no difference and was quite funny, still after a while rixx made a amusing apology of sorts and the war ended.. then I saw this eve mail..

Dear Stay Frosty members, As you are aware, The Tuskers declared war on Stay Frosty after several months of co-existing in Hevrice. The reason for the war being declared were simple: we finally became tired of our members individually, as well as a collective, being slandered and lied about to present a negative image of us to the wider eve community. After a month of war, despite what your leadership promised in terms of pushing us out of our system as well as the allies it had tried to court including Negative 10 Alliance / the united , it showed no signs of abating. On the contrary, it escalated before your leadership wisely chose to establish a secon dary base far from our home. Several times throughout the war, your CEO as well as several Directors reached out to our leadership to find the terms necessary for the war to end when it was clear that the war was having a negative effect on your corporation. It was decided that if your CEO took certain actions then we would end this war. Whilst it is clear that he has not honoured the spirit of the offer given, nevertheless he has met the letter. As we keep our word, the war has therefore ended. If your CEO reneges on his side of the agreement then the war will be back on and we will no longer restrain ourselves; we will make it our goal to give your corporation the most unpleasant time in EVE we can. We hope it will not come to this. We have nothing personal against Stay Frosty members and we hope this will continue to be the case. Fly dangerous Stay Frosty, The Tuskers

Now this pissed off a few of my fellow frostians, some replied with sarcastic evemails, I am more literal, so when I logged in tonight and saw rixx saying there was a tusker Brutix on there station I decided to send my response and jumped in a harby, and let off a few rounds..Now the Brutix had the good sense to do nothing but dock up at half armor (sensible with a dozen frostians in sys and only 2 tuskers) however this vexor was less sensible.

Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against any of the tuskers, but I despise the arrogance that they think they can have ANY impact on my play. Please consider that kill my response to your epeen letter. Astral. sf Frosty as FUCK .

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

operation 2.billion

So I recently have been burning through ships with astral like a loon, I have a habit of always being on the attack to the point of reckless. This has put a strain on my isk and since I have moved I don't have the cash spare to just buy a couple of plex to top it back up :(

Hence was born operation 2.billion, I intend to take 50 million start up capital and trade my way to 2 billion as fast as I can.

Last night I flew down to jita to stock up on my speculations, I intend to supply certain lvl 4 mission systems with Stuff I find lacking and often have to trott back to a hub to pick up, they may not sell as fast as station trading but I think this could work...

Monday, 4 November 2013


Have been tied up for the last month moving house, I am now in the new place with everything sorted, and with a new puppy (which seems to think my office/ gaming room is his toilet). With any luck I should be back out hunting and blogging about it very soon.