Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I know it shouldnt matter..

I was checking my stat counter today and was curious to know how my readership had grown since being added to the blog pack, i have attached the summary showing my hits since may, keep in mind this wont take account of capsuleer readers or those using a RSS feed.
statcounter summery

It shouldn't make a difference but its nice to see anyway.

another milestone..

Today i hit a milestone I have been looking forward to for some time, in about 30 mins I will have completed mechanic V (I took my time getting to it i know) which means I finally have all the skills needed for an assult frigate!!!
Two days ago I asked a freind of mine (Reltso Yand of Btek corp - great guy and corp) to build me a Retribution assalt frig, I went with that over the vengance as to be honesst my missile skills suck ass, but I cant make my mind up if i should fit it with T2 beams or T2 autocannons? I plan on using it manly for pvp, i may also do some ratting if i run out of live people to shoot at.
As i havent made my mind up on fittings I am training small projectiles to V now so I should have everything in place in about 5 days when my frig turns up (I hope).
Also i have now passed the 4.5 million skill point mark, I am starting to feel like I know what im doing with sub capital ammar ships, i still have a fair bit to learn about battle ships but I get the nuances for these ships now more than ever.

Monday, 29 March 2010

How to make Ninja's cry...

Recently I have been thinking about running a small sideline buisness in bear with me, because I havent trried this yet so im not 100% sure it would work, but if it does, it would be a fun way to piss off ninja salvagers.

I would pick a region know for ninja's, then advertise my "anti ninja service" for 10 mill a mission, if anyone decides they want me i buy a cheap t1 frig insured (a punisher most likely), fit it for speed and DPS then get them to fleet me so I can warp straight to them.
I would then sit by a station away from the fleet while they run the mission..should a ninja show up, i get them to lock him (stop's them cloaking) and get within 20 km i then warp in drop fleet and pop them before Concord pops me..basicly a suiside gank with morals!

As most of the ships people use to ninja have paper thin tanks I think I could pull this off, while it would cost me about 3-4 mill a time (i'd use good guns) i could be popping ninja's saving the mission runners 2-3 times that, and if im poping covert ops ships with nice probe launcher's will really upset them.
you could even offer 5 mill back if your not needed and make 5 mill for nothing..

If anyone has tried this or has any veiws or advive id love to hear from you as i think this would be a LOT of fun and am seriously thinking about giving it a go next week.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Eve gate

I just had a poke round the eve gate site...looks very nice!
In case you haven't heard they are running an alpha test and want everyone to check it out! The web addy is

Now I don't think it's connected to the server at the moment as I had to use a old password to get in and the mail I can see is old as is my Corp, but it gives a good idea what it will be like and I am even more excited now I have seen it.
The calender is sadly not functional yet, it does show all contacts in the address book and all that sort of stuff, amusingly it has a broadcast feature similar to the status bar on facebook to tell everyone what your doing or thinking... I can now broadcast the exact times of my bowl movements to anyone who cares to know lmao!!

Seriously it looks good and it will help CCP if we all abuse it to help load test it.

My mission statement

I was reading some blogs today while looking like I was working hard (I never work hard, I work smart), and thought that "diary of a pod pilot" wrote a superb post on the 7 habbits of highly effective people in eve. you can read his original post here

Most of the points he makes are stuff to work on in private, but I truly think point 2, setting clear goals in a mission statement, is something everyone should do. so for the first time i will list my goals publicly and give them a time frame, should I fail you may point and chuckle. These are listed in the order I wish to achive them :-

1- To fly all the ammar T2 frigs - Within 2 months.

This should be easy, given my skill's i could do this in 3 weeks but incase i get distracted. I have set this goal as i want a assult frig for lowsec ratting and pirate hunting, and the covert ops ships to ferry my jump clones to null in time.

2- to be able to fit a Battleship T2 - within 5 months.

I can Fly and fit a battleship now but cant fit T2 rigs guns or some mods..this is a big ask in 5 months as at least 2 months of that will be spent getting T2 large beams. this will be my main fleet ship in the future in my eyes, if im going to be involved in any null sec fights i intend to field a fully T2 fit battleship.

3- Command ship - within 9 months.

Should be able to do this, my goal here is to have a comand ship in empire for the purpose of mission running for isk and to train new corp members.

4- to be pay my subscription from the money i make in game- 1 year.

This is something im not so sure on, i'd like to be able to make enough ingame in a month to fund a plex each month and still be able to buy the ships and mods I need. If I was making 400 mill a month I should be sweet.

So those are my goals i hope they may inspire people to create their own goal set, or just to think about where they are headed over the next year, for me, the next year is learning not to be a PvP noob and EARNING a place in the galaxy, I have a lot to learn moving away from empire space but i think it will be worth it, and i will still keep a foot in empire for training and a fall back if I lose everything when I move towards null.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hard call

First I'm sorry I haven't posted much this week, I have had a ton of things to deal with outside of eve (and was lent mass effect 2, you know), another reason I wasn't busting my ass to get on was recently btek has been dead! I logged on today to find yet again I was the only person on Corp chat, after an hour or so I made the call, I needed to move to a more active Corp.

After browsing the local corps recruiting I was uninspired, but a former Corp mate came online and invited me to join his corp, "top gear Corp" named after the English show featuring Jeremy clarkson.

I have accepted, as his Corp is planing to move to null asap which fits my needs, and also delve in to lowsec for pvp training! It's still a small Corp but seems well run and with a clear set of goals! I will keep you all updated.

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Second death.. With added freinds

Ok I took a Corp mate (the sarj) in to low sec tonight and after a while we found a fight, and died lol he wasn't impressed, to be honest it was a bit of a cluster fuck. Mid fight got a convo invite from what I thought was the guy I was fighting. Turned out to be another dude inviting me on a roam, a fan of this blog apparently, can't turn a fan down ! So I said I will join him Monday if he is about, even if it's a trap it will be a learning expirience and I don't take ships out I will cry about losing so really can't lose!

hopefully I'll get my first solo kills soon!

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Quick pew pew update..

I said recently I had been out in low sec and failed to get in a fight and was a little disapointed, well I got in a fight last night .. And died. As soon as I undocked infact I was under fire from a mauller and a rifter, I was in armor before the screen had loaded, at Which point the rifter bailed and left me with the mauller, I put up a decent fight taking him to 50% armor before going pop lol!
I fully intend to refit and get back to lowsec hunting asap as soon as I have a few shiny new ships to lose in my hanger. Will be in high sec for the rest of the week paying for them and helping with BTEK recruitment then off to null and hopefully a roam with mail, should also have T2 AC's by then mwahahaha!

** update: didn't check the kill mail last night, it wasn't a mallet and a rifter it was a Sacrilege (HAC) and a Fed Navy comet.

Thanks kozmic

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Btek is recruiting

Ok so we need a few more active pilots! We have loads of industrial expirince, bpo's and access to lvl 4 missions.
We need Indy pilots, mission runners! Any one over 30 days old with positive gallante and minni standings will be welcome!

We arnt to into pvp too much (although Im learning) but low sec runs and ratting can be arranged, even If it's only with me lol!

No pirates tho, sorry
Apply in game or visit btekpub for a chat.

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Monday, 8 March 2010

Well I tried to die!!!

Ok so i made a decision today, I'm gonna learn to pvp properly, so today I hopped in by best pvp fit punished

3x small beams II

T2 scram
T2 ab

T2 regen nano
100mm plate
T2 small rep
Skadi cooling sys

And asked in the Corp who wanted to come get blown up... No one did so, I went alone.

My thinking was pirates start somewhere and with crap ships so I'd find and kill them. It's harder than it sounds, I flew through over 30 low sec systems trying to get a pirate to kill me, often shouting in local " mr piwate please come kill me!"

But they didn't I got close to a dremeil and a rokah fight but both wouldn't shoot first, every one else thought it was a tarp lol

Moral of the story... Low sec is safe for crazy people
My first low sec roam.. A fail but not for the reasons I expected.

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list of use full mission running skills...sort of..

Ok a freind of mine (mail lite @ has sugested i add some skills and sites that be use ful to mission runners.. and i think he is right , should have really added this in but hell i was suposed to be working lol! so here goes..

you should ve aiming for ASAP:

Cruiser to IV
Frigate IV
Your chosen tool of destruction IV
Connections III
Diplomacy III
Mil connections III
Salvager III

depending on race..

all sheild skills to IV ( for example modulation and calibration) to allow you to use good extenders and sheildd hardners..then train sheild rigs..get those purgers!!

armor tanks: repair systems to IV, hull upgrades IV, and all calibration skills (i.e EM armor calibration) to III

these skills wont realy come in to play until late in then lvl 2 missions or Lvl 3's but learning them early will make a Big difference!!

also some handy sites for mission runners are : - used to search for agents - used to look up specific mission details - look up ship fittings - general info all things eve.

Also, as Mail noticed i hadnt mentioned it, in later missions you need to tank for a specific damage type..look up what the enemy will be using on eve survival, if they are using EM and thermal for example, make sure you are fitted to resist those damage is unlikely you will be able to tank ALL damage types all the time do you may need to change mods depending on the missions you have...if i think of anything else or anyone else has any sugestions please let me know.

Mission running how to start..

This is a basic run down of how to get started in mission running, im writing this with new players in mind to stop them making some of the mistakes I made when i started. I will write an advanced guide for mission running in the future.

ok so i will assume you have done the tutorial's and know how to fly your ship and that you have a frigate or destroyer and are looking to get into a cruiser..if your not you should be, if I remember right you are given a decent frig for completing one of the tutorial lines.
your first goal should be to get in to a cruiser and start working on your skills, this will take money which is mission running will come in.
the first thing you need to do is decide who to work for and stick to them..for now.
The reason for this is if you bounce between agents early on (as muggins here did) it takes for ever to gain standings, which you need to unlock better paying missions.
If you have joined a corp yet ask who they have good standings with and work for them, you will gain access to better missions via the corp standings. If you are still with a NPC (starter) corp open you charecter sheet select standings and see who you have the highest standings with, then bring up there information and search for agents available to you.

You should in the begining be able to acess only lvl 1 missions, look for t
he highest quality available to you, preferably in security. the reason to go for security to begin with is you will mainly be fighting pirates, which will award bounties when you kill them, these will be small to begin with but they will all add up and at higher levels the bounties are worth more than the missions.

The next step is to fit your ship for the missions, im not gonna go to indepth here, as good fittings for all ships can be found at , also low level missions the setup is'nt to important, But the basic idea in a frigate is to fit yourself for speed, you want to fit a mod to repair your sheild OR armor, not both!! only tank one, both is a wasted slot. gallante and ammar tank armour caldari tank sheilds, and minitimar...well they are a odd mix.
fit the wepons that you recive a bonus too, lasers missiles or drones, and play to the strengths of the ship, if you need help look at the fittings sugested on battle clinc to point you in the right direction.

on Most lvl 1 and 2 missions you should be able to blast through with a frigate, some of the harder lvl 2's you may need a cruiser so start skilling for one as soon as you can, it doesnt take long to get in to a cruiser and they can take and deal a lot more damage than a frig or destroyer!

My next tip is as soon as you can train the skills to use a slavager, the salvage from the wreaks will net you a fortune to begin with and should help you buy a cruiser.

As soon as you can move on to lvl 2 missions, the differnce in pay and loot will make a big difference to your wallet!

My final beginers tip is ask your corp mates to run some lvl 4 missions with you as often as you can, the standings will go up very quickly doing this and you should make a few mill from each lvl 4 you help with.

have fun mission running i will write a more advanced guide when i get a little more time..

Friday, 5 March 2010

My eve space....

A little late and a lot crap but here it is

A lAp top ballenced on the arm of a chair, taken at my ceo's request... Pathetic compared to every one else's

Thursday, 4 March 2010


As the title says I have been stressed lately, 2 of my cousins were taken on to foster care this week and I have been spending much time with solicitors to be healthy!!!
But I have still been on eve to releive the stress when I can, I have just bought a hauler (bestower) and spent hours I was on the phone running all over eve collecting all my crap!
I have also got access to level 3 missions now , and can tell you the harbie fit I posted recently breezes them without breaking a sweat!!
The down side this week is the Corp has been deserted as everyone has been busy, hoping it all gets back to normal soon!!

Monday, 1 March 2010

A welcome to those on Iphone

Thought I'd make this post to bring those that only read blogs on thee iPhone upto speed..

I'm astral Dominix, a member of the Corp bright star tec for the last few months, I am primarily a mission runner at the moment but i am known to partake in a little pvp when ever I get the chance!!

Our Corp is mainly industral and mission running however there is a lot of talk of joining an alliance and heading out to null sec soonish, so I am developing skills I think will be useful to that end.

I am not a uber player with great wisdom yet, I am about 6 months in, I can fly and fit most Amarr ships up to battle cruiser to a decent t2 fit, I try to use this blog to share my goals, achivements and the lessons I am learning with fellow new players to give older players a giggle and to keep track of my life in eve.

I am planning on a new player guide to mission running soon as I feel most of the guides out there lead to pvp or digging roids ( which bores me to tears)
Also a corp mate has mentioned doing some lowsec ratting soon as well as some low sec courier work for the Corp.. So expect some reports from that.

And lastly welcome to my eve life!!

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I'm in the blog pack!!

Ok I know there has been a lot of talk about it being the elitest pack, but still to be chosen to be part of the blog pack is a fantastic honor... Thank you!

On a slightly sideways topic if any of you haven't heard podded's latest podcast, go listen! As well as being extremley funny they are running a contest giving away a years free timecodes to who ever sends the best 3 minute audio file .. Eve related of course! The main reason I mention this is they promised a digital blowjob to those that promote the contest and spread the word, and I'm curious!!

And in other news, I took delivery of my covert ops ship last night, can't wait to try that bad boy out!! Also last night we welcomed a mate of mine " the sarj" into btek, I'm now the proud owner of a noob to train an 30 days game time!! Fun projects all over!

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